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Best-Performing Holiday Email Templates for eCommerce (+ Brand Examples)

The holidays are just around the corner, and your email strategy game needs to be top notch for it—here are some of the most converting templates & examples for quick inspiration!

Best-Performing Holiday Email Templates for eCommerce (+ Brand Examples)

Considering 92% of shoppers do their shopping online during the holidays, it’s your opportunity as an eCommerce business to ramp up your email strategy. 

As it is, emails have the advantage of a massive ROI—and when made part of your holiday marketing strategy, they’re known to be responsible for 20% of all online visits. 

To leverage these strengths, we’ve decided to compile inspiring and impactful aspects of a solid holiday email strategy—in this piece, we’ll cover: 

25 holiday email templates for inspiration in 2023

5 holiday *mood based* templates for 2023

20 holiday email examples worth copying

15 holiday email subject lines for better impact

25 holiday email templates for inspiration in 2023

As Christmas and New Year approach, the typical eCommerce email calendar also sees a host of other important dates to leverage—here are templates we’ll be using across the most important dates during the holiday season in 2023: 

For Christmas Eve

Christmas holiday emails are naturally favorites of eCommerce stores, but some strategically place greater importance on running their best sales before the big day hits—here are a few holiday email templates if you’re looking to do just that: 


Get what you want—by Christmas! 

We’re announcing priority shipping on our bestselling categories for a small additional fee. Get to your faves before they vanish!

bestseller 1  bestseller 2  bestseller 3  bestseller 4

<Start Shopping Already>

Tip: To create a deeper impact, flank your bestseller products with snippets from customer reviews—just makes it more convincing!


Gifts for each personality you know

‘Tis that time of the year when nothing means more than the gits you give. We’ve curated something for every kind of person you know and love—shop through this email and get 30% off on featured categories. 

gifts for the last-minuter   gifts for the geek   gifts for the party animal    gifts for the foodie

<Shop the Full Sale>


Early Access to Keep You Warm *Pre-Christmas* - additional 20% off

You’re seeing this because you’ve been a top customer. And we wanted to greet you with an additional discount on our Big Christmas 60% Sale coming up! *All bestsellers covered*

<Get a Peek!>

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For New Year’s Eve

The reason why New Year’s Eve is such a big window of opportunity in eCommerce is because it sits wedged between a year ending and another beginning—no wonder it’s stated as one of the best days to buy in 2023. 


The best of the best, before it ends!

It’s new year’s eve and we’re running the big sale on 2023’s bestsellers @ a whopping 70% off. Grab ‘em before they’re gone—sale’s on JUST TODAY!

<Shop the sale>


Too good to end—NOW EXTENDED!

We couldn’t possibly let the 50% sale end with a good year—so we’re extending it into another one! Use code EXTEND24 at checkout. 

<Get it now>


The holidays can end. Our sale won’t. 

*Last 5 days*

Still shopping for gifts? Then this is your chance to get a flat 60% off on our holiday gift guide—it’s almost over. *email exclusive*

<Shop gifts>

For Hanukkah

While unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah isn’t as big a deal, there’s nothing stopping you from sneaking in and making the offers roll at a time other businesses are less active—here are a few holiday email templates to help you do that: 


8 great deals for 8 days—Hanukkah Special!

Get ready for the best offers for the next 8 days, starting today! Everyday, a deal you wouldn’t have expected—customized just for you and featuring recommendations you’ll love!

(introduce calendar, highlighting the day and the deal)

<Shop today’s deal>


Happy Hanukkah from Our Founder

Dear (insert customer name), it has been nothing short of a miracle knowing that you love our brand. It’s because of people like you that we’re able to thrive. I want to take this opportunity to let you in on a preview event we’re hosting online to launch a *brand new* product on the final day of Hanukkah. You’re not just invited but also eligible for a 20% discount on the purchase when the product is live. You can click on the button below to enter the preview event on (insert date and time). Wishing you a memorable Hanukkah and the best times through the rest of the holiday season. 


