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Top 20 eCommerce Thank You Email Examples That Convert

There's a lot more you can do with your thank you emails than just saying thank you—we've picked the best 20 to show how a thank you email can become a sales driver

Top 20 eCommerce Thank You Email Examples That Convert

Creating Thank You emails that convert demands tact and a good understanding of buyer psychology.

But to make it easy for you, we studied some of the top eCommerce brands to find the secrets behind their thank you email copy.

We have put together everything we learned, in this resource:

Use the insights here to inspire yours.

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20 Amazing eCommerce Thank You Email Templates

1. Allergy Buyers Club: Use cross-selling to drive sales

Use cross-selling to get more from your existing customers. 

It’s as simple as promoting complementary products alongside original orders.

The Allergy Buyers Club thank you email can guide you on doing it right.

Subject Line: Thanks for your purchase, Smiles Davis.

The company first provided value to buyers—by offering them a six-step guide on setting up the air purifier—before suggesting cross-sells.

2. Chrome Industries: Grow your social engagement

Invite customers to follow you on your best social media account.

For example, if you sell apparel or other physical goods, you may want to invite them to Instagram or TikTok.

Check out what Chrome Industries did with their thank you email. 

Subject Line: Thanks for your order!

Chrome Industries continues to win customers' goodwill by showing them how much they've saved from their purchases.

Also, a free shipping and returns reminder is a good way to get them to (hopefully) return. 

3. Apple: Introduce new arrivals

Let buyers know when there are new arrivals. We love how Apple does it. 

Subject Line: We're processing your order W650060.

The opening lines, “free shipping and returns,” induce feel-good hormones in buyers. .

So, instead of being creative, your Thank You email copy should focus on the key benefits of buying from a brand like yours. 

The brand further addresses common customer hesitations by providing answers to FAQ.

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4. Micheals: Trigger FOMO with time-sensitive discounts

As common as they are, limited-time offers still work—people often have their guard down while shopping.

Here’s what Micheals does to combine a thank you and a time-sensitive offer. 


The email creates the feeling that the customer is in control by allowing them to customize their shopping experience. 

Building on this excitement, the brand attempts to trigger buyers’ FOMO and influence them to purchase again with a time-sensitive discount.

5. Shopify: Invite buyers to join free and paid courses

Educate buyers on how to get the best from their purchases. Shopify leverages Thank You emails to promote its courses.

Title: Thanks for subscribing to the Shopify blog.

This thank you email opens with a stunning visual, draws quick attention to its email copy and gets readers scrolling down.

Shopify then reinforces the copy with scannable, value-packed call-outs as well as a CTA that reminds viewers of a free registration. 

6. Home Alive Pets: Give buyers multiple category options

Drive conversion by giving prospects options. 

Home Alive Pets does this by adding multiple shopping category links to their Thank You emails. 

Title: Thank You For Your Purchase!

This Thank You email starts by humanizing the brand. Apart from showing off its “Proudly Canadian” badge, it lets buyers speak to the team or seek self-help. 

Home Alive Pets reinforces buyer confidence with its “Canada-wide shipping” and 60-day online returns.

7. Audible: Upsell to boost your average order value

Offer additional products or services to increase your order value.

Audible offers additional audiobooks and links to their thank you  emails to attract more sales. Let’s break down the strategy.

Title: Thanks, your order is complete.

Audible tries to upsell by suggesting related audiobooks.

If those books interest you, Audible will make a sale.

This thank you email continues to sell by offering a “download app” nudge. 

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8. Top of the Mornin Coffee: Feature subscribers-only deals 

Use exclusivity to encourage sales. Top of the Morning Coffee does it with subscribers-only deals.

Title: Thanks for subscribing! We’re glad you’re here ❤.

By welcoming subscribers to their newsletter, Top of the Morning Coffee tries to create a sense of a close-knit community.

The brand then attempts to maximize the thank you email by offering a generous discount to encourage sales.

If you don’t know what products to use those discounts on, they recommend their bestsellers.

