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eCommerce Email Design: 25 Beautiful Examples (& Why They Drive Sales)

Looking for inspiration? Check out 25 beautiful email design examples that have driven sales for eCommerce.

eCommerce Email Design: 25 Beautiful Examples (& Why They Drive Sales)

Whether you’re launching a new product, confirming an order, running a sale, or welcoming a new subscriber, your buyers and audience will see your brand from the lens of your email designs. 

That’s why top brands take their email design seriously.

In today's blog, we'll be exploring:

25 eCommerce Email Design Examples That Work

Here are some of our favorite email design examples for eCommerce brands:

1. Athletic Greens: Eliminate buyer remorse with your order confirmation 

Subject line: AG1, confirmed ✅

eCommerce email design: Order confirmation

We love this order confirmation email.

It affirms the customer's buying decision with a quick introductory sentence.

Next, it throws in an attractive product image with brief highlights of its benefits.

And then, it presents a quick order breakdown.

eCommerce email design: Order details

It wraps up the email with a lifestyle image showing the product in use and quick email copy to highlight the benefit.

eCommerce email design: Product image

2. Aesop: Highlight multiple products and CTAs

Subject line: On sensory pleasures

eCommerce email design template: Multiple products

With compelling email copy and attractive product images, the email has CTAs for each product to inspire instant action from readers.

eCommerce email design best practice: Copy and CTA

Other relevant CTAs for buyers who may not be ready to buy at this time but will be happy to take other actions—

explore your product list,

initiate a video consultation,

or seek further assistance.

eCommerce email design: Include educational links

3. Furtuna Skin: Let your customers speak for you (testimonials)

Subject line: Makeup Artist Approved

eCommerce email design: Include customer testimonials

The email opens with a stunning product image.

It follows up with three testimonials from satisfied customers. 

These testimonials are not just from random persons. 

The brand curates them from makeup artists, demonstrating the product’s acceptance by skin care experts.

Social proof from authority to build trust

The email has a “Shop Now” button below the last testimonials, making it straightforward for customers to add the product to their carts.

Prominent CTA in email design

It takes things further by providing a time-sensitive coupon code that lets customers enjoy complimentary face and eyes serum for orders above $225.

This offer aims to drive instant response and improve the average order value.

Limited time offer to drive AOV

4. Haus: Drive seasonal and back-in-stock sales

 Subject line: Back in stock and ready for spring

Back in stock email design

With straightforward opening, the email tries to convince customers with compelling copy to drive seasonal sales.

It also has a customer testimonial and visually salient call to action to nudge customers towards buying.

Back in stock email copy

Haus reinforces the email by sharing the product's ingredients and benefits. Doing this will help address customers' concerns about product quality and safety.

Back in stock email copy: Benefits

5. Old Pal: Launch products that engage buyers

Subject line: Meet the New COLD PAL Igloo Cooler

Product launch email design

This product launch email captures attention with an image of the product in use.

It engages with copy that effortlessly takes email recipients through the product improvement process, plus its ideal use cases. 

This helps connect prospects develop an emotional connection. 

Also, the email uses personalized CTAs to individualize the conversation.

Old Pal tries to build customer trust and confidence with ‘cold facts’ about the product immediately after the CTA button. 

Product launch email: Persuasive email copy and CTA

6. Eden's: Send welcome emails that set the right tone

Subject line: Welcome To Next Generation Gut Health 👊

Welcome email design: Brand origin

One of the shortest welcome emails we have seen.

Eden's goes straight into business with what the product is about and how long it has been in the market. 

Next, they tell their stories and what makes their product unique.

The email ends with a call to action.

7. Winc: Turn new shoppers to repeat customers with flash sales

Subject line: Today only: Get 4 bottles for $20.22

Flash sales email design

The brand knows how to get more from its customers through product bundling.

They blend this with incentives like free shipping—urgency-backed copy stimulates shoppers' interests.

Winc doesn’t stop at that. Instead, they use clear time-sensitive coupon code, and an engaging image to convince shoppers instantly.

Compelling Welcome email incentive

8. Wine List: Mix FOMO, discounts, and viral offers in one email

Subject line: Three trios of wine & one special offer

Compelling discount and FOMO in one email

The email offers multiple bundling options.

