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Thank You Page

Thank You Page

Whether you are selling your products in a physical market or in the virtual world, being polite with your customers never hurts. In fact, the way you treat your customers after they make a purchase from your store has a major impact on their decision to revisit your store. That is what is the actual purpose of a Thank You Page. A Thank You Page is basically a page on your eCommerce website where your customers are directed after they have successfully bought a product from your website. 

Often the importance of a Thank You Page is underestimated by most business owners, however, you must know that a Thank You Page can not only improve the bounce rate and engagement of your website but also increase your revenue with upsells and thus it’s significance should not be overlooked. So, a Thank You Page is just like thanking a customer of yours in the real world, which is a way to make your customers feel special. The customers who are directed to the Thank You Page of your website are primed with your business and this can be used as an asset by converting the customers visiting your website to customers making a purchase from your website. 

In simple terms, when a potential buyer accepts what your website is offering, he/she is automatically redirected to the Thank You Page of your website. The central idea behind creating a Thank You Page is expressing gratitude towards your customers for making a purchase from your store and it also indicates the completion of the payment process. A Thank You Page is like a golden egg that can help you attract new customers and also retain your existing customers.

Important Elements of an Ideal Thank You page

An ideal Thank You page must have these three elements:


The primary purpose of a Thank You Page is to make sure that the user has successfully completed an operation(eg- made a payment for the purchase) and that is served effectively by a confirmation message. This can be something like “thank you for subscribing” in the case where a user signs up for your newsletter. Or “thank you for your order” when a shopper completes a purchase from your eCommerce site.

Call to action

Call to action basically, tells your users what to do, i.e once a buyer has reached your Thank You Page, what is he supposed to do? If you do not tell your customers about other sections of your website that they can explore, they will end up leaving your site after visiting the Thank You Page. If call to action is not a part of your Thank You Page, your engagement with the customers will decrease which will directly impact the bounce rate of your website.

For example, a customer has bought a T-shirt from your eCommerce website, after making the purchase and making a payment the customer is directed to the Thank You Page, where you suggest him a pair of trousers that he can style with the t-shirt he has bought, your customer might end up buying the trousers as well. If you hadn’t had the suggestion for these trousers on your Thank You Page, your customer would have just left your website post-purchasing the t-shirt.

Instructions on what to do next

With a bit of text on your Thank You Page, you can tell your visitors what you want them to do next. For example, if you have an online book store and a customer buys an eBook from your website, then you can instruct them on how and where to download the e-book.

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