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Mother's Day Emails: 20 Amazing Examples (eCommerce)

Looking for inspiration for your upcoming Mother's Day email campaign? We've got 20 amazing examples that might jumpstart your efforts.

Mother's Day Emails: 20 Amazing Examples (eCommerce)

We believe in the old adage, “it’s the intention that counts!” And consumers spent an average of $220 on Mother’s Day in 2022. Woah!            

Last year’s Mother’s Day global spending, to no one’s surprise, reached a record-breaking $31.7 billion–thanks to the extraordinary marketing campaign efforts of brands year on year!

This is getting too commercial, isn’t it?

But this year, our intention is to help marketing teams focus more on connecting with their audience (rather than just selling) in effective ways.   

Of course, you could look back on what you did last year and list down your likes and dislikes. Or you could look at your competitors and jot down some pointers. 

For example, you could look at who your target personas are. Beyond just looking for what kind of gifts moms prefer, it adds more context when you discover who the moms are that get celebrated a lot.

Your email campaigns must target unique lifestyles!              

If you haven’t started planning your mother’s day email campaign already, there’s still time. We’ve put together some amazing mother’s day emails and best practices that might help you jumpstart your efforts.

1. Help them create their own gifts (along with a little something)

Make your subscribers’ lives easier by recommending best-sellers for their moms. Offer product recommendations for all kinds of moms in their lives. 

Some moms wouldn’t like their children to spend a lot. And some would like classy stuff–or even indulgences. 

Gift cards and add-ons: Also, as an icing on the cake, remember to include an add-on gift of your choice! Try to include a gift card with a message of their choice to seal the deal.  

Fashion brand Kate Spade does this very well!

Kate Spade helps shoppers create their own gifts on Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • The free shipping and returns nudge (across the US)
  • The problem statement in the headline is relatable to the audience
  • Includes a set of kid drawings and coloring pens in the background of the hero image to make the shopper feel nostalgic   
  • Category section caters to all audiences–budget (shop under $100 and under), premium customers (classics), frequent shoppers (indulgences)
  • Hero image displays their best-selling product
  • Includes an add-on gift

2. Chalk out your own set of Mother’s Day gifts

Not every shopper deciphers the fashion sense of their loved ones!

In that case, the best idea is to narrow down your target persona and recommend products that suit their lifestyle. 

For example, if a mom loves to wear black for any outdoor gathering, she might need colorful, matching handbags, earrings, and so on.   

J. Crew reinvents their brand with a contextual title. The fashion brand details the contents of the bundle so customers can be certain they’re purchasing a gift that their mother will love.

J Crew curates their own gift guide

Why it works:

  • Addresses a specific category of moms who have a unique fashion sense
  • Product recommendations that suit the narrative   
  • Additional discounts for D-day (available in-store and online)
  • Free shipping and gift wrapping nudge
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3. Do it for a cause!

We honor moms for their selfless efforts throughout the year. 

And brands can return the favor during their Mother’s Day campaign too! If the shopper is a mom themselves, they might feel encouraged to make a purchase for a good cause too.   

Here’s how Tomsone-for-one campaign to contribute to society with every product purchase hits motherhood deep. 

Toms' mother's day email campaign contributes to society

Why it works:

  • Stays on-brand while promoting for a cause  
  • Excellent use of product images in the headline and copy
  • Urges the shopper to make a purchase to raise funds for a cause

4. Offer free shipping 

Sometimes, the best incentive you could give a customer is free shipping. 

But you still need shoppers to approach you on Mother’s Day.   

What could you do if that’s the case?      

Everlane’s free shipping email is as simple as it gets.         

Everlane's free shipping nudge for Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • The “Today-Only: Free 2-Day Shipping” brings out an urgency nudge
  • Offers free shipping, while being realistic & transparent about the timeline
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5. Announce new arrivals in style

Make hay while the sun shines–take full advantage of Mother’s Day to announce the new launch of a product line in the women’s section.  

But how do you make the shopper feel your email is personalized? 

With an “Editors Pick” section of course!

Here’s how Universal Standard does it. 

Universal Standard announces new arrivals in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • Realistic product images 
  • Headline/copy describes the character of the product            
  • Split-screen imagery to demonstrate different views of the product
  • An “Editors Pick” section to personalize the email along with the collage of product images

6. Take retargeting to the next level

If you have been tracking user behavior, Mother’s Day is a great time to promote a product line that resonates with the shopper. 

For example, you could target all the working moms in your subscribers list and recommend a comfy office chair (for all those remote workers) if you own a furniture brand.   

Universal Shopper understands shopper behavior and recommends “must-haves” for all those working moms (who also happen to travel a lot).

Universal Standard's retargeting email for Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • Image depicts an all-purpose apparel for all women 
  • Stresses on the “Made in US” motto of the brand
  • Targets a specific category although the brand caters to moms of all ages 
  • Layered template to make it mobile-friendly
  • Discloses contact information for customer support
  • The free shipping nudge

7. Encourage urgency with countdown timers

Should I use eCommerce countdown timers in emails? The short answer is yes, but they shouldn’t be overused. 

