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40 Discount Email Templates (& Examples) for eCommerce Stores

Discount emails are everywhere but how do you write them to maximize conversions? 40 brilliant templates + subject lines to show you how!

40 Discount Email Templates (& Examples) for eCommerce Stores

Apart from the fact that emails have insane ROI, you want to use them because your shoppers love them as much. 

Here’s what the numbers say:  

- 91% of shoppers in the US admit they’d love it if they received promotional emails

- 88% of shoppers pick out discounts from the emails they receive and then use them to shop

- 75% of shoppers pore over their inboxes to try and pick out the most relevant discounts 

And this is why we thought it’s absolutely essential that we club our insights together after having worked on a tool like Engage, helping clients multiply their conversions

In this piece, we’ll list out: 

40 Amazing Discount Email Templates to Attract & Retain Customers

10 Discount Email Subject Lines for Effortless Conversions 

40 Amazing Discount Email Templates to Attract & Retain Customers

While there are discount email examples widely available out there, in this piece we bring together templates we've helped clients comvert with—each of the 20 forms comes with two templates:

1. Celebrate a repeat customer’s birthday

When you decide to turn your birthday emails into discount emails, you basically ride on a HUGE trend: 

342% higher revenue per email than your regular promotional emails. 

The good thing is that you don’t need to offer up a typical 15% discount that many other brands also might—instead here are two clever alternatives:

Template A: 

There’s no better time for this than YOUR BIRTHDAY! 

Hi <customer name>, we’d be delighted if you could update us on your product & experience preferences. It’s the best way for us to know what you’d like more of and what you don’t want anymore. What’s better? Once you’re done, we’ll send across a *secret* birthday discount code made just for you. Ready?

<Let’s Update!>

Template B: 

Happy Birthday, <customer name>! 

We noticed you’ve been checking out: <product name>   <product name>   <product name> 

Here’s a 20% off JUST FOR TODAY so you can fetch these without further thought!

<I want!>

Wondering what a good birthday discount mail looks like? Here’s an example from Dorothy Perkins:

2. Announce a “surprise sale”

By now, most eCommerce websites have had a taste of announcing sitewide sales on their websites, hoping to maximize conversions. 

But considering 40% of shoppers admit to feeling “clever” having discovered great deals over email, you’ve got to make the most of this. 

Announce a “surprise sale” if you're wondering how to ask for discount in email—here are two templates you can try:

Template A: 

<insert date> is going to be a BIG DEAL!

We’ll not let out the details just as yet but expect an email from us a day before the event. We’re writing to you exclusively because you’re entitled to a FREE consultation, free samples when you buy over $250 and FREE SHIPPING when you buy over $300! Can’t wait?

<Take a sneak-peek>

Template B: 

Here Now! Gone in 3 hours!

A great sale doesn’t always need a big reason! So, we thought let’s do more this Friday! You’re seeing this offer because it’s email-exclusive—head over to the site and get a clean 20% off on all items. Use code: FRIYAY 20

<Let’s Gooo!>

The “surprise sale” discount always works better with repeat customers and those who regularly open your brand emails—add a bit of urgency, and it can work wonders:

3. Feature a category discount

You can do it anytime of the year but especially if the category has to do with an oncoming season—for example, declare a discount on summer dresses towards the end of winter. 

Featuring a category discount in your discount offer email can be a good way to clear out slow-moving items and refresh stocks—especially if you’ve been planning on a new launch or clearance.

Template A:

<Enter category name> is now the HOTTEST THING around - 70% OFF

This is a sale that won’t be back after this weekend, and for good reason. Our <enter category name> are selling like hot cake and this is your only chance to stock up!

<Grab the deal>

Template B: 

Big Sale on our designer bags! (Take 30% off)

You’re seeing this because you’re amongst those who’ve been eyeing our designer bags and expecting a nice price drop. Well, finally it’s here—get a straight 30% off on each kind. 

<Shop Now>

Tip: Make the category you’re promoting shine with aspirational qualities—the following discount email example shows how attractively you can position jewelry as a category

4. Announce your brand’s anniversary 

Milestone marking through discount offer emails can work towards:

- Creating customer awareness, and

- Giving them a special opportunity to buy from you 

This can especially have a deeper effect on conversions when you curate your collections centered around this event. 

You can also position the time a shopper has spent engaging with your brand as an anniversary—this can be relevant from a personalization point of view. 

Template A:

Happy birthday to “us”! 

