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Email Marketing

25 product launch email examples that drove massive sales (+ templates)

Are your product launch emails not hitting the right note? Need some new ideas? Here are 25 product launch email examples (+templates) that drive massive sales.

25 product launch email examples that drove massive sales (+ templates)

We’ve all been there - 

  • Launched a new product/ category/ brand/ feature
  • Sweated it out on an email campaign
  • Landed less ROI than expected

The sad reality is that about 95% of new products launched fail to meet sales goals. So, it’s not just you. 

The issue lies in the messaging of the launch - it either lacks creativity, misses some compelling details and sometimes, might not even be really well-timed.

In this article, we focus on an important part of your launch strategy - product launch emails.

A product launch email can be a force to reckon with, when done well because:

  • It can establish your brand more firmly in your audience’s minds.
  • It can create curiosity that otherwise might seem too salesy and not context-driven.
  • It can help you augment the way you plan to continue communicating with your audience.

As a bonus, we are also giving away 25 templates that you can use for your outreach.

25 product launch email examples that drove massive sales (+ templates)

1. Create timely urgency (Willo)

ecommerce example for product launch email

What works: 

  • Creates interest with “The countdown has started”
  • Provides relevant info to customers such as site URL, time of sale, no of units available, who it is for, shipping, and other details
  • Maintains exclusivity by restricting the sale to Pioneer customers and offering a special Pioneer code 
  • The product video at the end tells the customers exactly what they can expect

When to use: Can be a good Pre-Launch Reminder email

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2. Trigger a sense of aspiration (Peloton)

example of a product launch email by peloton

What works: 

  • Showcases high-quality image of the product in use
  • The copy covers several angles of an improved lifestyle -  (your own boutique fitness studio), benefits (access fitness for the whole family at just the tap of a screen), and pricing (as low as $149 per month)
  • With a smart addition of the $250 deposit option, it ensures a revenue flow even before shipping 

When to use: Works great as a Product Launch email or a Discounts and Special Offer email

3. Upsell with the lifestyle appeal (Moment)

What works: 

  • Moment’s email is simple but stylish. It opens with a strong lifestyle recall: the iPhone 13.
  • Then the email highlights the key features of the new product and provides a link to learn more.
  • The visual imagery is clean, hierarchy maintained, and the picture is appealing. Customers want to know more.

When to use: Works as a Product Launch teaser email

4. Drive a sense of exclusivity (Harry’s)

harry's product launch email

What works: 

  • Creates exclusivity with the copy (you’re the first, get early access)
  • Addresses clear pain points and shares valuable information for the customers
  • Clearly lays down the benefits of using the product

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email

5. Highlight the importance of audience opinion (Drop)

example of a product launch email

What works: 

  • Builds trust by keeping their promise based on customer feedback
  • Keeps the conversation going by following up a product launch with a survey
  • Nails the email sequence format 

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email

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6. Inspire to read & act(Boosted)

how to launch product email

What works: 

  • Keeps audience interest piqued and anticipation alive with the copy (the wait is almost over)
  • Uses a minimal design that’s in line with the brand
  • Offers an option to explore what’s new, thereby creating a need

When to use: Ideal as a Coming Soon or a Pre-Launch Reminder email

7. Create early sense of loyalty (Moment)

product launch email examples

What works: 

  • Creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity with their copy (letting you know first, early-bird deals, 
  • Offers the pricing right away, heightening transparency
  • Shares a product range for all their target audiences with relevant details such as a size guide

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email or Discount and Special Offer email

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8. Make minimalism convey more (Great Jones)

great jones product launch email

What works: 

  • Builds trust by taking into account customer needs and incorporating them in their new launches
  • Unique and peppy design that matches their brand image
  • Keeps the copy and design minimal with a strong call-to-action

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email

9. Build on the familiarity (Lyft)

What works:

  • Yes! You’re right - not exactly eCommerce BUT look at how they’ve done a stellar job, as a service company, introducing a product. They’re foraying into an entirely different market and killing it. Something to take note of, no?
  • If you look at the email, it’s clear, concise, and very subtly (and not super overtly) jovial. It opens with clever copy that builds on the already existing familiarity with the brand.
  • It goes into the nuances of the new product, giving the recipients a taste of what's to come without giving too much away.

