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eCommerce Product Launch Landing Page: 14 Amazing Examples

Design product launch landing pages that drive sales. From personalization to behind-the-scenes, here are 14 proven examples you will love.

eCommerce Product Launch Landing Page: 14 Amazing Examples

Releasing a new product isn’t a cakewalk by any measure. While many eCommerce brands are toiling hard for their new product launch, only a few see success. 

While you might think you’ve got it covered often the failure is for two reasons—Not setting the right expectations and a lapse in communicating the messaging. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at 14 successful product launch landing page examples plus best practices. 

What is a product launch landing page?

A product launch landing page is exclusively designed for the launch of a new product. It includes all vital information such as pricing, date of launch, and why to buy it. 

The objective of the product launch page is to build traction leading up to the official launch. It uses email as a lead magnet to drive signups and gauge public interest. 

14 eCommerce Product Launch Landing Page Examples

1. Stow—Lead with personalization 

Personalized experiences influence customer loyalty. Stow offers customers a chance to personalize the ring with up to 3 initials on their product launch landing page. 

Product launch landing page: Personalization

Why we love this 

  • The product image with the white background makes it easier to focus on the product without distractions
  • The product description explains the product in context(traveling or at home) piquing the users’ interest in the product 
  • The pre order message in bold catches our attention thanks to the anchoring effect—the human tendency to rely on the first piece of information presented


CTA: Using a full-length rectangular CTA prompts users to take action. 

2. WAMA—Build hype with waitlists 

WAMA builds excitement in its product launch page by inviting users to sign up for the waitlist. We love how the product title is big enough to read.

Product launch landing page examples: Waitlist

Why we love this  

  • The price anchoring visually reinforces the price reduction—especially since hemp is expensive 
  • The countdown timer enforces real urgency—it forces customers to act fast 
  • BNPL options encourage customers to buy products they can’t pay upfront—48% of customers use BNPL services to buy products they can’t afford
  • The green CTA button creates a brand recall 


Brand ethos: Use your product launch website to display your brand ethos. Quite interestingly, 86% of customers are likely to purchase from purpose-driven brands. In this product launch landing page example, WAMA displays its sustainability efforts. 

Product launch page: Brand ethos

3. PIONEER—Highlight craftsmanship 

Any product that’s built to sustain and last long can only do so because of top-notch craftsmanship. Pioneer, in their product launch page, demonstrates their efforts to create a bag that’s sustainable and durable.

Landing page for product launch: Highlight craftsmanship

Why we love this  

  • The product description gives the an insight into making of the product by the founder conveying authority
  • The brand sets the right expectations—explicitly mentions that reserving a spot doesn’t guarantee purchase


Email: Email as a lead magnet is a captivating way to build traction for your product launch ideas. A Salesforce report confirms that 56% of customers don’t mind sharing their email ID for better service. 

4. SWIFF—Infuse empathy into your marketing 

Swiff offers a much needed solution for a nagging problem—Pet odor. By emphasizing the problem, and its aftereffects, they offer a solution that doesn’t trouble the dogs. 

By putting themselves in the shoes of the customers, Swiff demonstrates empathy without coming across as phony. 

Product launch website: Empathy in marketing

Why we love this 

  • Highlight a pressing problem—Sprays that just mask odor with fragrance and do not eliminate germs 
  • Explains the frustration—A disgusting situation of having to tolerate poop, pee, vomit, and drool 
  • Offer a solution—Offers a solution that works in seconds, destroys germs, and eliminates odor that’s backed by peer-reviewed research.

Crowdfunding landing pages with videos are likely to earn 105% more funding than those without. 


Social proof: While you might feature customer testimonials, featuring testimonials from reputed media helps in establishing credibility

5. Emme Parsons—Use imagery to drive an impression

Emme Parsons uses imagery in their product launch page. With its product description, readers can form mental images giving an emotional and sensational experience. 

pre launch landing page examples: Imagery

Why we love this 

  • The product launch page has a monochrome color—it makes elements like CTA, font, and images complement each other
  • The brand advises us to consider buying a half size in case of a narrow foot–this makes decision making easier 
  • The size chart features both EU and US sizes helping international customers make the right choices—this helps reduce your returns as 23% of returns happen because customers received the wrong items 


Dropdown: Using dropdowns to display large information such as size charts help conserve screen space improving your site’s user experience. 

