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Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to a type of SEO (Search engine optimization) tool that is used to enhance the rank of a page, much like On-Page Optimization.

But, in this case, the tactics and steps employed to boost rank (and hence traffic) do not include working on the actual website page.

Ranking through off-page optimization is a long-term process, but it is as important as on-page optimization. Both serve as two wheels that drive rank and visitors to your page!

To sum up, the more people direct Google bots to your website (through links), the more Google will value your page and expose it to a broader audience. In marketing terms, it is equal to 'word of mouth.'

Is it all Links?

No way, this is one of the most misleading assumptions that people have with off-page SEO. It does involve a lot of links! But Off-Page SEO is more than hyperlinks!

Several elements are involved in Off-Page SEO, but it may be divided into two categories:

  1. Link-related Off-page SEO: It has three main types of links, natural links, manually created links, self-created links (Anchor text).
  1. Non Link related Off-page SEO: It contains all the off-page SEO tactics that do not have links as a primary tool. It may be done by, social media marketing, guest blogging, linked or unlinked brand mentions, influencer marketing are some of its types.

This is Why You Need Off-Page Optimization!

Off-Page optimization assists your page (website) in three ways:

Creates brand awareness in the market

You need to have a robust Off-page SEO to aware people of your brand’s existence. The easiest way to create awareness is by using social media specific to your ideal audience. E.g., For a B2B brand, you have to focus on your LinkedIn profile since business people spend their time on Linkedin.  For a B2C, you have to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc.

Builds your Brand Authority

When you have quality inbound links directed to your page, google increases your domain authority or page authority. This in turn increases your brand authority in the market. This means your new posts will also rank in the Google search timeline quickly. 

Helps you Rank On Search Engines

The ranking is a prime factor when it comes to traffic. By far, you must have understood its importance and the complexity of the process. When you do proper Off-page SEO, over some time, it brings traffic to your page by boosting its rank.

Off-page SEO can be said as the backbone in increasing your brand authority (i.e., to look good in Google’s eye). And when done correctly with time, it brings traffic (passively) to your page and website.

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