The brand understands that giving shoppers a handful of choices aids decision-making & improving conversions. 

But before that, the email begins with a personalized message, offering shoppers free shipping and special offers for the bundle.

Personalized email message template

It also tries to drive instant action by triggering a sense of urgency with the copy.

We are also impressed by the email design's offer of a £15 credit to shoppers who refer a friend, and a £15 discount to the referred customer. 

This is effective for encouraging customers to share the brand’s products and services with their friends and family. 

referral code in email: email design best practice

9. Hestan: Connect gifting to the feelings your reader cares about

Subject line: For the father that has it all…

Make gifting easy with

Hestan recognizes that people often express affection through Father's Day gifts. 

However, instead of simply promoting direct purchases, they engage shoppers by offering gift cards as the ideal present. 

It allows them to leverage the prevailing feelings to drive sales.

In addition, the email streamlines the process to reduce objections.

10. Domino: Nurture your leads with content and case studies

Subject line: The peninsula in this kitchen reno only looks like marble

Lead nurturing with content marketing and case studies

The guys at Domino use engaging brand stories to generate interest.

Compared to most brands, they are not too forward with closing the sales. 

Instead, they take things slower by offering prospective product case studies for brand discovery & experience. 

Taking this route allows them to nurture leads and build long-term relationships.

They also give readers an option to subscribe to their shopping newsletter.

Offer one click sign-up for subscribers

11. Moment: Expand your brand reach with challenges

Subject line: Want $1,000 to the shop just by posting to Instagram?

Email design: email contest

Moment sells their cameras tactfully with social contests. 

They begin by inviting prospects to participate in a photo contest to win over $1,500 in gear. 

The email copy appeals to the readers' fondness for the fall season to entice them to enter the challenge.

It then proceeds to outline the steps required to enter the challenge. The email also includes a deadline and a call to action, urging readers to take action immediately.

Outline the contest process

Immediately after this, the email provides some tips on how to win the contest. 

Incorporating this kind of advice can increase the reader's confidence in the contest, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Demonstrate authority by giving advice

The email subsequently offers a paid beginner’s—this way readers can learn more about photography and further their chances of winning the challenge.

Exclusivity through paid course

It doesn’t end at that. 

Instead, Moment throws in a 14% discount, available for a limited time, aiming to use the scarcity principle and fear of missing out to encourage immediate  sales.

Use FOMO to drive conversions

Additionally, the email offers some helpful articles.

Educate through helpful content

Finally, the eCommerce brand introduces their high-end camera using persuasive copy, a great product image, and a call to action to encourage readers to shop for the product.

By now there’s enough buildup for readers to trust the final sell in the email. 

eCommerce email design: Drive value through copy

12. Hawthorne: Let your copy appeal to readers’ senses

Subject line: Our Fall Fragrance is selling out

eCommerce email design: Write copy with sensory appeal

The email's minimalistic design and great product image capture attention effortlessly. 

Also, the carefully crafted email copy helps the brand to create a sense of luxury and appeal to readers' innate desire to belong. 

Additionally, Hawthorne promises free returns and exchanges, guaranteeing shoppers satisfaction and happiness.

eCommerce email nudge: Free returns and exchanges

13. Imogene + Willie: Tell stories that resonate with your buyers

Subject line: American-made 14oz black rigid selvedge denim ⚡️

Email storytelling to appeal to buyers

Imogene + Willie is different from most brands. 

Their product launch emails use compelling storytelling and a call to action to gain customers' interest and close sales. 

Also, they use ample white space and paragraphs to keep readers engaged.

Below the CTA button are stunning product images, plus another compelling story that details the product process and the energy that goes into manufacturing the wear.

Feature images that bring products to life

The email continues with a back-in-stock story, providing readers with more shopping options.

Compelling back in stock copy

And it closes with product recommendations. 

eCommerce email design: Feature product recommendations

14. Room Fifty: Introduce website and product changes with a bang!

Subject line: NEW! Season 10 – 10% off until Thursday

Communicate website and product changes

The email opens with a visually appealing poster. 

It then uses a few sentences to explain the updates, plus the launch date and includes two call-to-action buttons to nudge readers to shop.

eCommerce email design: Product launch copy

The email provides more information about the updates and gives readers an option to learn more and shop for the product.