(enter founder’s name)



Gifts for Everyone, for a steal! *Happy Hanukkah*

Since you’re thrilled to brig everyone to the table, we’re thrilled to help you pick some great gifts. 

Shop our Hanukkah gift guide and save a neat 30% off on every item. *Email Exclusive Offer only for this weekend*

<Shop the guide>

For Free Shipping Day

What began as a day to extend the online shopping season in 2008, is now a day that competes with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in terms of online footfalls—here are a few holiday email templates that’ll help you leverage this event: 


Nothing FREE SHIPPING can’t solve!

Especially when there are no minimum thresholds for it—we’ve brought you categories that you’d love to browse & buy from 

<category 1>   <category 2>  <category 3> 


HURRY! Free Shipping will be over soon.

Too bad it doesn’t come everyday—but free shipping is on for today. Make the most of it by buying for at least $150. 

<Gimme Free>


FREE SHIPPING DAY’S HERE *all orders, no minimum*

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. It’s what you need to make the most of. Use code FREESHIP at checkout. 

<Shop ASAP>

For Boxing Day

What was originally meant to be a gifting day from the rich to the poor, is now an extension of the shopping spree people go after before and during Christmas—given that Boxing Day is celebrated just a day after Christmas. For shoppers who’re still to buy Christmas gifts and goodies but are late, Boxing Day email offers are often the perfect catch!


Ready for the Boxing 40% off Party?

We know, we know, the Christmas fever still rages—which is why it’s best to swing into action! 

Use code BOXING40 at checkout. 

<Get Set Shop>


The BIG Boxing Sale 

50% off when you buy 4   30% off when you buy 3    20% off when you buy 1

<Hit It>


100+ Amazing Deals this Boxing Day

Still shopping? It’s a good thing because we have a variety of discounts—from BOGO to Make Your Own Bundle at 50% off! 

<Get Shopping>

For Thanksgiving

Once the holiday season warms up (as winter dawns—seriously how paradoxical can it get?) and it’s time for Thanksgiving, most shoppers are riding high on the feeling of gratitude. Here are four templates that will help you leverage that and nurture your customer lifetime value


Thanks to you, we’re doing something amazing!

Support from customers like you have ensured we’re able to support <cause name> for the last 5 years. It’s that time of the year to pay-it-forward in a bigger way—and we need your help. Buy from our Thanksgiving Essentials and we’ll forward 60% off each sale toward the cause. 

<Here’s my support>


Say Thanks @50% off

Since you’ve got to say thanks to a bunch of people, we thought we’d say thanks to you with an exclusive 50% discount. Shop through this email and apply code THANKS2GIFTS at checkout.

<Shop Thanksgiving Gifts>


It’s Friends & Family Time, this Thanksgiving—@70% off 

Everyone we love should have a seat at this Thanksgiving sale! Get your favorites into the cart & to get that 70% off, invite any three friends who’d love to shop the sale. 

<Buy & Invite>


It’s a Thanksgiving Celebration right here! 60% OFF!

We’re saying thanks by putting our best selling categories on a steep sale—buy for more than $200 and get eligible for this 60% discount

<best selling category 1>  <best selling category 2>  <best selling category 3>  <best selling category 4>

Tip: Limit your categories to three or maximum four because choice paralysis is a real dampener when it comes to conversions!

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Given that at least 88% of shoppers plan to spend time comparing deals during Black Friday Cyber Monday, it’s well worth the effort to make your holiday emails for this time more compelling. 


*Email Exclusive* Additional 20% off on our BIG BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Yeah you read that right! It’s you for a good reason! Go ahead buy and use code BLACK20 at checkout. 

<Get More For Less>


It’s a Cyber Monday Surprise!

<What’s the deal?>


The BLACK FRIDAY SALE starts NOW! 70% OFF on *select* items

It won’t get bigger than this. Leave whatever you’re doing and SHOP! 

(insert countdown timer)

<Get Set Go!>


One Day Cyber Monday Bonanza! *70% OFF*

Styles you’ve been browsing, categories you’ve been eyeing—all at 70% off only for today!