It’s been a whole year of you shopping with us. So we wanted to say “thank you” and send your way an exclusive 30% sitewide off. This offer is valid only for the next two days!

<Celebrate Now!>

Template B: 

We’re turning 5 and it’s been such a ride!

This <insert date>, we turn 5 and want to look back at the memories we’ve made together. Thank you for picking us—as a token here’s 25% off on your most browsed categories

<mention category> <mention category> <mention category>

No matter what angle you choose for this kind of a discount email, come to the point straight away and keep the messaging as simple as possible, like here

5. Declare the start of a “special season”

A discount email works especially well when you build anticipation about an upcoming season—it could be about the “holidays” or “end of summer.”

Of course, how many conversions you manage to rake in depend completely on which products you choose to promote and how precise your recommendations are. 

Template A:

Season Finale Sale @70% sitewide off

Before fall hits, here’s your last chance to make the most of some summer goodies at best-end prices. Also, check out our *select discounted categories* that'll help you prepare for fall. 

<Grab it!>

Template B:  

The 50% Preview Fall Sale is here! (Only for loyalty members)

Hi <insert customer name>, this is your chance to be among the select few to receive a preview invite to our Fall Sale—use the link below to discover products across bestselling categories…

<Get it now>

In “season” special email discounts, how you position the offer is everything—check this example out, notice how it grabs attention instantly with a powerful headline:

6. Feature a clearance deal

Clearance sales pave the way for slow-moving products to go out. 

However, while giving your discount email this angle, you’ll have to steer clear of sounding “cheap.”

Instead, make it sound like a “big deal” and you’ll have customers old & new flocking over. 

Template A: 

25% extra off on clearance items on sale—until tomorrow! 

Before our grand clearance ends, we thought of bringing in the extra push to help you buy more than you’d planned. Click the link below and get an additional 25% until tomorrow. Offer lasts until stocks do ;)

<Shop till I drop>

Template B: 

The Ultimate Clearance Event @70% off on *best selling categories*

It doesn’t get better than this—get more, spend less and make the most of products everyone loves. 

<Go for it>

Positioning a clearance discount email as an “additional X% off” can be a great way to grab attention—here’s an example of how it could work:

A discount email template examples.

7. Offer a “new subscriber” discount

If 2.5% visitors from search engine results buy from you, for email that number is almost 4.25%. 

Enough reason why you need to meet new subscribers exactly where they’re at: at the top of the funnel, still perhaps getting to know your brand. 

To push them further down, a “new subscriber” discount in your discount offer email might just be what you need. 

Template A: 

Welcome to a great start!

Now that you’re signed up, it’s our turn to say thank you with a 15% discount on your first order. Use the link below to find some wonderful on-site recommendations personalized just for you!

<Get Shopping>

Template B: 

10% off on your grand entry to the list

With this you’re eligible to receive our email-only updates and offers, how-to tips and expert advice. But first, head back to the store and use a 10% discount on your very first purchase. 

<Take my 10%>

eCommerce brand Bobbi Brown keeps their welcome discount emails deceptively simple and superlatively effective:

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8. Hint at a flash sale

Based on your business goals, your flash sale discount email can either speak about a multi-hour flash one or a multi-day one. 

Right before the peak season, multi-hour flash sales work well towards creating anticipation for bigger events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Here are two templates you can consider plus one amazing example:

Template A: 

Last Minute Flash Dash - 70% off for only 3 hours!

Let it be a riot ‘coz time’s ticking. Find your favorites @unbelievable prices!


Template B: 

Welcome to the Weekend Flash

2 days. 200 styles. 20% off with free shipping. Doesn’t get better than this!

<Get Code>

Make your flash sale discount email even more interesting by choosing an action that’ll immediately arrest a subscriber’s attention—like this one enabling building a wishlist:

9. Wheel back cart abandoners 

Shoppers choose to leave items in their cart for plenty of reasons. 

But the good thing is shoppers open almost 40% of the cart abandonment emails they receive. 

So giving a great discount or free shipping to wheel back abandoners is the way to go: 

Template A: 

Come get your saved items—there’s FREE SHIPPING!

<mention the product names> 

<Get ‘em now!>

Template B: 

Reserving your cart—shop in the next 2 hours and get 10% off

You left a few things in your cart, but no worries. Here’s a little something for you to buy them right away!