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email

10. Leave some hints (Soylent)

how soylent launched product on email

What works: 

  • Builds anticipation and interest with both copy and design — the empty space for the actual products and the secretive copy
  • Sets a friendly tone with the copy, yet maintains the element of mystery
  • Communicates a date for the launch to their customers

When to use: Works best a Coming Soon or a Product Teaser email

11. Make it unforgettable (Havenly)

how to launch product email

What works:

  • Snappy copy that opens the email and hooks the audience in
  • Element of mystery that builds intrigue & keeps the audience engaged
  • Pre-act CTA that calls for the visitor to perform a micro-conversion, thereby building excitement for the product launch
  • Contact information to account for customers who may have questions

When to use: Works best as a Coming Soon or Product Teaser email

12. Stimulate the thinking mind (Tread)

ecommerce product launch email example

What works:

  • First off, we love the pun on ‘Tread Anywhere’. That’s a great way to play with your copy
  • It’s also great to see the price being prominently displayed so there’s no guessing game involved from the customer. They can quickly assess whether they’re interested or not
  • The images bring in a variety of angles so customers can truly get the full picture
  • Finally, the value add at the end seals the deal. It’s great to see a brand be conscious, even more so in the footwear space. Only adds value to the Everlane brand

When to use: Ideal as a Product Launch email or Special Offer email

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13. Bring in the benefits clearly (Casper)

product launch email example by casper

What works:

  • In true Casper manner, the visual hierarchy and design layout are worth noting. They stand true to the brand and also the product, building beautiful recall value
  • The benefits of the product are clearly mentioned with every headline prompting the user to read more and understand how this product would be a good fit for them
  • They close the email with a subtle yet powerful nod to their store address, social media, as well as customer service numbers

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch email or reminder

14. Create deeper product awareness (Hers)

hers product launch email example

What works:

  • Everything from the copy to the visuals has our heart. Especially for a nutraceutical product targeted at women, this is a great way to represent the information
  • The product benefits are displayed well with the various flavors being adequately represented in their own space and a fun and playful CTA to wrap it up
  • It’s also great to see the use cases being demonstrated to allow the customers to gauge the lifestyle appeal of this product
  • We also love the use of pastels to create a vibe for the brand and the product

When to use: Works great as a Product Launch email or a Special Offer email

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15. Make photography do the talking (Bare Performance Nutrition)

ecommerce product launch email example

What works:

  • A bold image is half the work done. And with one that’s as good a visual representation like this one, it truly goes a long way literally
  • The rest of the email only encourages the user to convert, with a powerful CTA button (marked in red with key action words) and a quick copy that summarises the product in one line

When to use: Can be a good Pre-Launch Reminder email

16. Put together 2 favorites (Disney x ALDO)

What works: 

  • ALDO’s emails are always fun and upbeat. This email does a great job of creating a sense of urgency and excitement around the launch of the new product.
  • They have used bright colours & quirky illustrations to depict the brand collaboration and trust calls towards the end to build guarantees for customers.
  • They’ve also included a “Join the ALDO Crew” button to encourage users to be a part of the pre-sale, building an audience for the product before it’s even out on the market.

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch teaser email

17. Make the communication inviting (Minna)

minna product launch email example

What works:

  • A warm and inclusive tone of voice. Subconsciously, it triggers the sense that this is a drink that can be enjoyed better with family and friends. 
  • An interesting yet easily understood description of the product followed by a relevant CTA

When to use: Can be a good Seasonal Launch Email

18. Leverage multiple audience groups (MVMT)

mvmt product launch email example

What works:

  • Messaging that immediately catches the attention of two target groups - those who swear by the MVMT brand and those who are fans of Party Favor. Successful collabs help widen networks
  • Customer group refining through a simple message - “Beat the crowd…” Can help you immediately know how many people are realistically looking forward to the launch

When to use: Works best as an Exclusive Coming soon launch email

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19. Highlight the most impactful details (Airbnb Goods)

airbnb goods product launch email example

What works:

  • Drives home trust and anticipation by informing clearly that two globally known brands are coming together to make Airbnb Goods a reality
  • Multiple relevant CTAs that drive deeper engagement with the launch

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch email

20. Drive scarcity subtly (Quip)

quip product launch email example

What works:

  • Attracts attention first through minimalistic yet bold design
  • Uses minimal language to create anticipation around a limited edition product

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch email

21. Show all that’s new (A Kids Book About)

What works: 

  • This brand knows how to make a product launch email look jolly. The email is filled with aesthetic images that actually draw the audience in.
  • The email is informative and gives recipients all the details they need to know about the product launch. The call-to-action is precise. Customers know exactly what they need to do next.