When implemented tactically to compliment an email strategy, countdown timers can see an increase in click-through rate of up to 30%. 

The key when using countdown timers and similar urgency tactics, is that the information should be useful to the shopper, helping them to make their minds up.  

Here’s how Thorntons does it.

Thorntons deploys countdown timers in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • Headline indicates a final reminder email with the “last chance” nudge
  • Creates an urgency nudge by issuing a deadline
  • Countdown timer to avail the offer within the stipulated time
  • Offer applicable both online and in-store
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8. Get creative with your copy

Sometimes, a good wordplay is all you need to send out a strong message on Mother’s Day!

Promoting your bestseller as the “mother” of all does get viewer attention. 

If you recommend products by highlighting their health benefits, moms are most likely to buy from you.   

Here’s how the Californian wine brand Fitvine promotes their low-sugar, vegan, premium wine bottle (keeping diabetic moms in mind).

Fitvine utilizes creativie copy in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • Promotes their best-seller as the mother of all wine to get contextual 
  • Discount and a coupon code with a deadline to create urgency
  • Great use of real estate to display the product
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9. Take the quiz route

If the shopper is spoilt for choices or unsure about what to purchase, it’s time to throw in a quiz for the shopper to get some clarity.

Indulge the shopper with a short series of lifestyle-related questions to make them curious. 

Brilliant Earth does this extremely well by providing a 3-part questionnaire and recommends product categories based on the answers given.

Brilliant earth uses a quiz in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • A one-of-a-kind email that doesn’t include an e-card or a gift guide
  • Although the results are pretty much similar, a quiz will make the shopper feel the recommendations are personalized
  • Recommendations for all combinations of answers

10. Make moms feel young with timeless products

Although the celebration targets a very specific age demographic, you can be timeless with your approach. 

The product recommendations can be crafted in a way that makes all moms feel young.   

Here’s how Steven Alan recommends products that are appropriate for all women, irrespective of age. 

Steven Alan promotes their timeless products in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • Hero image includes a virtual gift card with a “thank you” note to honor all moms
  • Recommends 3 categories of products that are appropriate across generations
  • Creative use of copy–thanks mothers for “carrying them,” “watching over them,” and “tying their shows”

11. Address moms directly (and offer giveaways to their children)

Not everyone is old enough to buy gifts for their moms. 

Target all those aspirational moms who are in the know about the current fashion trends. 

Encourage them to pass on their fashion statement to their kids. 

Women’s fashion brand Shoe Dazzle addresses moms directly and helps the next generation mirror their fashion sense.        

Shoe Dazzle inspires aspirational moms in their Mother's Day email

Why it works:

  • Displays the deal in the headline to promote their new arrivals, while nudging the user to sign up for a VIP membership
  • “#MOMGOALS” supported by “Show your mini-me how it’s done” adds more context and emotions to the realistic image that follows
  • Product recommendations followed by pictures of social media influencers instill trust
  • The $300 giveaway offer
  • A $20 reward for referrals

12. Forget discounts & offers for a bit (and extend your gratitude to all the moms)

Sometimes, a Mother’s day wish can just be a Mother’s day wish (with no expectations from the other side).    

Tuft & Needle, a mattress and bedding brand, shows they care about moms worldwide with simple yet strong advice to all those busy Gen Z’s and millennials out there.

Tuft & Needle sends out a strong message on Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • The “call your mom” campaign during the pandemic urged subscribers to reach out to their moms
  • Copy recognizes the hard work of all moms especially during the tough times
  • A simple campaign with no shopping nudges

13. Give moms a reason to celebrate their preferences

According to Statistic Brain, 36% moms want something handmade as their Mother’s Day gift. 

That should give you some direction!

If you sell homemade apparels, condiments, or even body scrubs for those who love a little pampering, chances are you’re gonna have a rewarding Mother’s Day.   

Allset, a marketplace connecting restaurants and local diners, believes a home-made meal is the best way to celebrate Mother’s day. 

They are ready to help millennials and Gen Z’s with recipes (and something extra) that might bring them closer to their moms.

Allset inspires shoppers to celebrate their mom's preferences

Why it works:

  • A how-to guide on celebrating Mother’s day at home (from a kitchen perspective)
  • Special tip (a gelato or a set of macaroons) along with some flowers to personalize the message 
  • The virtual gathering nudge to extend their gratitude
  • Extra OFF to celebrate Mother’s day better
  • Referral bonus

14. Send them a reminder (along with a gift guide)!

Making people smile is a great gift in itself! It’s also a great way to improve email engagement. 

A relatable yet not-so-subtle reminder about Mother’s Day could make the shopper’s day especially when you humanize the brand. It also comes off as less promotional. 

Jack Spade unleashes its humor sense to engage with their subscribers, while also ensuring that it is in line with their branding. 

