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15 Incredible Examples of Welcome Emails (eCommerce)

15 eCommerce welcome emails that do not suck. High-converting examples from top brands: great copy, not pushy, and brilliant design. Check them out!

15 Incredible Examples of Welcome Emails (eCommerce)

Thousands of eCommerce businesses send welcome emails everyday to convert new subscribers into loyal customers.

Welcome emails are critical to the customer onboarding process generating 320% more revenue compared to other promotional emails.

Unless your welcome emails are able to create value, prompt the subscriber to take the next step, and encourage interactions with your brand, you are setting yourself up for failure. But, with a little inspiration you can turn around things.

In today's blog, you'll be exploring:

15 Welcome Email Examples To Inspire Your Own

1. Birchbox 

Welcome email example from Birchbox

In their welcome email, Birchbox has beautifully tried to ensure that there’s something for everyone. 

This welcome email sample starts with a warm greeting. Right in the first half, they make it clear what the mail is about. It further sets an expectation for the customers about what they’ll receive. 

They’ve added just one CTA that stands out on the screen to ensure that there is no confusion in the reader’s mind while directing them to perform just one action. 

The entire copy and minimalistic design approach seem friendly, neat, and inviting. 

What works: Something for everyone

  • Wastes no time in setting expectations for the customer on what they’ll receive - all laid out as per the customer journey
  • A single CTA avoids confusion and lets the subscriber perform only a single action
  • The copy and design are friendly and inviting

2. Judith Bright

Welcome email example from Judith Bright

Judith Bright keeps their welcome email clean and simple. The minimalist design and abundance of white spaces make for easy reading (and keeps the focus on the message). 

Coming to the message, they establish their brand vision and what’s in it for the customers right away. 

Next, they build interest and anticipation for their product by offering multiple choices. They also mention relevant information such as shipping details. 

They end with a note of trust by offering privacy and unsubscribe options for their customers. 

What works: Sums up everything beautifully

  • Stating right at the beginning how their aim is to meet their customers’ needs
  • Creating a need and desire by describing product choices and related information such as shipping details, etc.
  • Creating exclusivity by mentioning special benefits members get, including discounts
  • Ending with building trust by offering an unsubscribe option and privacy options

3. Virgin America 

Welcome email example from Virgin America

Virgin America’s welcome email immediately catches your eye with the hand symbol for I love you. This small yet powerful gesture signals that the folks at Virgin America care about their customers. 

The playful opening copy and their casual call-to-action, Grab a seat also help to position Virgin America as a hip, fun-loving brand. 

Their idea of doing a subtle offer launch towards the left bottom corner seems well planned—they don’t come as flashy but at the same time, they also grab attention. 

What works: Keeps it warm and branded

  • Establishing a strong brand identity with brand colors
  • Creating a warm and informal tone with the hand symbol
  • Creating exclusivity with the line you’ll be the first to know
  • Introducing an option for a long-term relationship with a loyalty program

4. Musto

Welcome email example from Musto

Musto’s welcome email gives importance to images over text. They, in a way, redefine the Welcome to the Community approach. 

It’s right to assume that since most of their audience will be in their youths, they’ve used social proof with happy faces predominantly. 

They’ve highlighted the discount code so that it’s easy for readers to remember it. Lastly, they conclude the email by adding the expiry date to generate urgency. 

What works: Redefining “welcome to the community”

  • Immediately adds social proof and creates a sense of belonging by showing happy faces of customers
  • Uses an easy-to-remember discount code with a heading that communicates the incentive right away
  • Adds a sense of urgency by mentioning the expiry date of the offer

5. Kate Spade

Welcome email example from Kate Spade

Probably the first thing you notice in Kate Spade’s welcome email example is Thank You—a powerful word to use.

The design in the form of a letter and accompanying vibrant tones also complement the message perfectly.

What’s interesting is that they keep the messaging simple and to the point. They convey exclusivity with be among the first. They also induce a desire to purchase by ending with an incentive. 

What works: Nothing speaks louder than gratitude

  • Simple yet effective tactic of thanking the customers for signing up without being salesy right from the start
  • Use of contrasting colors and a vibrant design
  • Ending with a small incentive as a token of gratitude

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6. SurfStitch

Welcome email example from Surf Stitch

SurfStitch captures a lot of the must-dos in their welcome email: brand imagery, custom coupons, and a personalized first name. Using the first name is an extremely useful for catching the subscriber’s attention.

The company also does a great job building trust and credibility by mentioning 600+ brands and the names of the more popular companies they have partnered with. This also comes when they leave open a communication channel with Got a question?. 

What’s great is also how they’ve segregated the information into various sections without causing fatigue. 

