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Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and came across some sponsored profiles or content? Well, these are the native ads that you see. They do not stick out like a sore thumb in your feed, as they are designed in such a way as to match the overall flow of your feed. So, to put it out simply, Native ads are paid ads that match the function, feel and look of the media format in which they appear.

Types of Native Advertising

  1. In-feed Ads- Ads that appear in your news feed on social media such as sponsored ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  1. Search and promoted listings- Ad listings that appear on the top of your Google search results or on the sidebar. For example, if you search for summer dresses on google you will see a list of ads related to ‘shop summer dresses’ on the sidebar.
  1. Content recommendations- Recommendations that appear below the content you just read. For example, if you read an article on ‘ways to increase your conversion rates’, then at the bottom you’ll find some related/recommended articles.

Words that help you distinguish the native ads

  • “Recommended for you”
  • “Suggested post”
  • “Promoted stories”
  • “Sponsored”

Advantages of Native Advertising

  • Native Ads receive a higher CTR(Click-Through-Rate)
  • Sponsored posts and content help to drive better conversions.
  • You can create a connection with the audience by delivering interesting content through Native Ads that get their attention and aligns with their personality.
  • The best part about Native Ads is that it employs more engaging formats like infographics and videos that are visually more appealing compared to traditional Ads.
  • It contributes to brand credibility by distributing the content and reaching a wider audience.
  • Native Ads are non-disruptive in nature as they do not irritate the users at every turn. They are minimally intrusive as they match the form of the website they appear within.
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