Jack Spade sends out a reminder and a gift guide for Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • Witty and relatable copy which is also on-brand
  • Different use of font sizes guides the user to the CTA
  • Email’s header is in line with what the user might find on the website–creating brand familiarity

15. Think of all the moms/friends in the neighborhood too (budget-friendly deals are a huge plus)

If you ever run out of ideas to create the best Mother’s Day email campaign, take a leaf out of Museum Selection’s playbook. 

You could also use this opportunity to encourage your shopper to reach out to their friends/loved ones (who are also moms) with a small gift. 

Ensure your deals are budget-friendly (because the mom at home needs all the attention)!        

The home accessories brand believes that moms in the neighborhood might be expecting a gift too. So, they’ve designed a gift guide that’s quite budget-friendly and small–someone could even drop ‘em off in a letterbox (if they fit). 

Museum Selection reminds shoppers to celebrate their friends and loved ones on Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • The use of lighting in the featured products makes the items pop
  • Simple yet elegant design to depict a budget-friendly gift guide
  • Provides extended returns policy and accepts gift orders
  • Discounts for NHS and emergency workers during the pandemic to extend gratitude

16. Focus on moms-to-be

Instead of going the usual route with moms and grandmas, try to address pregnant women who are going to experience motherhood real soon! 

Do they need your attention? The answer is a resounding yes. A survey by Eric Mower & Associates revealed that close to 60% of pregnant women anticipate a Mother’s Day gift.     

A massage or a gift certificate to a restaurant or a book store might just work well. 

Pai, a skincare brand, promotes a stretch-mark remover for pregnant women. 

Note: If you don’t sell maternity-related products, think about products that might make moms-to-be’s lives easier and include them in your campaign.

Pai celebrates all the moms-to-be on Mother's Day

Why it works:

  • The brand celebrates moms-to-be day just like mother’s day to instill a sense of inclusivity
  • Has something to cater to all kinds of sensitive skin types
  • The subject line “On your marks” makes for a clever wordplay

17. Make their day with tickets to an event

Not all moms would expect the usual suspects when it comes to Mother’s Day! 

Some moms prefer concerts, sports, or even plays. 

It’s all about finding the common ground!

If you own a food or entertainment brand, dish out a meal-for-2 pizza deal or provide discounts for movie tickets.    

Entertainment brand SeatGeek recognizes the different interests of a family and steers their campaign based on common ground.

SeatGeek encourages shoppers to buy tickets to a show on Mother's Days

Why it works:

  • A simple copy with a GIF of an SMS convo (unlike most others) making it interactive for the user
  • Personalized headline to purchase tickets to a show that both of them love

18. Send an email with laggards in mind

Procrastination is a huge bummer and brands need to come up with innovative ideas to address them. 

Ensure you have products that are ready-to-ship and delivered the same day or the next. This might convince last minute shoppers to purchase from you, especially if your brand is as good as Miadonna

The brand writes their email content in a light-hearted and casual way to make the users action it as quickly as possible.

Miadonna's Mother's Day email s targeted to the procrastinators

Why it works:

  • Displays a sense of urgency while being empathetic
  • The “ready-to-ship” products promotion works well for both procrastinators and people who celebrate Mother’s Day virtually
  • “Order by noon today” entices the user to action it right away

19. Sell products that are as hardworking as moms

Including gift ideas in an innovative way is always great. But how do you help shoppers find the right gift? 

Matching a product to a person is an art in itself. To execute the strategy, educate your shoppers about the value-adds your products can bring and highlight them in your email copy.  

We all know how productive and multitasking moms can be. Apple draws parallels with moms through high-performance products that they can use for various purposes.

Apple's mother's day email focuses on the product benefits

Why it works:

  • Image-heavy design filled with colorful whitespace
  • Vivid images depict its applications/modes of usage
  • Helps the user match products with the persona through a rundown of uses and benefits
  • Free two-day delivery nudge (immediate pickup at an Apple store)
  • Special finance plans to win rewards

20. Give them the option to opt out of Mother’s Day emails

Mother’s Day might not be a joyous occasion for all the shoppers out there. 

A Mother’s Day opt out email campaign is a testament to the customer-first approach. 

FreeFly Apparel’s simple yet sensitive messaging puts the ball in the shopper’s court to do the deeds.

FreeFly Apparel gives shoppers an option to unsubscribe to Mother's Day emails

Why it works:

  • Customer-first tone and messaging
  • Single-click opt out options for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day emails
  • Highlights the brand’s commitment to only sharing content that resonates with their shoppers

Wrapping Up

Designing a well-crafted email campaign must be as hard as finding the perfect gift for moms. It’s our hope that our roundup of some amazing Mother’s Day email campaign examples inspires you to get your own creative juice flowing. 

It’s time to jump in and start planning. Remember, the sooner you begin your email campaigns, the better. Get ahead of your competition and start rolling out your best deals.

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