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13 Easy Ideas to Boost Thank You Page Conversions (+ Examples & Template)

eCommerce thank you pages are a great way for you to strengthen your relationship with customers. Here’s how you can make the most out of them.

13 Easy Ideas to Boost Thank You Page Conversions (+ Examples & Template)

If done right, thank you pages can help you get

  • engaging customers,
  • feedback about the buying experience, and
  • customers who will buy again. 

To help you understand better, we'll be exploring these topics:

Anatomy of a High-Converting Thank You Page
6 eCommerce Thank You Page Best Practices
7 Thank You Page Design Tips 
eCommerce Thank You Page 101

What is an eCommerce thank you page?

An eCommerce thank you page is the final page where customers are redirected post-successful payment on your checkout page. 

It’s designed to thank your customers after payment is completed. 

So, why should you optimize the thank you page?

An optimized thank you page can engage your customers and demonstrate brand credibility.

In a nutshell, build a customer’s lifetime value. 

Anatomy of a High-Converting Thank You Page

Anatomy of a High-Converting eCommerce Thank You Page Design

6 eCommerce Thank You Page Best Practices

All eCommerce thank you pages have some elements in common. 

Make sure to cover all bases with the following thank you page best practices:

1. Order confirmation details

As simple as it sounds, many online stores overlook small details when it comes to the thank you page design. 

Here are some thank you page best practices w.r.t order confirmation to keep in mind:

✔️ Confirmation message 

A thank you message expressing gratitude for the purchase and confirming that the order has been successfully placed.

✔️ Estimated delivery date.

An estimated timeframe for when the order is expected to be delivered.

✔️ Order number 

A unique order identifier customers can use for inquiries or tracking.

✔️ Order summary 

A breakdown of the product quantity, product names, prices, and any applicable discounts or taxes.

✔️ Billing and shipping information 

✔️ Payment details 

eCommerce thank you page example - Zara

See how Zara keeps it simple on the thank you page design:

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2. Remove buyer’s remorse

A Google/Ipsos poll found the following regrets that most shoppers feel: 

  • Buying something they didn’t really need, 62%
  • Impulse purchasing, 42%
  • Having too much stuff already, 34%
  • Finding it at a lower price, 19%
  • Not doing proper research 17%

Here are some thank you page best practices w.r.t buyer’s remorse to keep in mind:

✔️ Reassure the customer with positive messaging on the thank you page. 

Write copy like "Thank you for your purchase! You've made a great choice."

✔️ Highlight product benefits. 

For example, if a customer bought a product that solves a problem, emphasize how it will improve their life.

✔️ Show social proof to build trust and confidence in the purchase decision.

Use testimonials, reviews, or ratings from satisfied customers.

✔️ Offer an easy-to-return policy on the thank you page. 

Make sure to include any deadlines or conditions for returning items.

3. Nudge shoppers to create an account

If you offer guest checkout options, your thank you page is the best time to ask for details. 

Here are some thank you page best practices to keep in mind:

✔️ Design a prominent CTA button or link inviting customers to create an account. 

Use clear and compelling language such as "Create an Account" or "Join Our Community."

✔️ Explain the benefits of creating an account. 

Offer them easy order tracking, exclusive offers, personalized recommendations, and easier returns.

✔️ Make it easy for customers to find the account creation option by placing the CTA prominently on the thank you page. 

Use contrasting colors or visual elements to make it stand out.

✔️ Keep the registration process simple and user-friendly. 

Offer social logins from Google or any social media logins.

eCommerce thank you page example - Crate&Barrel

See how Crate&Barrel pitches account creation with persuasive copy like ‘save information for next time’:

4. Show them next steps

Now that you have confirmed and assured customers about the purchase, outline the next steps. 

Here are some thank you page best practices to keep in mind:

✔️ Provide information about the shipping process including the estimated delivery date and any tracking options available. 

✔️ Let customers know what to expect in terms of follow-up communication, like order status updates via email or SMS notifications. 

Assure them that they will be kept informed every step of the way.

✔️ If you have a mobile app, encourage customers to download it.

Highlight features such as app-exclusive deals, faster checkout, and personalized recommendations.

5. Offer social sharing buttons

Customers are more likely to engage with your brand and socials after they have purchased. 

They will want to know more about you, listen to testimonials, and keep updated on your releases.  

Here are some thank you page best practices to keep in mind:

✔️ Place social sharing buttons near the order confirmation details or at the bottom of the page where they are easily accessible.