<Gimme 10% off>

Here’s what Levi’s does to draw back cart abandoners to the journey—they make an offer and ensure it’s limited time:

Check out: 52 Cart Abandonment Email Subject Lines That Actually Work

10. Make a limited time offer

Considering 80% of shoppers admit that they would try a new brand if they offered up a discount, it’s a cue for you to try out a limited time discount email. 

To add that extra impact, instead of featuring a general 30% off across the board for everyone, sift through browsing data and narrow down on categories. 

Template A: 

Friends & Family Sale @30% off - ONLY TODAY 

Just a feel gooder coming your way, because well, you’ve helped our brand grow so much. Extending the offer to your friends & family too when they use the code—get it in the link below. Only today!

<Get code to share>

Template B: 

The 2 Day Email Exclusive Sale!

There are perks of being an email subscriber, <enter customer name>. Like this time, you’re amongst the few to be entitled to a 50% sitewide off. Only for the weekend!

Use code: 2TRUE

Go for it!

eCommerce brand Naturopathica offers a one-day offer in this particular email, and makes it sound desirable for subscribers by labeling it as “your lucky day”:

11. Offer a unique code to *select* subscribers

Emails that contain a discount coupon typically see a 27% higher transaction complete rate. 

So make the most of it by sending out *unique* codes to your repeat or high paying customers—here are a few ways to do this (notice how big a role copywriting plays here):

Template A:

A special deal for you on our bestsellers!

Here’s a surprise 20% off on the bestsellers you’re likely to love—we’ve curated them especially for you knowing your tastes. We’d love for you to give ‘em a try. Use code SURPRISE20. 

<Shop now>

Template B:

50% off for you before anyone else!

Thank you for loving us the way you do. So here’s a special preview offer for an upcoming sale, ONLY for long-time customers like you. Use code FIRST50. 

<Go crazy shopping>

One brand that brings a lot of zing into unique code emails is Baublebar—here’s an example:

12. Position “free shipping” as a deal

Free shipping and fast deliveries have become necessary factors contributing to higher eCommerce conversions—statistics say that 90% of shoppers in the US take a two to three day delivery expectation as baseline. 

This clearly points to how your discount email strategy needs to feature free shipping in some form from time to time—here are a few methods:

Template A:

Free 2 Day Shipping’s On Us! *Email Exclusive Offer*

From now to October 30th, shop as much as you like and get free 2 day shipping absolutely free. 

<Shop Now>

Template B: 

2 Hour Extension of The Big Sale—with FREE SHIPPING

Apart from the mammoth 60% off, get free shipping too for the next 2 hours. Shop sitewide and across categories. Use code FREESHIP. 

<Get the deal>

See how Avon positions “free shipping” in one of their exclusive discount email examples:

13. Bring back ‘em idle customers

Studies prove that 45% of those who receive a win back email also go on to read and engage with other content the brand sends. 

To spin around once-active customers, here’s how you can craft this kind of discount emails: 

Template A: 

Hey! Where did you go?

Been a while since you stopped by—and now we’re reaching out because we have a sitewide 50% off going on, but you know what, here’s an additional 10% off for you. Valid from December 13 to December 16. 

<Claim It>

Template B: 

Hey <insert name>, we noticed you’ve been quiet! Is there something you don’t like or want changed? Take the survey and in return, get a 25% off on any category to want to buy from!

<Take the survey now>

Look at how Sephora tries to win back idle Beauty Insider discount email:

14. Nudge to “spend more & save more”

Tiered discount emails are the kind that’ll multiply your ROI instantly, because they take up the average order value. 

There are multiple ways of crafting such a discount offer email for conversion impact:

Template A:

It doesn’t get better than this!

Get $50 off on buys worth $300, $100 off on $400 and $200 off on $600

<Buy More Save More>

Template B:

Shop till you drop baby!

Running a special discount on women’s dresses ‘cuz it’s end-of-summer. Buy 1 and get 10% off, buy 2 and get 20% off, buy 3 to get 35% off. 


<Get Shopping>

Here’s how Madewell has crafted their tiered discount email for the holiday season while not overloading the customer with multiple options: 

15. Announce waivers for joining your membership program

There’s a reason the best loyalty programs see anywhere between a 15% to 25% annual revenue increase—they’re essentially a win-win for customers and the brand in question. 

To promote your membership program through your discount emails, here’s what you can do: 

Template A:

500 instant points for your first purchase!

Receive 500 points when you join our loyalty program and redeem it on your very first purchase—across categories and price points. Offer valid till tomorrow! 

<Let’s claim this!>

Template B: 

Exclusive Insider Sale! - 40% off for members

Grab this chance to enjoy an exclusive 40% as an insider while outsiders can avail only 20% off! Available only for today!