When to use: Can be used as a Product Launch reminder email

22. Make it feature-rich (Apple Watch Nike+)

apple watch nike plus product launch example

What works:

  • Brilliantly detailed product photography that’s a mark of both the brands in question - Apple and Nike
  • Uses language in the best way possible to talk about how carefully the product has been created

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch email

23. Validate through social proof (Magic Spoon)

how magic spoon did product launch

What works: 

  • Creates anticipation with the copy (Have you heard the buzz?)
  • Use of contrasting colors for font and background and the choice of vibrant colors
  • Use of social proof by adding a customer review. The Instagram snapshot adds another layer of trust. Here are 15 more ways to get these reviews.

When to use: Ideal as a Product Reviews email

24. Blend communication with context ( product launch email

What works: 

  • Sets the mood for a surprise with the copy (special announcement)
  • Communicates the date of the launch for their customers
  • Presents option to sign up beforehand with a CTA (reserve your seat)
  • Leverages word of mouth marketing by adding a social share CTA

When to use: Works best as Coming Soon or a Product Teaser email

25. Involve the community (Massdrop)

What works: 

  • We love how Massdrop actually calls on the fact that they asked the community to vote and now they’re delivering a product basis the votes. How cool an act is that?
  • Massdrop clearly knows how to get people excited about a product launch. The email has great imagery and compelling copy.
  • In this email, they used a simple yet effective layout to showcase their new product. The "See Drop" button is also prominently featured, so recipients know exactly what to do next.

When to use: Works best as a Product Launch email

10 templates to set up your product launch email sequence.

Taking the above 10 brands as inspiration, we ran a bunch of emails for our clients to help them launch their products. Based on the performance, we compiled a list of 10 high-impact templates.

We’ve broken it down to 3 stages - pre, during and post the launch of your product and have covered the list of emails you can send during those times. We also looked at the right audience and drafted a sample CTA to get you started. 


1. Customer Reviews Email

Target Audience: your previous customers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: Be the first to try (Product)

Body: Hi, I’m (Name), (Designation) at (Company). 

We’re launching a new (Product) and I was wondering if you’d like to be one of the first ones to try it. It’ll be great if you could help us with a testimonial for the new (Product). 

If so, we’ll be happy to send you the (Product) and request you to shoot a video of how you found it. You can check out what we did for our previous launch here: (Link)

If you’re interested, we request you to send us your mailing address. It’ll be a pleasure to have you as our voice for the new launch. 


2. Product Teaser Email

Target Audience: Your subscribers

Subject line: It’s coming. Keep your inbox refreshed. 

Body: Psst! Can you keep a secret?

Something big is coming. It’s NEW. And it’s for YOU.

(Hint: It’s going to change how you <Benefit>)

Stay tuned and watch this space for more details.

3. Thank you Email for Customer Reviews

Target Audience: your previous customers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: You’re one of the FIRST. We know you’ll LOVE THIS

Body: Hi, I just wanted to say Thank You ❤

We’re so excited to have you as one of the first to try our new (Product).

You can use it to (Benefit).

We’ll update you as soon as your (Product) ships. So keep an eye on your email. 

P.S. We’d love to hear what you think of (Product). So at any time, feel free to share a review on our Facebook page (Link). 


<CTA> Know More OR Learn More

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4. “Coming Soon” Email (with/without discounts and pre-order options)

Target Audience: Your subscribers

Subject line: The countdown has started...

Body: Hi, Your wait is almost over. 

We’re so close to launching our new (Product).

We can’t wait to introduce you to the most powerful (Benefit) yet.

On (Date), we’re officially going LIVE. 

Want to be the first to get this? 

<CTA> Be the first to see this OR Join the waitlist OR Yes, Notify me

P.S. The first 10 people to sign up will get 10% OFF. 

See you on (Date). 

Pro Tip: For a wider reach, add this line to the footer of any email you send in between this email and the next email:

P.S. Coming Soon: Our newest (Product) arrives on (Date).

Find out more here (Link)

5. Pre-Launch Reminder

Target Audience: Your subscribers

Subject line: Surprise. You’re seeing this a day early...

