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Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear SEO? Yes, It’s the KEYWORDS. Keywords really help the search engines to provide relevant content to visitors and what they are looking for. Appropriate Keyword selection and utilization play an important role for any business to get more traffic and visibility. This is where the role of long-tail keywords comes into play. Long-tail keywords as the name suggests are long words that are specific in nature. They might not bring huge traffic because of their specific nature but they help in better conversions. For example,” protein powder for muscle growth” is more specific than “protein powder” and helps the user get more relevant results.

Why are long-tail keywords important for SEO?

  • The long-tail keyword has a lot less competition.
  • They have high conversion rates

How to find long-tail keywords?

  1. “Searches related to..” is your gold mine-  You might have noticed the “searches related to..” section at the bottom of the google search results. This is where you can find the long-tail keywords that you can use. For example, when you type protein powder in the search bar, on scrolling down you’ll find long-tail keywords related to it such as- best protein powder for weight loss, weight gain, etc.
  1. Forums and discussions- When your topic is a part of a discussion somewhere, you can easily find out what people are interested to know about. You can look out for forums and boards for your keyword where hundreds of people ask and answer questions. Once you find an active board or forum, you can pick the titles as your long-tail keyword. 

Pro tip- To find a forum, you can type something like “keyword” + forum. For example, you can search for the Protein powder forum.

  1. Google Autocomplete- Google autocomplete is one of the best ways to find long-tail keywords because it does the best job. You just have to type a word and it will automatically give you suggestions based on what’s trending.
  1. “People also ask” section- You might have also noticed the “people also ask” section in your google search results. We’ll this is another gold mine for you as you can dig here and pick out the best long-tail keywords based on what people want to know. For example- For the keyword protein powder, people also ask questions like “Is it good for you?” or “ does it have any side effects?”
  1. Quora- Quora is an extremely popular Q&A site. Here the responses are actually helpful and are viewed by a wider audience. So after logging in, you can type a keyword and Quora will give you a list of the most popular questions on that topic. You can then decide on the best long-tail keyword from the list. For example, when you search for baking recipes on Quora, you get questions like “ baking without eggs'' or “substitute for canola oil in the baking recipe”.
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