What works: Personalization at best

  • The first thing you notice is the personalized first name
  • Every section is useful for the customers - conveys brand story, showcases stunning brand imagery, adds a contact option which builds trust, shares info such as shipping details
  • Creates a belonging with the copy as well as incentive

7. Allbirds

Welcome email example from Surf Stitch

The graphic work in Allbird’s welcome email sample forces everyone to take a second look, no matter the time of the day. 

Their quirky tone and design hit the right note from the start. They waste no time in highlighting their brand USPs. This establishes strong brand identity.

They don’t miss out on showcasing the products as well. Ending with social links and a call to share images of using their product is a great way to build social proof.

What works: Building a strong brand identity

  • Establishes a strong brand identity right from the first. 
  • Creates a sense of social goodwill that builds trust in the minds of the customer
  • Also, a quirky design helps keep the attention
  • Creates social proof with end CTA
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8. Glossier

welcome email template for ecommerce

Glossier makes a cordial welcome by setting the right expectations. As a customer, you want to know if you’re in the right place. The 10% off on the first purchase is a compelling incentive. 

The copy underlines the solution for every problem. From skincare to makeup and body care to perfumes, the welcome email template reveals enough information to make a decision. 

What works:  Captivating copy 

  • Writing descriptions using imagery—vivid descriptions appealing to the senses and forming mental images are highly persuasive 
  • Use creative with your CTAs—TAKE TEN is super catchy and memorable

9. Drunk Elephant

ecommerce welcome email examples

Drunk Elephant offers 15% off for your next purchase but the mainstay of this welcome email example is the founder’s vision. 65% of customers say the brand’s CEO and employees influence their purchase decisions. 

What works: Simple UX

  • The email contains a brilliant mix of colors creating a contrast 
  • Make sure you don’t be pushy—include product categories for the best results 
  • Free shipping in emails convert anywhere between 0.22 to 1.9%

10. Dickies

welcome email examples ecommerce

Dickies takes an intelligent approach by including a contextual survey in its welcome email template. Contextual surveys help in understanding customer preferences at a broader level. It helps in analyzing customer behavior helping in product discovery, personalization, and product recommendations. 

Offering 20% in exchange for answering the survey elicits reciprocity. 

What works: Make smart use of your real estate 

  • Feature images that show your product in context—Dickies highlights the speciality it’s known for, workwear 
  • Make use of whitespace to ensure legibility and readability 
  • Draw attention to your CTA by using a red button 

11. Saloman

best welcome emails ecommerce

Saloman welcomes its users by giving them access to resources such as outdoor content in the form of videos and blogs. It can help you build brand awareness, trust, and drive deeper engagement. More specifically, it makes lead nurturing easier for brands. 

What works: Create engaging content 

  • Creating valuable content in your niche helps demonstrate authority 
  • The ideal line spacing helps in readability
  • When writing descriptions, focus on addressing the customers’ pain points and its solution 

12. Kit and Ace 

welcome newsletter examples

Kit and Ace features images creating a visual appeal. This can be attributed to sensory marketing—the practice of appealing to either or all of the five senses such as sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. 

For instance, the picture of the man smiling is a visual cue that has a positive impression of the brand. 

What works: Highlight the important information

  • Bold the information that gives the top three reasons for a customer to buy from you(smart, easy to love, Made to last) 
  • Tailor your welcome newsletters for relevancy—in the above example, the focus is on Spring 
  • Include your most important incentive in the above-the-fold portion for high visibility 

13. Shiseido

best welcome email examples

Shiseido makes upselling easier with 101 guides. With a 4 step process, this welcome email example stimulates heuristics—mental shortcuts that help identify problems and help solve problems quickly. 

By mentioning Japanese traditions, the perceived value increases due to the exclusivity it offers. 

What works: Mobile responsiveness 

  • When there’s minimal text, a Z-shaped pattern naturally translates to mobile making it easy to scan 
  • A single-column layout doesn’t break helping your emails look better on mobile 

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14. Indochino

welcome email examples

Indochino offers customers an opportunity to customize their suits with a $25 off. It encourages customers to spend more with a Deloitte study revealing that 20% of customers would be willing to spend 20% more. 

What works: Incentive 

  • Offering a dollar-off discount for items priced over $100 provides a reference value to evaluate as compared to a percentage discount

15. See Kai Run 

welcome journey email marketing


Kai See Run solves a pertinent problem in eCommerce—sizing. Shockingly, 46% of customers returned products due to incorrect size. It becomes even more challenging for first-time parents to find clothes that fit their babies. 

This solves an important customer pain point attracting value-conscious customers. 