Top of the Morning Coffee didn’t leave things to chance. They draw on celebrity endorsement to provide social proof and validation. 

9. Bombas: Offer a no-pushy flash sale deal

Nine out of ten shoppers said that free shipping incentivizes them the most to shop more online. 

Bombass does it better by announcing a flash sale plus free shipping.

Title: Last Chance: A 20% Off Thank You.

Bombas wasn’t as pushy with its free shipping offer as some brands would have.

Doing that would have likely made customers defensive.

However, by first appreciating and acknowledging them, Bombas cleverly put customers in the right mental state for converting.

The brand continues to appear less pushy by tying each purchase to a social cause. 

They further strengthen the offer with free shipping and returns, plus a 100% money-back guarantee. 

10. Italic: Invite product requests as a sales tactic

Leverage thank you emails to invite product requests as a sales tactic.

Italic caught our attention with how they do this with their "Thank You Tuesdays" deals.

Title: You won’t want to miss this. Thank You Tuesday.

Applying scarcity helps the brands heighten the desire for their offer. 

The brand is likely aware that meeting all of the customers' needs is impossible.

So, it invites them to request products that they cannot find. 

In this way, the company is sure not to lose out on potential sales.

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11. Everlane: Lock in sales with an airtight return policy and terms

Use a seamless, hassle-free return policy to win shoppers’ confidence like Everlane. 

Title: Your Everlane order

Giving buyers ample time to return orders, Everlane makes it easier for them to shop more confidently.

 However, they effectively lock in the sales by making the returns policy airtight—unworn, unwashed, and undamaged, plus original packaging are the conditions. 

The company also allows buyers to cancel their order within the Thank You email. 

12. Revolution Tea: Offer discounts in exchange for referrals

Lower your customer acquisition costs with referral marketing. 

We love how Revolution Tea does it with a time-sensitive discount.

Title: Thanks for helping us

People often put their reputation on the line when they refer their friends to a brand. 

However, to demonstrate it’s not a mistake to recommend them, Revolution Tea cites a survey that shows that 94% of buyers would recommend them to a friend. 

They further back it with carefully curated customer reviews to cultivate confidence and reinforce brand authority.

13. Ember Wellness: Drive first purchases with discount code

Nudge prospects to convert with discounts. 

Ember Wellness shows us how.

Title: Thanks for joining us.

Ember Wellness didn’t beat around the bush.

After appreciating them for joining the email list, it went straight to offering new subscribers a discount on their first purchase.

It tries to maintain this momentum by recommending some best sellers and providing a starting place to use the discount.

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14. Bloomscape: Make the email shoppable

Your Thank You email should be more than just a perfunctory expression of gratitude. 

Instead, let it work as a sales tool for you, leveraging its high open rates to drive direct shopping from recipients, just like Bloomscape does.

Title: Free shipping on your $99 order (or $49 beauty order).

The opening lines immediately create a sense of belonging, making one feel welcome and willing to shop with the brand.

Bloomscape then consolidates that feeling by reassuring and enticing leads with a 30-day product guarantee and free shipping before using a CTA to encourage direct shopping.

15. Haoma Earth: Tie your sales to a social cause

Corporate social responsibility helps businesses humanize their brand and build a positive image. 

Haoma Earth ties each sale to theirs—here’s how: 

Title: Thank you for your order!

The email is lengthy, but the opening lines give you a reason to keep reading. 

It continues to hook readers by citing a UN report, demonstrating how planting more trees can help solve a significant global environmental issue. 

Riding on the triggered emotion to safeguard the earth’s interests, the brand invites readers to join the cause.

They go on to demonstrate that the brand is environmentally friendly by encouraging shoppers to recycle their Haoma packaging. 

16. Tradesy: Promote your app with a Thank You email

Mobile devices, excluding tablets, account for about 58% of web traffic in 2023. If you have a mobile app, promote it with your thank you email, like Tradesy.

Title: Tradesy Shipping Confirmation for Medina Bib.

Tradesy uses their thank you email to ask customers to download their mobile app. 

Driving app downloads means the brand can send more personalized offers to shoppers and boost user experience, effectively improving sales.

