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Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing means trying several design changes on the website to find the best of all possible combinations. It can be used on large websites by splitting the traffic between all the variations. Multivariate testing is beneficial when you want to test the impact of all radical changes on your website instead of testing the impact of one specific element.

For example, if you made two versions of the image and two versions of the headline, then a multivariate test would include 4 versions of this-

Version 1= Image 1 + Heading 1

Version 2= Image 2 + Heading 2

Version 3= Image 3 + Heading 3

Version 4= Image 4 + Heading 4

You can then pick out the combination that works best for your website by testing all elements together.

Examples of Multivariate Testing

  • Testing visual elements and texts on a webpage together.
  • Testing the combination of form fields and CTA together.
  • Testing the color and text of a Call-to-Action button together.

Benefits of Multivariate Testing

  • Provides Behavior analysis: Having different versions of elements on your website helps you to analyze the customer behavior and their preferences that can lead to better conversions. The better you organize your website according to the choice of the customer, the better will be the chances of conversion.
  • Recognize and remove dead substances- Multivariate testing will also help you to recognize the dead elements on your website that are just taking up space and doing nothing to drive conversion. These elements can be some banner, text, or images. You can replace these elements with something of value that is catchy enough to get your customer’s attention.
  • Helps you with structurization-Placement of the elements at the right places on your websites plays an important role in conversion optimization. For example, the content on the top gets the most attention, so if you are not placing your content above the fold then you are potentially missing out on your conversions. Multivariate testing, in this case, helps you to recognize the best placement patterns.
  • Testing from a wide range of combinations-Multivariate testing increases the testing options as it allows you to choose a combination of elements for your testing experiment whereas in A/B testing you can only test a single element at one time.
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