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Top 46 Lead Magnet Examples in eCommerce (Industry-wise)

Customers will trust you and stick once you offer them value. Here are 40 amazing lead magnet ideas (Industry-wise) to try + 5 mistakes to avoid

Top 46 Lead Magnet Examples in eCommerce (Industry-wise)

96% of visitors aren’t ready to buy when they land on your website—there’s no surprise that the average conversion rate for an average eCommerce brand is around 3%.   

And that’s where eCommerce lead magnets come in: you get their email id if they are not ready to buy yet, and you can then keep engaging, until they buy, and they do. 

The pertinent question here: What will make customers trust you enough to want to share their personal details with you? which brings us to:

3 eCommerce Lead Magnet Best Practices

1. Offer tangible value

With a diminishing attention span, offering tangible value is the first step for creating a high-converting lead magnet. Start by:

  • Painting a picture—tell your customers about a rewarding experience for instance, here’s to 10% off + first dibs on new arrivals 
  • Showing promise—create aspirational appeal (targeting customers who want to be the best version of themselves) by asking your prospects to join a community of happy customers for instance, Join hands with 5000+ women who no longer bow down to hormonal imbalance 
  • Pushing customers to commit—use words like My and Me to convey a sense of ownership driving users to click

2. Know your audience 

Your lead magnet conversions will go up once you understand your target audience’s motivations, and pain points. 

Try offering a solution to a pressing problem—losing energy halfway through your workout?

Understand the common solutions—ordinary whey protein can only give you an instant spike.

Also, frame your discounts differently. Interestingly, a percentage off discount works better for products under $100 while a dollar-off discount works better for products above $100. 

Next, choose what to offer. Normally, a product quiz works well for high-involvement products(something that requires significant time and investment).

3. Focus on ease of use

From our experience, there's one thing that separates the best and the mediocre lead magnets—acing the basics.

Here are simple tips to help better your UX:

  • Maintain a 70:30 text-to-image ratio—emphasize the text
  • Optimize for the thumb zone—prioritize elements according to hard, easy, and moderate zones
  • Stick to a single form field—small steps equal more conversions
  • Use a dominant CTA—try using a brand color and don’t be afraid to use emojis 
  • Use uppercase letters in your CTA to grab instant attention 

46 eCommerce Lead Magnet Examples

Read on to find out how the best eCommerce businesses grow their email lists in an authentic way and build a brand connection in the process. 

In this post, we have picked 46 brands across industries while highlighting some key elements that you might find insightful.












1. Asphalte

Lead Magnet - Asphalte

What we love:

  • Asphalte’s next product line comes from customer preferences
  • This eCommerce lead magnet entices the user to sign up for surveys to brainstorm their next product line 
  • A polished, striking image of a clothing that people love
  • Intriguing copy and an interactive CTA button
  • Although a complete overlay on the hero image, the copy and the visuals justify the same
  • Takes a few scrolls to appear, allowing the user to gather their thoughts on the brand

If a user were to take the plunge, the survey screen looks as impressive as the lead magnet itself.

Lead Magnet: Ashphalte - Survey Screen

2. Seea

Lead Magnet: Seea

What we love:

  • Soft color palette to contrast the image 
  • Image resonates with the brand’s essence—a brilliant lead magnet for eCommerce
  • Crisp headline and brand-sensitive copy
  • Appears seconds after the homepage is loaded 
  • Occupies minimal space if the visitor decides to snap out

3. Negative

Lead Magnet: Negative

What we love:

  • Strategic about the image’s focus - a 2-part layout for the product image and the copy
  • A lead magnet for eCommerce helping the audience visualize what the product feels like—a brilliant lead magnet for eCommerce
  • Early access to new products gives a personalized touch
  • Requests only for an email signup
  • Engaging CTA button
  • Minimalist color palette
  • Appears as soon as you get the first impression of their hero image 

4. Xhibition

Lead Magnet: Xhibition

What we love:

  • The image is a suggestive cue guiding users to the hero message
  • Limited-time offer driving urgency 
  • This eCommerce lead magnet respects consent—receiving emails only on signup is an ethical practice 
  • The CTA reminds users to continue their shopping experience—and completes the loop
Lead Magnet: Zanerobe

What we love:

  • Separate category/landing page for loyalty program on the homepage 
  • A lead magnet for eCommerce with a crisp headline that indicates the brand’s belief in loyalty
  • Precise subtitle to urge the audience to shop regularly to enjoy perks EVERY TIME they login
  • 2 CTAs to distinguish new shoppers and regulars (with the primary CTA color-bolded)
  • Subtle product image that blends with the background
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1. Hers

Lead Magnet: Hers

What we love:

  • Before suggesting a steep monthly discount, the brand asks anyone a number of questions including where they live, what their skin type is like, and what their skin goals are. Any potential customer notices that the brand takes a real personalized interest. 
  • The lead magnet not only offers a discount but one that ensures monthly savings. A smart move to convince people more easily.

