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24 High-Converting Apparel Product Page Examples

Every clothing eCommerce website needs to have product pages that lend to easy UX—here are 24 examples that get it absolutely right.

24 High-Converting Apparel Product Page Examples

Going by numbers, fashion apparel in the US is anticipated to bring in about $416.5 by 2025 and in Asia, that number is expected to be $600 billion. 

To make the most of this surge, as an apparel eCommerce business, you’ll have to clock in the conversions consistently. 

And to aid those efforts, we’ve curated a list of 24 eCommerce apparel brands that are doing a splendid job at convincing customers to buy. 

This piece will also cover:

How to start an eCommerce apparel business

How to promote your online clothing business

The Best Clothing eCommerce Examples Out There


Neat with lots of white space is what you feel about apparel examples from product pages on Skims—the images stand out and there are no distractions at all!

skims fashion apparel product example

What drives conversions on SKIMS product pages: 

- “Limited edition” color swatches are an instant draw—the fact that they highlight the ones on “limited sale” is also a conversion driver

- Their product recommendations cover the whole gamut—from similar styles to what else a collection features, making discovery a rich experience for the shopper

- “Bundle & Save” prompt in the “Complete the Look” section, which offers a bulk discount 

2. Gymshark

An evocative and inspiring image gallery is the first thing you’ll notice about the fashion apparel product page format that Gymshark uses. 

gymshark clothing eCommerce product page example

What drives conversions on Gymshark product pages: 

- “Size out of stock?” callout works to notify those who don’t find their choice of size—this works well for micro conversions because it enables Gymshark to put these shoppers into their email list

- The “community feedback” section offers a snapshot assessment of the overall quality of social proof the product has received 

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3. Lululemon

Content laid out in easy-to-scan sections is what jumps out the most on Lululemon’s clothing eCommerce website. 

lululemon fashion apparel product example

What drives conversions on Lululemon product pages: 

- They just don’t feature a size guide—their “what’s my size?” micro copy leads sizing support in real-time

- They have a special section reserved for those with questions—all such shoppers get to to speak to an “educator” who provides virtual assistance (the best thing is when you click on this section, you’re directed to an independent page that’s all about customer support)

- Call-out to their product description with “why we made this” and a bold accordion treatment to the description section

- A clickable “outfit inspiration” nudge right after the add-to-cart button that incites curiosity & discovery—interestingly this leads to Lululemon’s product recommendations that are highly relevant

4. Old Navy

When you land on Old Navy’s apparel examples, you can tell that they prioritize search and this is really the starting point for all conversions. 

old navy clothing store product example

What drives conversions on Old Navy product pages: 

- The “extra 30% off with code ***” is a real clincher—especially when shoppers see this alongside an already dipped price tag, they feel more motivated to buy

- The “free fast shipping” nudge that clearly says the advantage is for members only—gets people to become members faster & buy as well!

- Highlighted word and phrase call-outs in the review section for shoppers to enable faster scanning

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5. H&M

The way H&M maintains their visual branding across their eCommerce clothing store is an inspiration for many smaller apparel stores—well-shot images, simple text and background colors and neat content layout. 

h&m fashion apparel product page example

What drives conversions on H&M product pages: 

- Review nudge right below the add-to-cart button—makes it easier for first-time shoppers to engage and draw conviction from UGC

- Recommendations are very in shape, color and/or style to the featured product, helping the brand target high-intent shoppers more closely

6. Zalando

Zero cognitive load is what occurred to us when we first assessed Zalando’s fashion apparel product pages—the white background, images being easily viewable through scrolling etc. 

zalando fashion clothing product example

What drives conversions on Zalando product pages: 

- “Made with recycled materials” clickable prompt, which the brand then elaborates through a section on sustainability—McKinsey has reported that 83% of customers believe it is important for brands to fall back on recyclable & reusable materials

- Zalando features similarly or lower priced products from the same brand (in this case, Even&Odd)

- Free shipping threshold nudge right beneath shipping rate, which often increases average order value

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7. Everlane 

A super dynamic notification bar that changes color as the messaging changes, strikes a visitor the minute they enter an apparel product page on the Everlane site. 

everlane eCommerce apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Everlane product pages: 

- A curvy fit nudge for audiences that are not looking for the slim fit style featured on this product page

- Quick product highlights featured as an image within the gallery section

- Detailed reviews that can actually help doubtful shoppers arrive at a purchase decision

8. Zara 

A well-designed layout that showcases all the important content in boxes, makes Zara’s clothing eCommerce website come alive. 

zara clothing eCommerce product page example

What drives conversions on Zara product pages: 

