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Address Verification Service (AVS)

Address Verification Service (AVS)

An address verification service is a system that checks to ensure that the address entered by the customer is registered with major shipping carriers. This verification process can be used to increase conversion rates and reduce checkout errors.

Advantages of Address verification service

  • Address verification service is important to ship the products to the right address in order to avoid any reroute shipping costs.
  • It helps to simplify the checkout process as it auto-completes the forms when identifying information is provided during the checkout process. This can also be used to auto-complete the billing section of the checkout page.
  • When a customer submits their order, they do not wish to see any pop-up announcing a problem. To solve this problem, address validation checks every field as the user enters it and displays the error right there if there’s a problem.
  • For best shipping results, the address needs to be in a specific format. Address verification system ensures that the addresses are in the right format to avoid any confusion.
  • Automatic address verification service speeds up the buying process and guarantees more accurate data collection.
  • Correct data leads to less undelivered packages, lower dispatch costs, and less email returned to the sender.
  • It leads to a smooth checkout process that reduces the cart abandonment rate.
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