6. Chickfly—Invoke the power of possession utility 

Chickfly’s product launch landing page evokes possession utility by showing images in context. 

Ideas for product launch: Possession Utility

Why we love this 

  • The product description conveys the value by prioritizing benefits over features 
  • The brand brings out the possession utility—the ability of a product to have numerous use cases spiking a strong interest in buying the product
  • Finally, the BNPL options give customers the ability to buy without feeling the pinch. 


Social share: Including social share buttons brings social traffic while increasing your conversions. We recommend not featuring the numbers as this negatively affects users’ perception. 

7. JAC VAPOUR—Make a breakthrough 

Jac Vapour positions itself as a breakthrough product on its product launch page.

Pre launch landing page: Make a breakthrough

Why we love this 

  • The product copy offers a remarkable solution to a glaring problem—kicking the cigarette butt
  • The brand appeals to a certain target audience—People who want to quit smoking but have failed 
  • Targets individuals  who see vaping as a harmless alternative to smoking cigarettes

An FDA report reveals that while 70% of US citizens plan to quit smoking, only a mere 8% are successful which underlines the highly addictive nature of the cigarette. 


Zigzag layout: A zigzag layout that contains informational images and text improves readability and visual appeal 

Product launch landing page: Zigzag layout

8. END.—Leverage the power of co-branding

END. collaborates with SUBU to launch an exclusive series for the winter. 

Product launch landing page examples: Cobranding

Why we love this 

  • Since the product is part of an END. x SUBU series that’s launched individually, there’s an element of curiosity
  • The product description is conversational and adds a personal touch with the readers—humanizes the brand
  • They attract their intended audience—60% of GenZ and millennials like to buy special edition products 


Carousels: Use carousels on your pre-launch landing page to grab users’ attention while saving space 

9.  TOBACCO—Draw in early adopters with early bird discounts 

Here’s a pre-launch landing page example from Tobacco that offers early bird discounts to draw in early adopters. 

Product launch page: Offer early bird pricing

Why we love this 

  • The brand creates exclusivity by limiting the early bird discount to the first 25 orders


Microinfluencers: Testimonials from micro influencers help build trust because customers relate better with the former

10. Nike—Show ‘em behind the scenes 

Nike takes us behind the scenes and gives us an insight into what makes the product work. This pre-launch landing page example gives a sneak peek of Nike’s work culture and the lengths they go to create exceptional products. 

Landing page for product launch: Behind the scenes

Why we love this 

  • The product description uses the cause and effect principle explaining how a feature delivers a particular benefit
  • The CTA button is a visual cue that grabs the attention of the users—reduces friction that could cause drop-off
  • The product video details the efforts invested in R&D to create innovative products—This builds a positive perception of the brand


Round-edged CTAs: Round-edged CTA buttons draw the attention of users towards inside content as they convey openness 

11. LITTLE & LIVELY—Evoke the right emotions 

Little & Lively strikes the right emotional chords by targeting the actual end user of the product. 

Product launch website: Target the right emotions

Why we love this

  • The brand makes the child the focal point in the product description targeting the right emotions—maternal and paternal instincts
  • The sizing guide on the category page helps first time parents make the right decision


Product badge: Using product badges helps customers find products quicker while increasing conversions by 55%

12. Callaway Golf—Transform your customers into protagonists 

Callaway Golf features customers as its protagonists in their product details. While protagonists usually win, the brand uses smart copywriting to make itself heard. 

pre launch landing page examples: customers as protagonists

Why we love this 

The product launch landing page talks about the vision behind creating Big Bertha. 

The product details contain clever copywriting as it:

  • Identifies a Star—the star is the protagonist who’s your ideal audience(For players who are fighting a slice)
  • Tells a Story—Feature the problem faced by the protagonist(Hitting a slice i.e. curving of the ball from right to left for a right handed golfer and vice versa) 
  • Narrates a Solution—State how your product solves the protagonist’s challenge (Straight reduction and Slice reduction from a ultra low forward CG)


Product recommendations: Including product recommendations above the fold results in a second visit. It’s been found that 37% of customers who clicked a recommendation on their first visit returned.