- An attractive snippet leading to a longer product description

- A recommendation section that actually makes the product page look like a category page—Zara doesn’t try to limit the number of recommendations and the way they do it is refreshing for especially new shoppers 

- The sticky menu highlighting the search bar

9. Anthropologie

One look at an Anthropologie product page, and you’ll see why more eCommerce businesses need to incorporate a neat visual treatment to their product images. 

anthropologie apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Anthropologie product pages: 

- Recommendations featured vertically on the right—this makes it easy for shoppers to keep comparing what they’re seeing with the main product

- Link to the category page of the collection the main product belongs to—this aids discovery and exploration 

- BNPL payment option even though the product price isn’t particularly high

10. Nordstrom

Bold product photos and distinct text welcome shoppers to Nordstrom’s fashion apparel product detail pages, making it easy to view and process information. 

nordstrom fashion apparel product example

What drives conversions on Nordstrom product pages: 

- Pricing in red since the item is on sale (he % discount also being clearly mentioned helps shoppers take the purchase call)

- The first recommendation on the right being a “limited time sale” product—creates instant urgency

- The “12 people are viewing” nudge right above add-to-cart creates both social proof and urgency

- A panel on customer photos making it easy for high-intent shoppers to visualize the product on real people

11. Abercombie & Fitch

It’s easy to see how a super short product page can actually enable shoppers to convert faster—Abercombie & Fitch sets a fine example.

abercombie & fitch eCommerce clothing product page example

What drives conversions on Abercombie & Fitch product pages: 

- Alert bar that appears beneath the primary navigation & sets the record straight on priority shipping for Christmas

- Model measurement reference for shoppers to visualize the fall and look of the product on their own bodies, making decision-making easier

12. Outdoor Voices

A super snappy product description greets you on the product pages of Outdoor Voices—this is a crucial function of UX many eCommerce businesses overlook. 

outdoor voices online apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Outdoor Voices product pages: 

- The add-to-cart button shows the price anchoring—making it easier for shoppers to act on the discount information

- The rewards program and earned points nudge right above the add-to-cart button

- Technical details laid out in an easy to perceive and like format

- An instantly shoppable social feed

13. Fashion Nova

A bold, black and distinct notification bar is the first thing we notice when we land up on Fashion Nova’s clothing store description examples. 

fashion nova online apparel product example

What drives conversions on Fashion Nova product pages: 

- The dynamic yet relevant messaging on the notification bar—helps the typical shopper explore the site in a more wholesome way

- The fact that the notification bar carries a countdown timer for the current sitewide sale

- A clickable “shop similar” nudge on the main product image

- Super relevant review filters 

14. DSW

Unlike most other eCommerce apparel stores, DSW draws up their recommendations section to the top of the page, and this enables shoppers to actually look at the suggestions without scrolling fatigue

dsw eCommerce apparel product page example

What drives conversions on DSW product pages: 

- A manually slidable alert bar featuring crucial info by highlighting icons

- Pricing that features the current offer and the original MSRP value

- The “quick add” CTAs featured on the product recommendations 

15. Shein

Three seconds on a Shein apparel product page and a compelling email sign up popup with multiple relevant discounts, presents itself. 

What drives conversions on Shein product pages: 

- The “large image” option to view what’s in the swatches in a more elaborate way—this exponentially improves UX

- The “view outfits” text nudge at the bottom of the main image when clicked actually reveals more product recommendations within a popup box—this continues to keep the main product in the background for reference

- A % marked app download nudge that promises an additional 20% off—which high-intent buyer would refuse such an offer?

- Reviews bucketed under relevant search phrases a shopper would use: “good quality,” “great service” and “gorgeous” are some examples

16. Torrid

Two distinct alert bars grab a shopper’s attention as soon as they land on Torrid’s clothing product pages—the messaging on these are crisp, helping avoid distractions and guiding a buyer’s mind towards a purchase. 

What drives conversions on Torrid product pages: 

- A slider alert that says “Going, Going…Hurry! 200 shoppers have this in their cart today”

- A “How to Wear It” nudge on the main image that actually takes shoppers to a section that displays different looks with the product and CTAs being “shop the look”

- Multiple relevant product recommendations within the same price range

17. Free People

A well-designed, clickable and unconventional notification bar welcomes shoppers to Free People’s product pages—this is an instant enabler for discovery across the site. 

free people apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Free People product pages: 

- A wonderfully shot photo gallery that captures the product in use and in various shades of light

- A link to the category page of the collection that the main product belongs to 

- A number nudge on how many people have wishlisted the product, on the very first image

