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If you choose an email marketing plan for your business, open-rate stats come in handy.

Open rate is the percentage of emails ‘opened’ to the total number of emails sent.

(It's basic maths)

The equation for Open-Rate = Emails Opened/ Emails sent - Bounces

Bounces are the number of emails that did not make it to the inbox.

E.g., Assume you sent 100 emails for your campaign, and 10 of them bounced. Now, 90 emails have been distributed, and say 30 of those emails have been opened. So your open rate is 33.3% (which is the industry average of 25-35%). 

Does More Open-Rate Equal More success?

No. You see, Open-Rate only gives us the statistics of ‘opened email’. It is not a metric to measure the success of a campaign. Yes, a higher Open-rate means that more people read your email, but it does not tell us about the conversion ratio.

There should be a solid reason behind your every email copy, a call to action (what should your audience do after reading that mail?). And to measure that, we have another metric called CTR (Click through rate). CTR gives the percentage of links clicked (present in a copy). These links may direct users to your sales page, e-commerce website, etc.

Hey! Open rate still matters. If no one is gonna read your email, then they're gonna miss out on your compelling email copy, in turn, your value!

This is How You Increase Your Open-Rate!

Follow these steps and be sure to see an increase in your email Open-Rate;

Step 1:  Focus on Subject Line - That's the first thing people notice, structure in a way that sparks curiosity. E.g., 'This is my sales secret', 'This is gonna cost me in dollars’, 'My Instagram growth tool kit’, etc.

Step 2: Make it Personal - People do not enjoy business copy when it is made for the masses. Make your copy more personalized by using their first name and correct pronouns (if you are not sure, ask them). Make them feel special, talk like a friend.

Step 3: Small things matters - If you have too many links and graphics, your e-mail will probably be on the spam list. So, you know, avoid doing that. 

iHook your readers in the first 100 characters (not words!), keep your copy brief, keep the time and day of the email in mind. And of course, make your email copy mobile-friendly. 


You can say that the open rate is the percentage number of emails opened. They are not to be confused with your success rate. For an email campaign, your CTR decides the success rate. Remember, CTR is directly related to your Open-Rate.

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