✔️ Offer incentives such as discounts, coupons, or loyalty points for customers who share their purchases on social media

✔️ Include an option for customers to share their purchases via email with friends or family members who might be interested.

6. Add a human touch 

Most of us are getting comfortable with using technology for many activities in our daily lives. 

Recent research shows shoppers still prefer human interactions while shopping online, especially when it comes to customer service.  

Another article cites balancing automation with a human touch. 

This is considering that while many shoppers want speed and convenience, they also want a personalized experience that’s not offered by an impersonal bot.  

Here are some thank you page best practices to keep in mind:

✔️ Showcase a photo or video of your team members, such as customer service representatives or company founders, expressing gratitude for the customer's order. 

This adds a human face to your brand and fosters a connection with customers.

✔️ Share your brand story or mission statement on the thank you page. 

Explain why you do what you do and how each customer contributes to your journey

✔️ If your brand is committed to sustainability, share information about your eco-friendly practices and initiatives. 

Let customers know how their purchase contributes to environmental efforts.

7 Thank You Page Design Tips 

Here are some thank you page optimization tips to try and increase your customer’s lifetime value with eCommerce thank you page examples.  

1. Offer a future incentive 

According to research, businesses have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer than selling to a new prospect (5% to 20%).

Here are some thank you page optimizations to try:

  • Offer customers store credit for a percentage of their previous purchase amount. 

Shoppers can apply the credit towards their next order, providing them with savings on their purchases.

  • Grant customers access to exclusive products or collections unavailable to the general public. 

Let them know they have early access as a thank-you for their recent purchase.

  • Offer a limited-time offer so there’s a sense of urgency. 

You can expect shoppers to purchase within the set timeframe and don’t lose out on saving more. 

eCommerce thank you page example - Book Depository 

3. Upsell or cross-sell relevant products

Your customer’s personal information is already stored. 

So you can easily lead them to buy more.

Even research shows that about 35% of all Amazon purchases come from upsells and cross-sells.

Furthermore, “recommended products” succeed 60% of the time.

Make the upsell or cross-sell the primary section on the thank you page.

While upselling on the thank you page, try the below tactics:

  • present customers with an opportunity to upgrade their purchase to a premium version of the product or service at a discounted rate.
  • offer customers the option to purchase product insurance or extended warranties for their purchase on the thank you page.
  • if your products are customizable, then let shoppers add personalized engraving, monogramming, or choose color options for an additional fee.

eCommerce thank you page example - Amazon

Take some design inspiration from Amazon, who have perfected their thank you page design:

When cross-selling on the thank you page, try to:

  • showcase best-selling products from your store that are popular among similar target audiences,
  • recommend products that are frequently bought together with the items in the customer's cart. (accessories, add-ons, or related products),
  • create bundles that combine the customer's recent purchase with complementary products at a discounted price. 

2. Help customers continue their shopping journey 

As established, since customers have already purchased from you, they have already spent time in your store. 

Product discovery on eCommerce thank you page design can prompt them to explore your store further. 

A big bold ‘Continue Shopping’ CTA can get the job done. 

The customer must land on a relevant product listing page

For instance, if your customer purchased home decor products, then redirect them to different sub-categories of home decor. 

eCommerce thank you page example - Essentials 

But if you have a small catalog, then see how Essentials keeps it subtle. 

The store shows the navigation bar on the thank you page so customers can continue their shopping journey without being too in your face:

3. Open up a channel of communication

Now that the customer has purchased from your store, constant communication can reassure them that they haven’t made the wrong decision.  

Here’s how to display communication cues on the thank you page design:

  • Display your contact information prominently on the thank you page. 

Include options such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social media chatbots.  

  • Include a ‘searchable’ FAQ section on the thank you page.

This way customers can find answers to common inquiries. 

  • If you offer live chat support, consider displaying a chat widget on the thank you page. 

4. Encourage referrals

On the thank you page, referral marketing can help you get new leads and create awareness for your new products.

Here are some thank you page design tips w.r.t referrals to keep in mind: 

  • Keep the referral program simple to use. 

​Make it easy to copy or share the individual referral code by providing a button or link for quick access.

  • Offer social sharing options for referral codes directly from the thank you page. 

This makes it simple for customers to spread the word about your store and refer friends with just a few clicks.

Remember 🎯

To make the referral program on the thank you pafe irresistible, you must incentivize both the referrer and the referred customer by offering rewards or discounts for both parties. 

5. Collect feedback

Once a customer has made a purchase, they are more likely to share their feedback about their shopping experience

Keep the form simple and easy to fill out. 