18. Faherty

A popup box triggered by geolocation makes it clear whether Faherty delivers to the shopper’s location or not, what’s the free shipping threshold and that the shopper can buy using their local currency, is the first thing one sees on a Faherty product page. 

faherty online clothing product page example

What drives conversions on Faherty product pages: 

- The numbered steps on size and color selection instantly reduce cognitive load

- The choice a shopper has to view the same product on different models

- The brand stating a “Guarantee of Quality”

19. Frank and Oak

A crisp navigation bar flanked by crisp messaging on the notification bar, welcomes shoppers to Frank and Oak’s apparel product pages. 

frank and oak fashion apparel product example

What drives conversions on Frank & Oak product pages: 

- “Our gift to you…” nudge that convinces shoppers to click on it and discover the brand’s email list & preference center pop-up

- The “Frank Rewards” nudge that lets the shopper know how many points buying this product will fetch them

- Better discounted products as part of the recommendations section 

20. Missguided

This is a brand that ensures a bold image gallery focusing on the texture of the product, welcomes shoppers on its product pages. 

missguided fashion apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Missguided product pages: 

- Price anchoring that helps shoppers see the steep discount on offer

- An icon-led “true to size” nudge that helps build buyer confidence

- The “get your order tomorrow” countdown time nudge that builds instant urgency

21. Lavish Alice

The auto-applied discount at checkout nudge flanked by a countdown timer on the notification bar is the first thing you notice on Lavish Alice’s product pages. 

lavish alice online apparel product page example

What drives conversions on Lavish Alice product pages: 

- A sticky menu featuring the product name and CTA that gets triggered right after the first scroll

- The “next day delivery is now available” nudge 

- In-depth, verified reviews

22. Taylor Stitch

The very first thing that catches our attention on the Taylor Stitch product page is the “in stock” label that makes it easy for shoppers to decide on exploring further. 

taylor stitch fashion apparel product example

What drives conversions on Taylor Stitch product pages: 

- The most important product related asks like product specifications & repair/replace info placed right below the add-to-cart button

- Snippets from reviews called out in a stylized manner making it easy to scan and read

- The “limited product” nudge in the product description that incites a sense of immediate urgency

23. Glamorous

The first impression of Glamorous’ apparel product pages is that they carry information in a structured but concise manner, avoiding any unnecessary number of scrolls. 

glamorous eCommerce apparel product example

What drives conversions on Glamorous product pages: 

- The bold red discount label on the first product image

- A secondary CTA that directly targets ShopPay customers 

- A bunch of steeply discounted recommendations

24. Gearbunch

A clean white background and distinctively readable text makes for a great first impression on Gearbunch’s product pages. 

gearbunch online clothing product page example

What drives conversions on Gearbunch product pages: 

- Sticky add-to-cart menu that makes it easy to edit quantity and size

- A bold free shipping threshold callout works towards shoppers increasing their AOV

- An elaborate sizing chart that covers both US and international sizing standards 

How to start an eCommerce apparel business

You need to take several key steps before you hit the ground with your online clothing business—here are the most important ones:

- Perform research & choose the niche: It’s important that you dial down on a niche that you’re either passionate about, have lots of knowledge about or both. Also, check what sort of connections from a niche you already have in your network. A round-up and research will tell you which niche you’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority in

- Start with a small number of offerings: Test the waters by what sells well in similar businesses around and choose the products that have a wider audience—this way you won’t have to fight tooth and nail with your competitors

- Choose a business model based on budget & convenience: The next thing for you to decide would be whether you want to make or manufacture the products yourself or opt for an outsourcing model like dropshipping or print-on-demand—outsourcing is often ideal if you don’t want to take on the pressure of inventory

- Write a solid business plan: Round up company information, how you’ll raise funding, what strategies you would start your marketing with and layout a plan for the foreseeable future

- Set up the business & sales channels: From sourcing the materials to speaking to vendors to getting a whiff of which channels your ideal target customers inhabit

How to promote your online clothing business

When you’re a new brand trying to get into an online clothing business, you’ll have to take extra care in how you promote it:

- Focus on the content you create: Ensure your written content, including product descriptions and supportive information like blogs are top-notch—and even if you don’t have the budget to shoot videos, see if you can ask the first adopters to create some UGC for you

- Emphasize on a visual treatment: Channel your branding & marketing budget towards photography that can really uplift the way your products are perceived

- Make the most of visual platforms: Be it instagram or Pinterest, use the visuals you get clicked to promote your guarantee, materials and the ways your product can be styled across these platforms 

- Tie up with micro-influencers: Figure out what kind of reach you’ll need to, let’s say, make your launch and then collab with micro-influencers who have a fan following of people that naturally fall into your TG bracket

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