Feature social initiatives in email design copy

More updates follow. Finally, the brand offers readers a discount to entice them to shop.

Offer discounts to encourage shopping

15. Danner: Focus on your product’s strengths

Subject line: Outsmart the Weather

eCommerce email design: Sell benefits through riveting copy

Danner focuses on the product's core strengths, which allows them to offer shoppers value on the fly. 

Also, putting their best foot forward saves them from providing too many justifications.

They follow this up with an engaging product image.

eCommerce email design: engaging product images

They reinforce the sales message with compelling copy that showcases product strengths and benefits, with stunning images to create an emotional appeal.

Write benefit-led copy in your eCommerce emails

16. Sackcloth & Ashes: Contribute to the community

Subject line: Artist Series | Naiomi Glasses Documentary

Helping others is a natural human inclination. 

As a result, people unconsciously gravitate towards brands that support social causes they find meaningful. 

Sackcloth & Ashes probably understands this, which is why the brand connects its products with charitable causes.

Their email begins with an overview of the cause and a video to build interest.

Add cause marketing initiatives

Next, it shares some exciting pictures of the cause to sustain interest.

Show images that reflect change

Afterward, the email uses compelling copy to explain how buying the product will create an impact. 

It also supports this with more images, making the message more relatable.

Show images that complement the copy

The email ends with options to learn more about the social cause, shop for products, and more. 

Giving readers these choices can improve engagement and response rates.

Offer browsing options to create interest

17. Postable: Make a simple request that ties to your product

Subject line: 🚩 Are your addresses up to date?

Simple request tied to your products

Postable’s address update emails are straightforward and with zero noise. 

This design allows customers to concentrate on the message. 

Also, the email demonstrates how simple the task is, which could help improve readers' response rate.

Additionally, the email includes a CTA that takes readers straight to the task.

18. Tattly: Invite readers to participate in a themed shopping experience

Subject line: Oh my darling, Clementine Tattly! 🍊

Offer a themed shopping experience

The email encourages readers to customize their experience. 

It recommends seven themes to start immediately, plus a CTA button to shop all designs in case they want to explore more options.

Offer various themes to spike interest

Tattly adds more compelling CTAs to improve the email conversion chances.

Include strategic CTAs

Finally, the email invites readers to sign up for the loyalty program for free offers.

Loyalty program invite with a free offer

19. Equal Parts: Deliver a pre-launch viral campaign

Subject line: Earn up to $200 in rewards when you share 🤝

eCommerce email design: Pre-launch campaign with rewards

One of the most straightforward ways of running a viral pre-launch campaign is to leverage existing customers to spread the word. 

Equal Parts does this so well. 

They use persuasive copy on a captivating background to get readers’ attention and encourage them to invite their friends.

They proceed to explain the program in a way that creates a sense of urgency and FOMO.

Use bulleted copy to create FOMO and urgency

Next, the email outlines the rewards, building readers’ enthusiasm.

Show rewards using visuals

20. Good Pair Days: Sell secrecy in your pre-order campaign 

Subject line: Just Launched - 12 Wines Of Christmas Advent Calendars 2020🎄🍷

Pre-order email campaign to create buzz

The email opens with a captivating image. Next, it invites readers to pre-order wines, using compelling copy to create a sense of luxury. 

It inspires suspense by keeping the identities of the wine secret, which could trigger shoppers' curiosity, leading them to click the pre-order button.

Drive sales through clever pre-order copy

What makes this even more impressive is that they tie the pre-order experience to a season—Christmas. 

And the email marketers at Good Pair Days also know how to use the scarcity principle well.

21. Magic Spoon Cereal: Send on-brand Halloween messages

Subject line: Candy for breakfast! 🍬

Halloween email copy

The email invites shoppers to customize their Halloween experience. 

It opens with a visually appealing Halloween-themed design to get the reader's attention. 

The brand then supports this with a persuasive and concise message that encourages the reader to begin their experience.

The email then proceeds to offer some exciting ideas to inspire the reader.

Offer options to enable product discovery

22. Cat Caboodle: Get first-time shoppers to buy with discount

Subject line: Welcome to Cat Caboodle!

Encourage first-time shoppers with a discount

We love how the email draws attention with a clean, lovely image. 