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17. Go Fast Camper: Promote your community or club

Build an online community to nurture customer loyalty and leverage your thank you email to promote it. Go Fast Camper uses their thank you emails to do this. 

Title: Welcome to Camp GFC!

GFC encourages prospects to join their community instead of selling directly to them. 

The approach ensures they don't waste time marketing to prospects not ready to buy. The company probably understands that nurturing prospects into paying customers is easier when they're part of a community.

18. ProFlowers: Cultivate loyalty with a bounce-back offer 

Drive repeat purchases with a bounce-back offer. 

It could be as simple as adding an enticing discount code after each successful order to get shoppers coming back. 

ProFlowers does it well:

Title: Thank You For Your ProFlowers Order.

By personalizing the email, ProFlower attempts to speak directly to each recipient instead of to everyone at once. 

This could help them build stronger customer relationships and brand connections, essential for boosting email engagement and CTR.

Also, conveniently putting customers’ order details in one place lets them create a sense of reassurance.

The email could have concluded at this point. 

However, the company decided to tempt buyers to re-order with a huge money-off offer, cleverly laced with an appreciative tone. This sends a clear signal that the brand is big on customer satisfaction.

19. BetterBrand: Rouse buyer emotions with a clever CTA

Use an emotionally charged CTA to connect shoppers to a product.

 BetterBrand makes it so simple. Let's see what we can learn from them.

Title: 💪 It’s National Protein Day!

It starts by hooking shoppers with the product’s USPs. 

BetterBrand draws on mind-blowing stats to show how devastating obesity is. 

The brand then steps in, offering its product as a better alternative. 

This way, they continue to be helpful rather than pushy. 

The email ends with an inspiring CTA.

20. Huel: Leverage sales with product bundling

Bundle products to get customers to buy more while helping them save costs. 

Huel's thank you email leverages this tactic. 

Title: Your bag of Strawberry Shortcake Black edition inside ❤.

The intentional use of colors makes the email appealing. 

Bundling products immediately creates a win-win situation for both the brand and the customer. 

To ensure buyers don’t undervalue the bundle, Heul offers a single price for the items instead of individual pricing, as commonly done.

The brand keeps the ball rolling by providing practical steps for claiming the offer. 

This prevents buyers from feeling abandoned and reaffirms the brand's commitment to helping them get the most value from their purchases.

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Best Practices For Writing eCommerce Thank You Emails

1. Open with genuine gratitude

Begin by genuinely thanking the recipient for whatever prompted the email, whether it's their time, a purchase, a sign-up, etc.


"Thank you for attending our webinar on five-minute makeup tricks for different occasions."

2. Personalize the message

Ensure the email addresses the recipient by name and references specific details that make the message feel tailored to them.

3. Keep it concise

People are often inundated with emails daily, so being concise increases the chance they'll read your entire message.

4. Use clear, actionable language

Make it straightforward for recipients to understand what you want them to do next.


"We invite you to try our latest product that we featured in the makeup ideas we shared."

5. Include a relevant offer

This is where the conversion intent comes into play. Maybe it's a discount, a downloadable resource, or an invitation to an event.

Ensure the offer is relevant to the reason you're thanking them.


"As a token of our appreciation, here’s a 20% discount on your next purchase."

6. Use professional and appealing design

Ensure your email looks good and is easy to read on all devices, especially mobile.

Graphics, images, and a logical layout can make your content more engaging.

7. Add social proof

Including testimonials, reviews, or endorsements can make your conversion intent more convincing.


"See what other customers are saying about our makeup products."

8. Ensure easy navigation

If you ask them to take action, ensure all links are prominent and easy to click.

A CTA button is often more effective than a hyperlinked text.

9. Sign off personally

Close the email warmly and personably, using your or your team's name rather than a generic company sign-off.


"Warm regards, [Your Name] and the New Glow Makeup Team."

10. Test and analyze

If sending these emails regularly or to a large group, consider A/B testing different CTAs, subject lines, or content to see what yields the highest conversion rate.

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