Body: Hi, 

Ready to be the first one to try our new (Product)?

This new (Benefit) arrives tomorrow. 

(For the discount winners) Since you were one of the early ones to sign up, we’re happy to offer you 10% OFF.

Don’t forget to shop tomorrow. 

<CTA> Shop Now.


6. Product Launch Email

Target Audience: your subscribers

Subject line: Introducing the (Product)

Body: Hi, For years, our customers have (Problem).

Today is the day that changes.

We’re proud to announce our (Product).

It’s the most powerful (Benefit).

The (Product)’s (Features) helps…

While other (Competitor Products) …, our (Product) … (Comparison).

<CTA> Shop Now.

7. Product Reviews Email

Target Audience: Your subscribers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: The REVIEWS are in!

Body: Hi, It’s FINALLY HERE!

The (Product) is launched and it’s already becoming the talk of the town.

Meet the brand new (Benefit).

Get it now (Product Page Link).

<CTA> Shop Now.

8. Discounts or Special Offer Email

Target Audience: Your subscribers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: Have you tried our new (Product) yet? 

Body: Hi, Our newest (Product) is finally here and is becoming quite the rage!

Did you get your hands on one yet?

We’d hate for you to miss out on this. 

Here’s something for you: 10% OFF

<CTA> Shop Now.


9. Sold Out Reminder Email

Target Audience: Your subscribers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: Reminder: Our stocks are disappearing fast...

Body: Hi, The sale for our new (Product) is closing soon.

We’re almost sold out of our first batch of new (Benefit). 

We’ll be closing all sales soon after fulfilling all existing orders. (We can get more for you too!)

If you’d still like to get one of our (Product), you’ve very little time to order. 

Click below to claim your (Benefit) now!

<CTA> Shop Now.

10. Stock Closing Email

Target Audience: your subscribers, bloggers, influencers, celebrities

Subject line: SOLD OUT: Our new (Product)

Body: Hi,  Oops, you lost your chance to get (Product).

Our first batch just got sold out. 

But don’t worry. You can STILL get one of these from our next batch.

Click the link below to get notified when the next batch comes in. 

<CTA> Join the waitlist OR Yes, Notify me

BONUS: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a product launch email?

A product launch email is a type of email that is used to announce a new feature, new product or service which was released to the public. The features of this type of email are usually very new and they haven't been announced yet.

A product launch email is a simple but powerful way to introduce a new product to your market. It also sometimes serves as an effective reminder for your customers on how much the product has changed since their last purchase.

How do you introduce a product launch?

Before you start crafting your emails, it's important to think about what you want to achieve with your campaign. Are you looking to generate buzz and interest in your product? Drive traffic to your website? Boost sales? Once you know your goal, you can start planning your email content.

Make sure you understand who your audience really is so you're sending relevant, targeted content to the right people. If you're not sure who your target audience is, now is the time to do some research and figure it out.

Above all, remember that timing is everything when it comes to introducing a product launch. You'll want to make sure you send your emails at a time when your audience is most likely to be engaged and receptive.

What is a good email opening sentence?

Your subject line is your first opportunity to make a good impression, so make sure it's catchy and relevant to your product.

The opening sentence should be clear and inviting: something like “have you seen what’s new with us?”

Think about what kind of content will interest and engage your target audience. What kind of information will they be looking for? What will capture their attention? Brainstorm some ideas and then an opening sentence that will help you achieve your goals.

How do you write an email to launch a new product?

Here are some things to keep in mind when crafting eCommerce product launch emails:

1. Make sure your subject line is eye-catching and informative.

You want people to open your email, so make sure your subject line is interesting and tells them what they can expect to find inside.

2. Keep your message short and sweet.

People are busy and they don’t want to read a long email. Keep your message brief and to the point.

3. Include a call to action.

Tell your readers what you want them to do, whether it’s visiting your website, buying your product, or signing up for your newsletter.

4. Use images.

People are visual, so include an image or two to help get your message across.

5. Personalize your emails.

Use the recipient’s name in the email to make it feel more personal.

In conclusion

Getting your product launch emails right depends on three things - the underlying message, the copy and the perceived value.

Get these to work smarter and you have yourself a winning email sequence to skyrocket the sales of your new product.

Let us know in the comments below which example worked well for your eCommerce store.

All the best for your launch!

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