At first, show interactive fields like a rating system so customers can rate their experience.

If the rating is above 4, then the next step can be specific clickable tags like ‘Great speed loads’, ‘Good discounts’, ‘Easy to search products’, etc.  

If the ratings are below 4, then the clickable tags can include reasons like ‘Need better discounts’, ‘More payment options’, etc. 

6. Pitch your loyalty program 

Yay! You’ve got a sale!

Now, you need to keep the customer happy in the long run. 

On the thank you page, highlight loyalty program perks like 

  • exclusive discounts, 
  • early access to sales, 
  • birthday rewards, 
  • points accumulation for future purchases, and 
  • VIP treatment.

eCommerce thank you page example - Sephora 

7. Use 2-3 optimizations from the above thank you pahe design tips 

A simple thank you page design layout can 

  • reduce clutter, 
  • not overwhelm customers, and
  • offer a better user experience.

A minimalist design with fewer elements typically loads faster, especially for mobile customers who may have slower internet connections or limited data plans.

Follow-up to Thank You pages: Thank You emails

Research shows that people only consume 20% of the information on any webpage. 

So, many customers may close the browser tab once they see the thank you message. 

Therefore, it’s better to send a series of post-purchase emails, starting with a thank you email. 

Thank you email design tip 

Go creative with your confirmation emails and include various aspects such as scarcity, urgency, incentives, and offers to engage your customers.

eCommerce Thank You Page 101

1. What do customers look for on a Thank You page?

What customers expect from this page is to let them know that their actions (subscribing, making an order, etc.) have been completed and what they should expect next. That’s the primary focus on having this page which shouldn’t change at all.

However, often when a customer makes a purchase, they will likely be interested in making more. They’d likely be interested in getting to know more about your brand, finding ways to stay connected, and understanding how they can pursue a long-term relationship.

To serve all those purposes, here’s what customers generally look for in a thank you page:

a) An overview of their orders

The thank you page summarizes the details of the order made by a customer. So the customer can see if all the details are correct before they leave your site. They can confirm the item they have purchased, the price, quantity, and other details.

To give you an idea, a basic form submission confirmation message example should look like this: “Thanks for filling out all the information! We have received it, and will be in touch with you super soon.”

Here’s an example of a great thank you page template that not only offers an overview of the order but also all other details.

Stily Thank you page order overview example

b) Tracking & delivery information

Let's be honest: delivering your goods without tracking is like not having an address on your house. Why would you want to do that?

Tracking is part of the experience of ordering something online. Customers like to know their order status and follow it along the journey to their doorstep. It's also a great way to steer their excitement when they see that something is in the mail!

Several fashion eCommerce sites use this concept to give their customers the chance to track their purchase. One such example is Avert Watches who offer tracking information on their eCommerce confirmation page.

Avert Watches Thank You Page

c) A place to confirm customer details

Customers like having their details updated so they can receive news from your brand - especially if it’s related to an order or request they’ve placed.

You can also follow this up with updates on your products, offers or loyalty programs and so you nurture the relationships with your customers and have them constantly buying more from you. 

This thank you page example highlights the customers’ billing and shipping details to ensure that they are updated, correct, and relevant to that particular order.

John's Apparel Thank you page order confirmation details

d) Space  to kick in the referrals

If a customer is pleased with your online business, they can recommend their circle of friends to try you out. Having the social share button on the thank you page will make this easy for your customers to do that and before you know it, they will be marketing your business for free. 

Warby Parker uses prime real estate on their thank you page template to encourage customers to share their story with friends and family. They also have buttons connecting major social media platforms.

Warby Parker Thank You page referral

e) Platforms to stay connected

Social media is everywhere - it is omnipresent and plays a role in nearly every social interaction online. As an eCommerce business, it is imperative that you make use of it.

If you need another reason, consumers tend to spend 20% - 40% more money on brands that they interact with on social media. They believe that social media has elevated the brand experience and actively seek connections with their favorite brands on social channels.

KickResume keeps their design thank you page simple, sleek, and of course complete with social media accounts.

KickResume thank you landing page example

2. How is a Thank You page different from a Confirmation page?

A thank you page and a confirmation email may seem like the same thing since they both communicate to the customer regarding the action they have taken on your website. However, there is a line of difference between them.

  • A  customer sees the thank you page immediately after they’ve completed the action that brought them to your website. 

