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Product Page

Product Page

The product page is a page that displays a list of available products under a searched category. Product pages are important as they take users to product detail pages and therefore close to a sale. It should encourage user engagement, promote product discovery and decrease the time to purchase.

Product pages give significant information about the product like the name and type, photo, color, price and reviews, and ratings if present. For detailed information about the product, we need to go to the product detail page. Let’s take an example of a product page under the category of t-shirts. The page will display a list of the t-shirts that are available. Under the picture of the product, there will be details like the product name, price, and color options available. But for more details about the fabric, washing, and care, return policy, etc we will have to go to the detail page. 


You can optimize your product pages in numerous ways to deliver the best related products to your users for their search. But a few components that are necessary on a product page include- 

  1. Category name: On the top, the navigation menu is there which remains the same on all the pages of the website. An element highlighting the category of the product page is present to direct the customer. For example, for a clothing website, the main category will be men or women. 
  2. Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs display the subcategories the list of products belongs to. This helps the users to go back and forth among pages so that they can browse more. These are usually displayed at the top of the product page. For example, it is written as- WOMEN>SHIRTS.
  3. Product page name: The name of the page is highlighted in the category section. For example, under the women’s category, there will be various categories like shirts, dresses, pants, etc out of which one will be highlighted. Also, the number of articles in a category selected is also displayed somewhere on the product page. 
  4. Sort menu: Users can also filter their search using the sort menu that gives various options like featured, price: low to high, price: high to low, ratings and discounts, etc. 
  5. Pages: At the end of the product page, the number of pages for the search is displayed if there are many products available under the category that didn’t fit on one page. 
  6. Filter menu: Users can further refine their search using the filter menu. It gives various options like style, price range, size, etc. This saves time for the customers. 
  7. Product Details: Below the picture of each product, there are details like name, color, price, and any offers on that particular product. 
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