Discount applies at checkout when you shop through this email. 

<Claim it!>

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For International Men’s Day

Especially if you run an eCommerce business in the space of health & wellness, fitness, beer or clothing, International Men’s Day becomes the perfect reason to send out an email that’ll help you get conversions. 

Here are two templates you can take your pick from:


This International Men’s Day, Get What You Deserve

Hello  <insert customer name>, we wanted to appreciate you on a day that’s reserved for your kind for all the right reasons. We’ll take this opportunity to curate a list of personalized recommendations that you can buy at an exclusive 60% off—only for today

<product recommendation 1>  <product recommendation 2>  <product recommendation 3>

Tip: Ensure each product recommendation comes with a thumbnail image, is clickable, shows the price drop and carries a unique value as description. 


It’s a no-sweat International Men’s Day @50% off!

Been resisting the urge to splurge on a great experience? Here are a few bundle recommendations that’ll change it for you—each one @50% off the original price. 

<Bundle 1>   <Bundle 2>  <Bundle 3>

Tip: It’s always a good idea to offer a combined CTA that’ll let them add all recommendations to cart through a single CTA. Here are a few ways to label it: 

Add all to bag

Grab ‘em all

Steal the full deal

5 holiday *mood based* templates for 2023

#Template 1—to drive a sense of “exclusivity” 

It’s Holiday Appreciation Week!

For all the great things you helped us do, we want to thank you not just in words but also through some great offers—for ONE WHOLE WEEK. Expect an email from us everyday at <enter time>. Check back to see what surprise we have in store for you!

<Check out Today’s Offer>

#Template 2—to convey the feeling of “inclusion”

The Year That Was, Was Because of You

Dear <insert customer name>

I could go on and on about how your continued support has helped us make a difference as a brand. However, I’ll just pause and say “thank you” and “you’re loved.” Your inspiring tastes have made us aim at better products and experiences—and we have some surprises lined up for the early part of the coming year. Until then, I wish you and yours on behalf of the whole team a heart-filled and wholesome holiday!

Template 3—to make them feel “important”

Happy holidays <insert name>, we know what you want! 

We don’t wanna bombard you with gift guides and seasonal recommendations. 

Instead, we just want you to have a “gift of choice” you can give forward. 

Our $500 value e-gift cards, now just $200 for you. 

<Start gifting>

#Template 4—to communicate a sense of “growth”

Holiday Trend Report for 2023

You belong among our X% customers to have contributed to Y% of our holiday sales so far this year. Thank you for being a part of the <brand name> family and helping us do better. 

<Here’s a reward>

#Template 5—to help them “sit back and relax”

Happy Holidays from Team <enter brand name>

(insert image of person leaning back on a beach or at a resort)

Dear <insert customer name>, thanks to you, the past year has been incredibly memorable. We know we could entice you with another sale, but maybe another day. Here’s wishing you a great holiday and the biggest chill of the year!

<Check season’s specials anyway>

20 holiday email examples worth copying

Once holiday season officially begins to roll in from end of October, multiple eCommerce stores do a phenomenal job of catching the festive spirit for conversions—here’s a look at 20 of our favorites:

1. Levi’s 

levis holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

The powerful headline instantly connects with the target audience, and convinces them to buy for the holiday season. The discount % taking centerstage wins more brownie points. 

2. Rifle Paper Co. 

rifle paper co holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Making a holiday email about ONE relevant hero product isn’t a mean feat—but Rifle Paper Co. shows us how to do it without appearing pushy!

3. Terrain

Why it works: 

Apart from great discounts and flash sales, the holiday season is about giving shoppers more choice—making your holiday email about e-gift cards does just that. 

4. Kate Spade

kate spade best holiday email example

Why it works: 

Many eCommerce stores only dream of bringing alive a single category so powerfully in their holiday email marketing—Kate Spade shows the way both in terms of minimalism in design and evocativeness of copy. 

5. J. Crew

j crew inspiring holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

This holiday email example tells us how naming your holiday sale in a memorable way is half the battle won—J. Crew’s design aesthetic makes the communication stand out even more. 