13. Bird Pickleball— Master product storytelling 

Bird Pickleball writes a compelling product story on their product launch website. It’s aspirational and educational driving users to pre-order.

Ideas for product launch: product storytelling


Why we love this 

The entire product page contains a well-crafted product story. Here’s why you’d to replicate this: 

  • Answers the Why—The product description communicates the vision behind creating pickleball racquets
  • Simplifies context—The brand gives intricate details behind the making of the product—gives an insight into the R&D 
  • User centric—The description explains how wrist pain and fatigue hamper your performance presenting a solution to a serious problem


Tabbed navigation: Using tabbed navigation makes it easier to scan and organize hierarchical content in a limited space 

14. APRILSKIN—Drive traction with incentives 

Aprilskin woos customers by offering attractive incentives in this pre-launch landing page example. 

Pre launch landing page: Offer incentives

Why we love this 

  • The brand entices customers using the power of free—with no economic cost involved customers are likely buy it 
  • Coupons reduce the fear of risk—they trigger a 38% increase in oxytocin and 11% increase in happiness compared to those who didn’t receive it 


Uppercase letters: Using uppercase letters in your hero copy helps attract eyeballs quicker increasing the chances of conversion 

Product Launch Landing Page Best Practices 

1. Value first, self-praise later  

90% of new product launches fail because they fail to communicate their value proposition. They jump right into selling the product. 

Here’s how you can avoid them:

a) Highlight the problem you’re trying to solve

Use the before and after bridge framework. Describe the problem and the situation where the problem is solved. Explain how you made it possible. 

For instance, here’s an example: 

Before—Too tired to lift after work? Your gut could be the problem

After—Imagine if you could smash those PRs 

Bridge—Try the new xx with the goodness of magnesium today

b) Make use of visual imagery

Visual imagery refers to the formation of mental images using highly descriptive text. 

Here’s how you can persuade your customers by communicating your value proposition using the below framework: 

Picture—Specify an ideal situation with a positive outcome 

Promise—State how you’re fulfill your promise

Prove—Bring in credibility using testimonials, industry recognised certifications etc.

Push—Ask users to commit 

2. Stick to the 60:30:10 rule 

A well-balanced color scheme is visually appealing, helping users navigate the page. It also negates any interference that might stop customers from clicking the CTA. 

Using the 60:30:10 rule increases your chances of conversion:

  • The dominant color must occupy 60% of the pre-launch page—this will set the foundation for your entire landing page 
  • The second color must make up for 30% of your product launch website—this helps create a contrast for elements like your sidebar or navigation menu 
  • The final 10% must constitute the accent color—this creates a harmony between your dominant and secondary colors for key elements such as CTA and other prime elements you’d like to emphasize 

3. Make it mobile conducive 

79% of US customers shop using their mobile phones which makes it important for your product launch landing page to perform well on mobile devices. 

You might want to implement these recommendations:

a. Ensure the frequently used elements such as CTA and scrollbar are placed in the easy-reach areas while less important ones can go into the stretch or hard-reach zones.

Product launch landing page: Mobile thumb zone

b. Focus on creating tappable elements that are big enough to click. We recommend keeping 7mm x 7mm to avoid accidental tapping and misdirects.

c. Design breadcrumbs that are easy to click. Leave enough negative space ideally 1cm x 1cm 

4. Create irresistible CTAs

The impact of CTAs on your landing pages for product launch are largely underestimated. Well-placed CTAs increase your CTA by 83% while product sign-ups see a 34% uptick. 

Start creating irresistible CTAs using:

Power verbs: Power verbs trigger a subconscious urge in the minds of your customers to take action—for instance, pre-order now and unlock early bird discounts.

Rounded CTA buttons: Round edged CTA buttons convey openness and point towards the message inside the CTA. The ideal size is 44 px wide and long.  

Contrasting colors: Use a contrasting color for the button and the CTA like red and white to create a distinction. It should readily attract the attention of the CTA in a couple of seconds. 

In the end

98% of visitors who visit your product launch website—drop off without buying anything. 

Why: user experience issues that cause friction for visitors. 

And this is the problem ConvertCart solves. 

We've helped 500+ eCommerce stores (in the US) improve user experience—and 2X their conversions. 

How we can help you: 

Our conversion experts can audit your site—identify UX issues, and suggest changes to improve conversions. 

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