It jumps to business, tempting prospects with a 20% discount to complete their first purchases. 

Presenting this as a welcome package could make the recipients feel loved and appreciated.  

Write personalized welcome email

23. Snowe: Recommending eligible products as gifts 

Subject line: Make time for Dad

Make gifting easy by recommending options

Choosing the right Father's Day gift can be a daunting task. Snowe emails alleviate this by providing expertly recommended gifts, which help shoppers overcome decision paralysis. The emails also use urgency-laced copy and a compelling call to action to drive immediate action.

The recommended gifts come next. 

However, what stands out most for us is Snowe's decision to add a customer testimonial to reinforce the options.

eCommerce email design: Include testimonials

The email provides additional recommendations and offers shoppers the option to pay in installments, thus enticing them to complete the purchase.

Diverse recommendations + BNPL options

24. Weekday: More product images, less copy

Subject line: Weekday New Arrivals

Drive interest through product images

Weekday firmly believes in the adage, "A picture says more than a thousand words."

They begin their emails with a captivating product image, a compelling one-sentence copy, and a visually salient call-to-action button to convey their message without delay.

Compelling product description in emails

The brand uses more stunning images, shot from different angles, to create emotional connection.

Include product images in different angles

Additional images follow, bringing the total to 11.

eCommerce email design: Product images

25. P.F. Candle Co.: Focus on a key benefit

Subject line: FREE shipping!

eCommerce email copy: Focus key benefit

The brand makes a solid first impression by offering free shipping with no minimum required order quantity. 

They likely realize that consumers are more likely to purchase when provided free delivery. 

This email shines even brighter because it places the offer above the fold, offering readers instant value. Also, the guys at P.F. Candle Co reinforce the email with a compelling copy and clear CTA.

eCommerce email design: Above the fold copy

11 eCommerce Email Design Best Practices

Action these best practices to launch an eCommerce email campaign that stands out.

1. Make your email design mobile-friendly

Optimize your email design to ensure it looks great and functions correctly on mobile devices, as many users open emails on their smartphones.

2. Make your subject lines clear and compelling

Create a subject line that grabs attention and clearly communicates the purpose of the email, enticing recipients to open it.

3. Ensure brand consistency

Maintain consistent branding throughout your email design, including your logo, colors, and fonts. This helps to strengthen brand recognition and trust.

4. Make your call-to-action (CTA) attention-grabbing

Make your primary CTA stand out using contrasting colors, larger font sizes, and strategic placement. Encourage recipients to take the desired action, such as purchasing or exploring a promotion.

5. Make your content and design clear, concise, and scannable 

Organize your email content in a logical and scannable manner. 

Use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make it easy for readers to skim and digest the information.

Use a clear visual hierarchy to guide readers' attention.

Highlight important information such as offers, discounts, or call-to-action buttons using larger fonts, bold text, or color contrast.

Incorporate ample white space in your email layout to make it visually appealing and easy to read. Avoid cluttering the design with too much content or images.

6. Use high-quality images and engaging visuals

Include high-quality product images, lifestyle photos, or relevant graphics to make your emails visually appealing and showcase your products effectively. 

Optimize image file sizes to ensure fast loading times.

7. Personalize your messages to each subscriber

Use dynamic content and personalization tokens.

Address recipients by name, recommend personalized products, or tailor content based on their preferences, purchase history, and previous interactions.

8. Encourage social media sharing, following, and forwarding

Add social sharing buttons to encourage recipients to share your content on social media. 

Include links to your social media profiles, allowing recipients to follow and engage with your brand on various platforms.

Additionally, make it easy for them to forward the email to others who might be interested.

9. Test and optimize your email design and messaging

A/B test different email designs, subject lines, CTAs, and content to identify what resonates best with your audience. 

Analyze email metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to refine your email design strategies over time.

10. Use a single-column layout

Stick to a single-column layout for better readability and compatibility across email clients and devices.

11. Provide a clear unsubscribe option

Include a visible and easy-to-use unsubscribe link to comply with email marketing regulations and allow recipients to opt out whenever they wish.

This might feel counterintuitive, but an unsubscribe link is a healthy data source. 

Low unsubscription means people want to remain on your list, and high unsubscription shows you need to change your messaging or targeting.

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