<Join Now>

Here’s what Loeffler Randall does to draw attention to their membership program by adding a touch of urgency to the copy:

16. Get those “discount weekenders” raging

Many eCommerce businesses turn their conversion game around with weekend discounts—they’re typically cheaper to run because of off-peak hours and are able to target a greater number of people. 

But what you write in this special discount offer message sets the tone for shoppers to be convinced (or not)—here are a couple of approaches: 

Template A: 

Saying thanks this weekend!

So what it’s a week away to Thanksgiving? We believe in starting early. Take 30% off this whole weekend. *email exclusive*

<Shop Now>

Template B: 

This Weekend Only!

Buy One Get One Free! Applies on all orders over $200. Use code BOGO200 @checkout. 

<Get Shopping!>

Ann Taylor crafts a super simple weekend discount event and positions it as a flash sale: 

17. Feature a discount on “frequently browsed” items

If your customers are frequently browsing certain products but not buying, it’s time to reel them in with a different pitch. 

Let’s look at two ways you can write this kind of a discount email: 

Template A: 

Personalize your favorites! 

We noticed you’ve been checking out some really great products. It’s time to build a routine based on your unique needs for never-seen-before results. Get 20% off only for today!

<Let’s Go!>

Template B

Introducing <insert product name> at an exclusive 20% discount for *you*

You’re hearing us from today because our newly launched product <insert product name> is a lot similar to the ones you’ve liked before. Get it @20% off—just for this weekend. 

<Get Shopping>

Observe what Banana Republic does to promote their most-browsed seasonal bestsellers—by not just giving out a deep discount but also enhancing the perceived value of the sale by picking a name like:

18. Declare a discount for survey responses

Since 1 in 4 email subscribers are likely to fill out a survey form, it’s well worth an effort from your side to nurture these people with a discount. 

How you call out to their attention decides how willing they’ll be to fill the survey out: 

Template A: 

Tell us your thoughts and take 30% off! 

You’ve been one of our best customers and it’s time again to ask if you’re enjoying engaging with us. Take a minute to answer some questions and get a flat 30% off sitewide. Ready?

<Let’s answer>

Template B:  

What was it like for you? 

We just wanted to know how it was for you to use and experience <enter product name> the last time? Give your verdict and get a flat 15% off on your next purchase. 

<Tell it like it is>

Anthropologie is an eCommerce brand known to drive deep engagement through their survey emails—pay special attention to the language and tone of this email:

19. Create anticipation about a “mystery deal” 

It’s true that your email subscribers like a little surprise, but it’ even truer that they like it more if you leave them guessing about it. 

This is the idea behind a mystery discount email, which can generate sales if you do it well:

Template A:  

Only Today—Ready for the surprise?

Curious to know what you’ll end up saving? 

<Want a sneak peek?>

Template B: 

Surprise Friday treat?

Friday’s a good day to receive a little treat for the weekend, isn’t it? We have a mystery discount waiting for you—only for today!

<Reveal the discount>

Check out how well the following example creates anticipation for the subscriber: 

20. Pitch those “bundled” discounts 

Bundled products and discounts go well hand in hand—the latter justify the former and it’s a win-win for both you and the customer. 

There are at least a couple of ways in which you can drive conversions through bundled discount emails:

Template A


Buy one of our season’s bundles and get a sampler set personalized for your tastes. Only for this weekend! Use code BUNDLESAMP

<Get the set>

Template B

New Season KickOff on Best Bundles 50% off

Holiday season’s here and there’s no better time to give out our bundles at a better price. Pick bundles over $150 and get a clean 50% off. 

<Seal the deal>

One of our favrite bundle discount emails is from Stacked Skincare—what we love most is how well they make use of price anchoring and bring in short review snippets for better effect:

10 Discount Email Subject Lines for Effortless Conversions 

1. Last chance: 50% off on your favorute product browses - live for 3 hours only

2. Limited edition products RESTOCKED @20% off *email exclusive*

3. Today only! Flat 30% off on ALL styles

4. Build-a-bundle & get 30% off *only today*

5. Grab before it goes—all makeup @50% off 

6. Your birthday, our treat—take an exclusive discount…

7. Loyalty has its perks—40% off for *new members*

8. No cribibng, just FREE SHIPPING!

9. Don’t make them wait—Friends&Family Sale starts today!

10. Squeeze the Day—take this BOGO offer away

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