What works: Know your target audience

  • Address the concerns of your target audience—in the example above growing feet and child’s foot development capture the interest of the users 
  • Provide sizing according to both US and UK as familiarity helps in reducing the time in decision making 

6 Tips for High-Converting Welcome Emails

Your favorite dish requires a couple of ingredients to make them lip-smacking. Similarly, your welcome emails need the right blend of elements to drive conversions. Here are the essential components required for your welcome emails: 

1. A subject line that’ll make them stop on their tracks

Your subject lines should be clear, friendly, and one that conveys credibility. It can also be helpful to offer an incentive in the subject. It’s recommended to state who you are in the subject. Use the power of personification to grab the attention of your customers the moment their cell phone beeps. 

Refrain from going the boring route for your welcome email subject lines. Try out these spicy ones:

  • Welcome to (Brand). Here’s what to do next
  • Welcome to the A-List!
  • You’re in. Welcome to the family.
  • Thanks for subscribing (Customer Name)! Get $10 on your first order
  • Welcome! Thanks for signing up.
  • Welcome to the club!
  • We are (Brand). Glad to have you on board!

2. A clear CTA to communicate a specific action 

Once your customers have signed up to avail the benefits of your product or services, give them a clear, actionable step to take. It can be something as simple as Watch A Demo Video, Follow Us On Twitter, Use The Coupon Code, Read This Article, and so on. 

3. A highly personalized message

Use the power of personalization for your welcome emails. Address your customers with their names in the subject line. That said, use personalization at your end as well. For example, rather than saying Marketing Team, say Kate From Marketing Team. This small step can go a long way in building a sense of trust. 

4. Set the right expectation

Just because you have your customers’ email addresses doesn’t mean that you can send them an email whenever you like. To ensure a healthy relationship with them and a healthy mailing list for your business, don’t spam them. Great email marketers offer a clear introduction to their brand in their first email list. It’s also good to add a slight context of how they got subscribed, how many emails and what type of content they’ll receive.

5. High-quality, attractive visual elements

As per a report by HubSpot, 65% of users prefer emails with images as compared to 35% who prefer it to be text-heavy. Most welcome emails benefit from the use of images. Logos, hero shots or thumbnails of products, a smiling model, or an appealing infographic are examples of the types of visual elements you can include in a welcome email to help break up text and draw recipients back to your website.

6. A reminder to remove your email from the junk or spam folder

Your email service provider, domain authority, and other factors decide which folder does your email lands into your customers' inbox. However, you can add a reminder for your customers on welcome emails to check their junk or spam folder. You can add a small line towards the end of your email to move the mail to the primary inbox in case it has landed in the wrong folder.

Finding the Right Fit

You saw the examples and tips, but how do you decide which is right approach?

Here too, the customer journey plays an integral role. It can range from just exploring to analyzing to very interested and more. Depending on the stage of funnel your customers are in, you can choose which type of welcome email you should send to them. Here are a few examples:

  • Quick conversion email - These emails are more conversion-focused and less conversation-focused. The direct aim of these types of welcome emails is to get your customer to act on the CTA and complete the desired action. 
  • Casual checkup email - These emails serve as a duty of care for customers. It helps businesses build a level of relationship with the customers. The idea with such emails is to be more user-focused than product-focused. 
  • Close the deal email - These are the emails that are sent as a follow-up to an ongoing conversation. Usually, these emails are used to nudge prospects and turn them into customers. 
  • Value sell email - These emails are purely used as a part of retention campaigns. The idea with these types of emails is to retain and engage with the existing customers while reminding them about your existence. 

Wondering how to understand which stage is your customer at the moment they give in their email IDs? You can choose to offer additional required columns that ask for Callbacks, Using another XYZ software, Researching and more to gauge their current stage. Accordingly, you can choose to write to them. This will help you tap the right audience with the right email. 

Customer journey analysis for welcome emails

First impression is the last impression

In case you were wondering how much of an impact welcome emails can have on your business, here are some stats:

  • 74% of customers expect a welcome email the moment they subscribe
  • Welcome emails work 3x better than promotional or transactional emails
  • Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue per email
  • 45% of first-time purchases by new subscribers occur within 24 hours of their opting-in
  • Welcome emails account for 4x more opens and 5x more clicks

There are several things to consider when it comes to welcome emails. There are copy, design, UX, and subject line elements. Promotions, discounts, and offers are also something you may want to add.

PS: Do not try to oversell in your first email. Remember, this is just the start and you have the entire playground to cross-sell and upsell. The key is to start it slow. 

Final thoughts

While these welcome email examples and tricks can help you kickstart your efforts, they are a big deal for e-commerce brands. If done the right way, they can help you build a long-lasting relationship with people who trust your brand enough to share one of their most personal details. If handled properly from the onset, this relationship will grow. It will produce loyal customers who always rally behind your brand and buy from you repeatedly. 

The next thing you do post reading this blog is give every subscriber a red carpet treatment and wait for them to give you a smile by their first purchase, referrals, orders and more!

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