2. Elcie

Lead Magnet: Elcie

What we love:

  • The narrative is instantly clear to the viewer. There’s something to be earned every step of the way when you become an Elcie loyalist. 
  • The idea of choice is introduced right from the start, clearly telling visitors what they are in for, if they choose to shop with Elcie—a eCommerce lead magnet that sets clear expectations

3. Meow Meow Tweet

Lead Magnet: Meow Meow Tweet

What we love:

  • It’s a non-intrusive lead magnet and scrolls against a backdrop that is all about why MMT is a brand you can trust. The shape of the pop-up is a cat, which further reinforces the brand. 
  • It’s easy to opt out. All you need to do is click anywhere outside the popup. No crazy guesses about where the “x” button sits!

4. Boom!

Lead Magnet: Boom!

 What we love:

  • Promotes a crisp eBook for a very specific age demographic—a smart lead magnet title
  • A how-to guide on makeup and beauty tips for a general audience  
  • Personalized headline 
  • Educational content to understand the nuances of the product line 

5. Annmarie Gianni

Lead Magnet: Annmarie Gianni

What we love:

  • A lead magnet example that gets the visitor right when their attention is at its peak. As soon as you land on the brand’s website, you find the quiz working for you.   
  • It uses crisp, personalized language that’s instantly meaningful for many of us. The fact that each person’s evaluation is done to offer “personalized results” makes it doubly attractive.


1. Nomad Grills

Lead Magnet: Nomad Grills

What we love:

  • Flashy headline and excellent typography—a common trait in top lead magnets
  • The real-time gif of the charcoal grill catches the eye 
  • Simple graphic to flaunt the offer; displays the exact number instead of percentage
  • Proposes a bundle offer including add-ons with the exact quantity
  • The coupon code on top of the offer
  • Popup appears only after the visitor goes through the background video

2. Sunday

Lead Magnet: Sunday

What we love:

  • The lead magnet messaging is deeply personalized and hits anyone who deeply cares about their lawn or is seeking to learn how to. 
  • A precise and adequately detailed analysis can create confidence in customers. If you can analyze something for them, higher are the chances you can solve it too.

3. Whole Latte Love

Lead Magnet: Whole Latte Love

What we love:

  • A eCommerce lead magnet driving conversions via a unique and profitable loyalty program
  • Earn & Save – Cashback for every purchase and gift cards
  • Referral bonus – 1000 points to encash by referring a friend
  • Nudges the user to purchase and recommend the product on a regular basis
  • Simple theme and layout

4. Range Hood Store

Lead Magnet: Range Hood Store

What we love:

  • Polished image of the product for the audience to understand the brand’s portfolio—one of the best magnet examples 
  • The gift card nudge instead of going for a single product sale – allows the user to purchase products they might be interested in
  • Sizeable reward for a new visitor 
  • Occupies minimal real estate
  • Appears after the first scroll

5. Blissy

Lead Magnet: Blissy

What we love:

  • The soft color palette to support the image’s narrative
  • The whopping 55% OFF to improve the signup rate
  • Social proof – featured in industry-specific magazines and tabloids
  • Uses a relatively smaller real estate to convey the message
  • Appears after a few scrolls for the audience to understand the brand and its products


1. Rebel Nell

Lead Magnet: Rebel Nell


What we love:

  • Image depicts the brand’s essence—an eCommerce lead magnet best practice—a lead magnet for eCommerce that creates an aspirational appeal(targets people by who they want to be)—something all high-converting lead magnets have in common
  • Excellent use of typography
  • Personalizes the offer with the “birthday” field to dish out tailor-made offers for visitors
  • Conveniently placed lead magnet – easy to toggle
  • Appears after a few scrolls (after the visitor evaluates the hero image)  

2. Ana Luisa

Lead Magnet: Ana Luisa

What we love:

  • A bold image flaunting the brand’s jewelry
  • The urgency nudge – Valentine’s day out of stock alert
  • Underlines the catchphrase to get viewers’ attention
  • Color-bolded CTA
  • Conveniently located decline button
  • Appears in the center of the screen after a couple of scrolls

3. Karma and Luck

Lead Magnet: Karma and Luck

What we love:

  • Simple yet innovative lead magnet design—something all high-converting lead magnets have in common
  • Appears after a couple of scrolls – visitor can get a hang of the product range
  • Transparent against the hero image – doesn’t distract the user
  • Crisp copy that resonated with the user
  • Image depicts the brand’s essence and is also contextual of the sale

4. Tiffany & Co.

Lead Magnet: Tiffany & Co.

