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30 Amazing eCommerce Email Templates (from 6 industries)

Looking for high-converting eCommerce email templates? In this post, we share and analyze 30 tried-and-tested examples of lifecycle email templates from 6 industries.

30 Amazing eCommerce Email Templates (from 6 industries)

An average shopper gets at least 100 emails every day. Oof! 

What’s worse: most emails look similar, and have similar copies (get X% off; offer ends in X hours; yada yada)—they fail to inspire—they don’t evoke emotions. 

Result: no sales. 

So, it's not great when your email gets lost amidst the debris.

But why does it happen? 

Marketing/content teams that solve the same problem every day often find it hard to come up with new stuff—creativity does not strike when it’s routine. 

And this is why we’ve created this post: some amazing tried-and-tested emails that will (hopefully) drive inspiration for you.

We’ve covered emails at every step of the sales funnel:

  • Welcome emails    
  • Retargeting emails
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Post-purchase emails 
  • Loyalty/Rewards emails

Let’s dive in.


1. MFMG Cosmetics (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • The bold hero image that depicts the quality of their cosmetics
  • Precise introduction that people would love to read
  • Social proof to build trust - featured in BuzzFeed and Glamour magazines
  • And, of course, deals for new customers in their welcome email
  • Interactive CTA

2. ColourPop (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • A punchy copy that resonates with the product in question
  • Crisp headline to entice the user
  • Innovative and personalized CTA copy
  • A product recommendation section for the user to explore
  • Link to their social media platforms to know more about the brand
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3. Wet N Wild (Cart Abandonment Email)

What we love:

  • Polished header image, intriguing typography, and color palette
  • Inviting subject line
  • Nudges the user to spend more in exchange for free shipping
  • Distinct CTAs to provide a clear choice–spend extra to save shipping charges or complete the original purchase
  • Primary navigation menu to remind the user about your product portfolio
  • The layered design makes the email actionable and mobile-friendly
  • Social media perk–encourages the user to share pictures and tag the brand on social media to get featured in their handles

4. Ipsy (Post Purchase Email)

What we love:

  • Clever name for the order history–glam bag
  • Live tracking option in the headline
  • Avoids customer disappointments with a disclaimer–wait 48 hours for the link to get activated
  • Excellent personalization of the structure and copy of the “See What’s Inside” section
  • Dishes out a quiz to make the email actionable

5. Sephora (Loyalty/Reward Email)

What we love:

  • Image-heavy layout and structure to indulge the user
  • Personalized headline
  • Disclaimer on minimum purchase and deadline to avail the offer (engraved in the card)
  • Distinct CTAs to choose between availing the reward online or at a store
  • Personalized gift section–striking images to flaunt their gift card and bundle offers
  • The limited edition nudge to urge the user to take immediate action
  • Strategically placed category section to explore other choices
  • Invitation to follow their social media handles to stay in the know
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6. Loft (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • Simple yet precise email structure
  • Interactive headline
  • Polished, striking image flaunting the apparel
  • Offer could be availed online or at the nearest physical outlet (bar code attached)
  • Minimalist CTA
  • Mobile-friendly layout (small yet crucial since mobile is the most prefered reading medium)
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7. Criquet (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • Crisp email copy–indicating the user was looking for a specific product line
  • Aesthetically appealing image to help visualize the product
  • Headline and copy to describe the fabric and its usage
  • Soft color palette that resonates with the brand’s theme
  • Gives a preview of the choice of colors available for the user to take immediate action
  • Mobile-friendly layout and structure (especially for retargeting)

8. Nordstrom (Cart Abandonment Email)

What we love:

  • Strong headline and great typography 
  • Copy and the product indicates a bestseller–throws in an urgency nudge
  • The free shipping and free returns nudge (color-bolded)
  • A unique proposition packaged in an interactive DYK section
  • CTA to direct users to know more about exchange and return policies

9. Ralph Lauren (Post Purchase Email)

What we love:

  • Brilliant use of real estate (both in desktop and mobile versions)
  • Crisp and interactive headline 
  • Excellent way to implement a cross-selling practice (the headline and the recommended item suits the narrative)
  • Flaunts a multitude of options to match the existing wardrobe
  • Mobile-friendly layout
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10. Nike (Loyalty Email)

What we love:

  • Strong headline to notify the user who has signed up for the loyalty program
  • Image depicts the brand’s essence
  • Lists down the perks of the membership
  • CTA to provide early access to new arrivals


11. Alex and Ani (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • Precise headline and copy
  • Copy is surrounded by jewelry pieces to make it visually appealing to the audience
  • Provides a very clear idea on what to expect–minimal text
  • Personalized offers instead of dishing out a generic offer
  • Minimal price limit on free shipping
  • Endorses the “Made in America” campaign
  • Link to social media platforms along with the nearest store locator option

12. Bauble Bar (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • Interactive headline supported with a striking image
  • Crisp copy and simple CTA
  • Image guides the user with ring labels
  • Announces a tempting bundle offer with a strong headline and a coupon code
  • Flaunts all the products in the bundle to make it actionable
  • Recommends new styles for bangles with a very generous offer

13. Dannijo (Cart Abandonment Email)

  What we love:

  • Free shipping and same day delivery nudge
  • Bold image
  • Announces a 10% off on the cart item with a coupon code for better conversion
  • Reassures the customer with a free shipping guarantee
  • Implements the cross-selling practice with new arrivals and brand-specific categories to improve AOV
  • Provides contact details of customer care and address of their physical outlet
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14. Sample Email (Post Purchase)

What we love:

  • An undeniable offer to win back/retain a customer–a whopping 30% OFF on the eve of a birthday
  • A jewelry tailor-made for the customer with the choice of their favorite birthstone and make
  • Flaunts the diamond section with a mix of traditional and modern pieces for the user to take action
  • Recommends three other birthstones with a CTA to explore the rest

15. Monica Vinader (Loyalty Email)

What we love:

  • Announces the launch of a new product line to loyal customers
  • Striking image of the jewelry and crisp headline
  • Simple CTA
  • Recommends the bestsellers for quick action


16. Casper (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • The dreamy theme of the email
  • Strong headline with solid social-proof
  • Image that depicts the theme and context
  • Interactive CTA
  • Lists down the perks of signing up–free shipping and early access nudges
  • A titbit of health hack for the user
  • A bundle offer to close the deal

17. IKEA (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • Understanding customer behavior–the brand discovers a customer who has bought a TV
  • Takes advantage of this action by recommending media storage solutions
  • Clean, striking images with strong headline and copy to grab user attention
  • Video link attachment for the user before making the purchase
  • Polished image of an entertainment wall unit
  • Throws in an offer and simultaneously urges the audience to become a loyal member

18. Habitat (Cart Abandonment Email)

What we love:

  • Polished image with a strong headline
  • Provides the preview of the checkout page to remind the user about the details of the product
  • To reach the price limit for free shipping, the brand offers similar product recommendations for the user to consider
  • Distinct CTAs to choose between adding more products to the cart and checking out the bag

19. EQ3 (New Feature/Post Purchase Email)

What we love:

  • Announces the launch of web-native augmented reality solution with a compelling headline
  • Guides the user with step-by-step instructions on how to check out the new feature
  • Lifestyle-based images

20. Outer (Reward/Survey Email)

What we love:

  • Short and effective copy with a neat image
  • Image resonates with the headline
  • Entices the user to take the survey for a gift card
  • Mobile-friendly


21. Adidas (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • Free shipping and returns on all orders (no price limit)
  • CTA in the headline
  • Brilliant use of real estate and layout
  • Influencer marketing–supported by world-class athletes and celebrities
  • Link to their social media handles
  • Simple announcement bar to display the offer
  • Redeemable at physical outlets as well

22. Clever Training (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • The “back in stock” alert to retarget/win back customers
  • Simple yet effective way to announce the product is currently available
  • Limited quantity available–reiterates the urgency nudge
  • Decision to not include cross-selling or any other descriptions

23. Timberland (Cart Abandonment Email)

What we love:

  • Interactive headline and CTA
  • Polished image depicting brand’s essence
  • Product recommendations–similar looking products that the visitor might’ve missed initially
  • Excellent layout–flaunts the alternatives while retaining the focus with the product in question
  • Free delivery and returns nudge (with no price limit)

24. Nike (Post Purchase Email)

What we love:

  • Real-time status update at every stage of shipping 
  • Displays estimated date of delivery
  • A help button for the user to contact customer care in case of trouble
  • Headline reassures the customer with on-time delivery
  • Mobile-friendly

25. Columbia (Loyalty Email)

What we love:

  • Encourages (even) a first-time visitor to join the rewards program
  • Crisp headline and copy that hints on a long-term engagement
  • Integrates the “join rewards” CTA in the copy
  • Perks of joining the rewards program with real product images
  • Visually appealing outdoor-centric imagery
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26. Future Noodles (Welcome Email)

What we love:

  • The super colorful theme (great choice of colors)
  • The bright, appetizing image of the noodles
  • Strong headline and copy–establishing their mission to make healthy plant-based, planet-healthy noodles for mankind
  • Innovative CTA copy
  • Guides the user with recipes to try their hand at making foreign-style noodles
  • Recommends best-sellers in a layered fashion to make them look appealing against the background colors
  • Great typography
  • Links to social media handles to stay in the know

27. Williams Sonoma (Retargeting Email)

What we love:

  • Swift response to a customer who abandoned the site after the first visit
  • Strong headline sends a message to the user that the brand is looking out for you
  • Copy describes all things the user can sign up for
  • Provides a contact number in case of queries
  • Distinct CTAs to choose between the product in question and exploring similar items
  • Polished image of the product in question with cheese and fruits to make it visually appealing
  • Free shipping nudge with coupon code

28. Food 52 (Cart Abandonment Email)

What we love:

  • Soft, elegant theme and layout
  • Polished image
  • Personalized headline and copy
  • Throws in a giveaway offer (set of 12 glasses)
  • Monetary perks–credit points to reward and earn
  • Speedy delivery nudge
  • CTA at the bottom to unsubscribe to emails if required

29. Just Eat (Post Purchase/Win Back Email)

What we love:

  • One of the effective ways to dish out a successful winback email–the brand sends out an email who has been inactive for a while
  • Compelling headline and an appetizing product image
  • Personalized copy that invites the user to take the plunge
  • Coupon code with 15% redeemable discount to avail
  • Announces a deadline to avail the offer soon

30. Starbucks (Membership Email)

What we love:

  • Crisp headline supported with a realistic product image from an outlet
  • A how-to guide on joining the rewards program
  • Enticing perks including free drinks and food
  • Simple layout and theme; mobile-friendly

Wrapping up

So there you go–40 of the best email marketing campaign templates that we are loving right now! Almost every example on this list has something unique and refreshing that might entice the user to take quick action. Whether it’s the realistic product images, the brand messaging, the typography, the reassuring social proof, or anything so small yet special that appealed to you, we hope these email templates are a savior when you plan your next campaign.

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