It is easier to get a customer to buy more items from you when they’re on the thank you page because they’re still in that state of shopping. Think about it this way. How many times have you walked into a physical shop to buy one item and ended up with more?

Maybe you wanted a t-shirt but once you paid for it, a nice bag caught your attention and you ended up buying it too. However, once you leave the shop and promise to come back for another item, it is harder to do so even if you genuinely meant to. 

  • A confirmation email acts as a reminder of their order but in this case, it comes later when they’ve already left the store.

A thank you page confirms the purchasing order of the customer, allows the customer to provide feedback, and builds trust with them and hence, it lays the groundwork.

A confirmation email then comes in to provide the customer with updates on their order, subscription, booking, etc. and nurtures the relationship even more. Therefore, the email is an extension of your website’s thank you section. 

When you’re using tools like Google Analytics, you can be up to date with your marketing results through the thank you page.  This is possible since you can get a record of how many people have gotten to the end of the funnel by purchasing a product, filling a form, and so on. 

This is harder to achieve with a simple confirmation email since you won’t know how many people saw the form you sent and ignored it or the pages they browsed through on your website before making a decision yet this information can help you improve your business.

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3. What should a thank you page say?

Your Thank You Page must assure the customer about the delivery date. A customer support number and email address are obligatory. 

An order tracking link that shows real-time updates is compulsory.

Ask your customers to rate their shopping experience and if they are willing to share a review on various platforms. 

Other ways to ensure your customers stay connected are to provide social share buttons. 

Remember, your Thank You page should compel customers to make a second purchase. 

4. How do you write a thank you page? 

Treat your customers like your friends. 

Keep this in mind every time you write a thank you page. Here’re a few elements that need to be included when you write a thank you.

a) Give clear instructions 

Specify when and how the product will be delivered to the customer. Customer support contact details must be provided in case of any issues. You can also provide a link to chat support. 

Pro Tip: You might benefit from including links to Helpful sections such as returns, refunds, and FAQs

b) Provide incentives 

Incentives such as a coupon code on the next purchase, access to a community, or cashback on referrals can help in retaining customers. 

Pro Tip: A gift card can be just as effective as cashback. Try it

c)Show what other customers have to say

By including customer testimonials, you’re stating the credibility of your brand. This social proof is effective in winning repeat customers.  

Pro Tip: Including video testimonials can result in more conversions

4. Do you need a thank you page? 

You need a Thank You page to nurture the bond between you and your customers. This is the last customer interaction with your customers. 

Floliving conveys a simple yet powerful message on its thank you page. It expresses their happiness in helping women manage their menstrual health. By offering goodies, they’re building a connection. 

Floliving Thank You Page message

Among other things, you can increase the interaction by directing them to your blog, educational content, and community. 

Asking for feedback demonstrates that you value the opinions of your customers. This might just compel them to make recurring purchases. 

Ultimately, your customers will bookmark it for future reference. This will help until it is redirected. 

5.  What should a thank you page include?

An eCommerce Thank You page must include:

a) Website Navigation Menu: The menu must contain all necessary links such as Contact Us, Help, and FAQs. The customer might have questions about the product. This is a chance for you to reassure the customer that everything is taken care of. 

b) Thank You Message: A plain Thank You isn’t going to have a strong appeal. Get creative with thank you messages. Surprise them. Put your creative brains to work. 

Here’s how Booty Band conveys gratitude with the help of a video. The video explains its mission to help women get in the shape of their lives by providing the support, tools, and resources they need. 

It also talks about its community which fuels its efforts to fulfill its vision.

Booty Band Thank You Video message example

c) Order Confirmation message: Confirm that the order has been placed. Mention the order ID. The expected delivery date. Add a timeline so customers know how the delivery process works.

d) Add a quick survey: Let customers know that you value their opinions and short surveys mean you don’t want to take too much of their time.

e) Make product recommendations: Recommend products as you would if you were cross-selling. Personalize suggestions based on purchase and browsing history. Don’t give too many choices. Add carousels for product discovery.

e) Social Media accounts: Include social media links to provide a way to keep your customers connected. It can help nurture the relationship leading to greater possibilities. 

f) Social cause: If you’re associated with a social cause, mention that a part of the proceeds is contributed to a social cause. This enhances your brand image and conveys empathy. 

 6. How do I make a thank you page on Shopify? 

Creating a Thank You page requires a Java script or CSS code. Once you have the code, follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Checkout’
  • Next, head to ‘order processing’ and click ‘Additional scripts’

There you go, you’ve created your Shopify Thank You Page. 

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