What we love:

  • “Drop a hint” feature – a clever and innovative way to build an email list 
  • The lead popup encourages the visitors to send their wishes in a private email
  • Sender and recipient emails are captured for further marketing actions
  • Simple theme

5. Astor by Blue Nile

Lead Magnet: Astor by Blue Nile

What we love:

  • Strong headline that immediately catches the visitor’s attention
  • Huge giveaway offer to urge the visitor to sign up
  • Bold, striking visuals of the jewelry
  • Lists down the perks of the giveaway offer


1. Bocce’s Bakery

Lead Magnet: Bocce's Bakery

What we love:

  • The free shipping nudge
  • Innovative typography and a crisp copy—a hallmark of top eCommerce lead magnets
  • Personalized lead magnet – delivers personalized gifts for your pet’s birthday
  • Appears after a few scrolls for the visitors to understand the brand and its products
  • Covers the central part of the screen to nudge the visitors to type in the information for subscription

2. Only Natural Pet

Lead Magnet: Only Natural Pet

What we love:

  • Image depictive of the brand’s essence
  • Simple copy
  • Innovative CTA in the form of paws
  • A decline CTA right below the copy

Should the visitor choose to take the plunge, the next screen is quite informative. 


Lead Magnet: Only Natural Pet
  • Reveals a 20% OFF and provides updates on new deals and arrivals
  • Shopping preference – allows the user to choose between dog, cat, or both
  • Bold CTA
  • Transparency – Discloses the maximum discount value 

3. Crown & Paw

Lead Magnet: Crown & Paw

What we love:

  • Personalized headline
  • Social proof – 500k pet parents have endorsed the brand
  • Caters to 4 different pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses
  • Urgency nudge – timer to indicate offer deadline
  • Appears after the visitor flicks through the hero carousel
  • Occupies minimal real estate

4. Chewy 

Lead Magnet: Chewy

What we love:

  • While most people know the brand for pet food and treats, this magnet promises to help get a vet consultation. It supports people instantly looking for this support and also helps the brand promote their less frequently advertised vet and pharmacy services. 
  • The communication also clarifies that this service will be at no extra cost for those who decide to schedule automatic deliveries from Chewy. A smart way to make people sign up and inspire them to shop.

5. Pupnaps

Lead Magnet: Pupnaps

What we love:

  • Urges the audience to answer a question to make the lead magnet interactive
  • Provides 3 common problems a user might face 
  • Provides a personalized product recommendation
  • And of course, a 25% off for answering the question
  • Occupies smaller real estate
  • Allows the user to snap off with a conveniently located decline button


1. Curology

Lead Magnet: Curology

What we love:

  • Personalized 30-day trial to instill trust
  • Crisp headline – product in question solves a very specific problem
  • Bold copy that contrasts the soft color palette
  • Interactive CTA
  • Minimal shipping cost

2. Alani Nu

Lead Magnet: Alani Nu

What we love:

  • Occupies very limited space in the window
  • Appears after a couple of scrolls
  • Crisp headline and copy
  • The “Save for Later” option for the audience to revisit the offer at a later point
  • The decline button at the bottom of the popup

3. Hiya Health

Lead Magnet: Hiya Health

What we love:

  • A whopping 50% OFF 
  • Free shipping
  • Simple image
  • Occupies very minimal space on the screen
  • Appears only after a few scrolls

4. Needed

Lead Magnet: Needed

What we love:

  • A very simple, yet informative lead magnet
  • Image is in line with the context
  • A whopping $100 OFF on your first subscription
  • Personalizes the nutrition plan based on your requirements
  • Coupon code to close the deal
  • Transparent about the amount of savings month on month

5. Noom 

Lead Magnet of Noom

What we love:

  • Builds curiosity with a tailor-made survey
  • Crisp headline to communicate why the visitor should sign up for a survey
  • Dishes out a personalized diet plan
  • Personalized CTA


1. Juna World

Lead Magnet: Juna World

What we love:

  • A spin the wheel game for a monetary benefit
  • Freebies and deals to entice the audience
  • Crisp headline and a noteworthy copy to stress on the year-long benefits
  • Occupies the left half of the screen and is also mobile-friendly
  • Appears after you flick through the hero image carousel

