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Open Source Ecommerce Platform

Open Source Ecommerce Platform

Open Source eCommerce platform allows users to access the source code and customize the platform according to their business needs. You either own the code or pay a license for using the code and any modification to it can be made by the developer or you.

Benefits of open-source eCommerce platform

  • Complete Control: The biggest advantage of an open-source eCommerce platform is that it provides you with flexibility and complete control over your website as you can easily make modifications to the source code.
  • Community support: There are communities that are built around the eCommerce platform. You can take advantage of the ideas contributed by the developers. You can visit community forums, GitHub, and blogs to build some knowledge around your platform. Free or paid licensing also plays an important role in determining how much community support you’ll get.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing: When there are many websites that sell the same items and have a similar layout, then your ranking gets affected. Open-source eCommerce platform makes sure that your website stands out from the rest and gets a better google search ranking. It allows you to custom design your website and uses the latest SEO techniques and web code trends.
  • Custom eCommerce Design: A custom solution makes you establish your own unique website and therefore a unique brand identity. Unique layout and designs attract your customers and help you to convert better.
  • The flexibility of functionality: If you wish to add a new function or feature to your website, then you can easily do that by altering the code according to your requirements.

Some Examples of Open Source eCommerce platforms

Magento- To top the list is Magento that powers over 200,000 live websites. The open-source version of Magento is free to download but might not offer the same advanced features as Magento Commerce Cloud.

WooCommerce: If you are looking to monetize your existing WordPress site, then WooCommerce is the right pick for you. It is a free open source plugin that you can add to your WordPress site and give it an eCommerce functionality.

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