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Product Detail Page

Product Detail Page

The product detail page is a page on a website that provides the users with a complete description of a particular product. It is vital for a customer to know about all the specifications of a product before purchasing through an online store.

It is important to display just the right amount of information to persuade the customer to make a purchase. The product detail page should be well designed and information should be presented in a hierarchical manner. The most desired information at the top should be followed by less important information. There should be a balance between everything to manipulate the customer to make a purchase.

You can optimize the product detail page to give product recommendations, similar products, products that are purchased together, etc so that the customer buys more and your overall sales increase. The product detail page is the spot where you can make or break a sale. 


The elements of a product detail page can be clubbed under three broad categories namely, creative, technical, and managerial.


  • Product name- It is the first and the most important element. You should keep the name descriptive because each word in the name can act as a keyword. With long names, it becomes easy for users to find what they want. 
  • Product description- The product description should provide important information about the product along with its benefits to persuade potential customers to make a purchase. 
  • Call-to-action- You should provide the users a path to purchase by simply adding an “add to cart” button. 
  • Product images- You should add high-quality images to give a look of the product. Images showing the usage of the product or if the product is worn by people, it gives a sense of how the product will look like when one purchases it. 


  • Social proof- customers trust people who have used a product to give a genuine idea about the product rather than the marketers. So, to build the trust of your customers post reviews, ratings, and feedback that you have received from your existing customers.   
  • Product recommendations and comparisons- On the product detail page, provide users with recommendations and comparisons so that they can make a better decision about purchasing a product. 
  • Wishlist- There are several times when users are not in the capacity to buy a particular product due to multiple reasons at the time they are browsing it. So, give your users an option to wishlist or save later so that they can come back and make a purchase. 
  • Customer service- A support team should always be there to help resolve grievances or complaints of the customers. 


  • Return policy- You should clearly state your policy for making an exchange or a return so that there is no doubt in the minds of the customers and they can place their requests in time.
  •  Guarantees and Warranties- If you provide a guarantee or warranty for any product or service that you offer, state it on the product detail page as it can help the customers in making their decisions.
  • Shipping details- An approximate idea of the delivery time should be given to the customers. They should not hope to get their order delivered in a day or so when it has to take nearly 10 days. 
  • Price- Lastly, the price along with any discounts or coupons should be displayed on the product detail page.
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