2. Not Pot

Lead Magnet: Not Pot

What we love:

  • The membership nudge
  • Concise copy to nurture the users on what to expect
  • Flaunts 4 bestsellers to urge the audience to signup
  • Exclusive access and discounts for members

3. Kush Queen

Lead Magnet: Kush Queen

What we love:

  • A wellness plan tailor-made for each visitor along with a monetary benefit
  • Image depicts the context in the lead magnet
  • Crisp copy
  • Interactive CTA
  • The soft decline button to snap out
  • Occupies very minimal space on the window
  • Appears after a few scrolls
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4. Nature of Things

Lead Magnet: Nature of Things

What we love:

  • A minimalist lead magnet
  • Product packaging is depictive of the brand’s essence
  • Simple headline and a crisp copy to give a gist about the brand
  • Occupies minimal space in the window, making it easy to snap out if needed
  • Appears after the first scroll

5. Herb Essentls

Lead Magnet: Herb Essentls

What we love:

  • Urges the audience to learn about the product and its source/benefits before making a purchase
  • A discount code if the visitor decides to take the plunge
  • Crisp headline
  • Appears as a very small overlay on the hero image carousel – doesn’t distract the user
  • Appears after a few scrolls 


1. Fyrn

Lead Magnet: Fyrn

What we love:

  • Monetary benefit in the headline
  • A whopping $100 off on first purchase
  • Caters to both general audience and trade professionals
  • Appears as a small overlay on hero image
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2. Wrightwood Furniture

Lead Magnet: Wrightwood Furniture

What we love:

  • Announces a waitlist for upcoming releases
  • Elegant real-life product image
  • Occupies minimal real estate
  • Simple design and copy

3. Valyou Furniture

Lead Magnet: Valyou Furniture

What we love:

  • Image resonates with the context of the lead magnet
  • Crisp headline
  • Excellent typography
  • Makes the monetary benefit pop at first sight
  • Generous deal
  • Color-bolded CTA

4. Leons

Lead Magnet: Leons

What we love:

  • Invites the visitor for a VIP membership
  • Personalized copy that walks the visitor through the benefits
  • Proposes a $250 gift card as a bonus
  • Urgency nudge – entices the user to sign up right away for the gift card 
  • Simple, mobile-friendly copy

5. Inside Weather

Lead Magnet: Inside Weather

What we love:

  • It uses appreciative language - “build thanks” - and not generic words like “x% off! Enjoy the discount today.” This makes it more relatable for the audience the lead magnet is trying to attract. 
  • The limited period offer creates a sense of scarcity that people respond to very unconsciously. This pushes the idea of the discount a little more than it would have otherwise done.


1. Elfbar 

eCommerce lead magnet: Brand recall

What we love: 

  • The eCommerce lead magnet creates a recall via the brand color for Newsletter
  • The copy creates an enthusiasm via inspiration
  • The white and black background enables readability 


Lead magnet for eCommerce: visual imagery

Why we love:

  • The lead magnet example triggers an impulse urge to act via the metaphor clouds
  • The text-to-image ratio directs our attention to the text without interference 
  • The brand color in the copy creates a visual hierarchy—arranging elements in a certain order to drive attention 

3. Eight Vape 

eCommerce lead magnet design: Curiosity

What we love:

  • The eCommerce lead magnet copy triggers a subconscious urge to act with an exclusive coupon code
  • The image is an accessory to the CTA—evokes curiosity 
  • The graphic image in the left corner is hard to miss

4. Vapor empire 

eCommerce lead magnet ideas: Ask question

What we love:

  • The hero message Vape with Confidence is bold
  • The use of question—triggers a mental reflex creating an impetus to act 
  • The CTA reinforces the power of savings by framing the message differently

5. Inheal 

Top eCommerce lead magnet: Exclusivity

What we love:

  • The lead magnet example creates exclusivity—and nudges users to try premium products
  • The image signifies reciprocity—the tendency to return a favor when offered one
  • The CTA is to the point—conveys the incentive effectively 

6. Smoker’s World 

eCommerce lead magnet example: Community

What we love:

  • The hero message conveys the incentive well via an unconventional font 
  • The use of community creates a sense of belonging


There is no hard and fast rule in creating a lead magnet. You can even go out on a limb and try multiple offers simultaneously. While there are a bazillion amazing lead magnet ideas out there, we have only picked 40 of them. Be open to experimenting with lead magnets – because you might never know what excites the audience. You will crack it before you know it. 

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