6. Rudsak

rudsak holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Your holiday email marketing strategy can thrive with the right extensions at the right time—Rudsak shows us how something like this can be communicated and made to look even desirable. 

7. Jonathan Adler

jonathan adler holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

If you’re beating other eCommerce businesses to announcing your holiday sales earlier, then you’ve got to do what Jonathan Adler does here—call it out that you’re giving your customers a “head start!”

8. Ben Sherman

ben sherman holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Urgency is staple to eCommerce sales in the holiday season—but how you create it decides how impactful it is on conversions. Ben Sherman keeps it light and direct by just declaring their “last holiday delivery date.” No pushiness, no forcing. 

9. Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs holiday email inspiration ecommerce

Why it works: 

Play is a big part of the holidays and to bring it in to highlight a material or category is a great idea—Marc Jacobs totally aces this holiday email template. 

10. H&M

Why it works: 

Positioning your products as last-minute gifts just offers more ideas to shoppers for browsing around—add a great offer to it and many of them are sure to convert. 

11. Teavana

teavana holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Teavana displays how bestsellers can be showcased as wishlistables, and better still data curated from actual wishlists to show a different list to a different target audience—gold!

12. Whistlefish 

whistlefish holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Yes, lots of holiday email examples carry a unique code for shoppers to enter, but few gamify the journey as well as Whistlefish does—keeping the shopper’s interest intact right up to the “my bag” page. 

13. Boden 

boden holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

The name personalization compounded by that countdown timer is everything a shopper really needs in the moment to buy and checkout!

14. Wet Seal

wet seal holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

This holiday email example is good for a rainy day (or shall we say snowy day?), given that the holiday season drives heavy traffic to eCommerce stores—use this for your email subscribers if you have traffic-related issues in your store. 

15. Alex and Ani

alex and ani holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

This is a great holiday email template for the reminder that conversions aren’t everything in the holiday season—great engagement from your brand can also guide shoppers to contribute to a cause or fund you support!

16. Anthropologie

anthropologie holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Holiday season is clearly party season—and Anthropologie leverages this by pulling out categories that feature products for “host & hostess gifts”. A great one to copy!

17. Accessorize

accessorize holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

Budget-driven holiday emails are great because they catch the attention of various customer segments—this Accessorize holiday email shows you how to bring in pricing categories while highlighting some of your best seasonal products for shoppers to get excited by. 

18. Sass & Bide

Why it works: 

A great headline, a simple CTA and all the major categories that your eCommerce features even otherwise—what’s not to love about holiday emails that read like this one by Sass & Bide?

19. Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown holiday email example ecommerce

Why it works: 

All the reminders in one place about what makes Bobbi Brown such a great brand—be it “free shipping on all orders” or brand promises at the bottom with icons as highlights. 

20. Loeffler Randall

loeffler randall holiday email ecommerce example

Why it works: 

With this holiday email template, Loeffler Randall manages to highlight a hero product and position it as a last-minute gift to oneself or even friends & family—amplified by a bold GIF treatment. 

15 holiday email subject lines for better impact 

1. Our LIMITED TIME holiday gift guide is here!

2. The BIG Christmas Sale will start in a day—stay tuned

3. ‘Tis time to stuff your stockings!

4. Need your PERFECT GIFT by the holidays?

5. Hey <insert customer name> ready for some holiday mystery shopping?

6. Dear <insert customer name>, here’s something for holiday cheer

7. Are you ready to gift what sparks this Christmas?

8. FREE SHIPPING is NOW, HERE until stocks last

9. An EXCLUSIVE offer for the best time of the year

10. Because you’re hosting this Thanksgiving—30% OFF!

11. Hey <insert customer name>, ready to find the perfect gift?

12. Gifts for him, Gifts for Her—Get it all HERE

13. This Holiday, <enter brand name> has THESE in store for you

14. Something big & bright is coming tomorrow!

15. Check out your ideal holiday wishlist 

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