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Mobile Cart Page: 17 Brilliant Examples (& Why They Work)

The one thing that can top a well made website? An optimized cart page. Here’s how 17 brilliant brands do it.

Mobile Cart Page: 17 Brilliant Examples (& Why They Work)

You’ve done it — you’ve got killer landing pages, great sales strategies, a fully optimized website, and an efficient funnel.

YET customers are still abandoning their carts.

Why? Chances are your cart page could be better.

Your cart page is your customers’ primary visual interaction with your brand: it’s the make-it-or-break-it point.

So, it helps if all bases are covered.

Here are 17 brilliant examples for you to be inspired by.

17 Brilliant Shopping Cart Page Design Examples (Mobile)

1. Quip - Quippin’ It Classy

A brand dedicated to helping people improve their oral health, Quip is known for its economical and efficient range of oral care products.

Quip - Quippin’ It Classy

When you take a look at this cart page from Quip, what immediately strikes you is the lack of noise. The entire page has a clean, minimal look designed to offer all the information you need to make your final decision.

Make It Yours:

  • Like Quip has managed here, ensure your shopping cart page has a branded appeal resonant with your brand language
  • Be sure to include functional CTAs such as Shop Now, Checkout, as well as a breakdown of everything that’s included in the pricing.

2. Flo Living - Be Comprehensive

A healthcare brand, Flo is dedicated to improving the lives of women with nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle management. 

Flo Living - Be Comprehensive

In line with their holistic approach, Flo’s shopping cart page is just as comprehensive. It offers a lot of information (right from subscription to update cart options).

At the same time, it does not overwhelm the user, the page is still functional, and you are more likely to feel comfortable moving to check out.

Make It Yours:

  • Look at multiple options at a major plus point. When you offer several options to your customers, you’re more likely to have something for everyone.
  • It would also be advisable to include ‘Update Cart’ and ‘Continue Shopping’ nudges in a bid to improve average order value (AOV).

3. Hint - Have Subtle Hints

Hint is a company that has shaped its brand around the fun nature of their low-calorie, no sugar, flavored water.

Hint - Have Subtle Hints

Hint’s cart page is a very neat way of placing subtle psychological triggers and nudges among the cart page without ever being too pushy.

That’s exactly what great design helps you achieve: all of the nudges are in blue & don’t take much attention, so they look as if they’re a natural part of that page.

Make It Yours:

  • We love the one case - two cases - three cases scale that indicates the progress for free shipping. Why? Because it works. With a nudge like this, customers are more likely to opt for a higher order value to avail of free shipping. Look into your cart page & see how you can implement something similar.
  • You may also want to hint at your loyalty program like Hint does here. Having such a nudge right on the cart page is a great way to boost awareness of the program.
  • The side pop-up for a cart page has recently been gaining traction, so you could look into enabling this for your website.

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4. BootyBands - Build A Bond

A holistic fitness company, BootyBands offers comprehensive programs as well as a range of products to aid the journey.

BootyBands - Build A Bond

The BootyBands shopping cart page uses a clever visual hierarchy that guides you through each step effortlessly. They have discounts, EMI options, a checkout nudge, and even a free gift. 

What we especially love are the trust seals at the bottom that capture the essence of the entire brand. 

Make It Yours:

  • A free gift is something that incentivizes a lot of customers. By offering this at a value that is slightly above your AOV, you may be able to even improve your overall revenue.
  • You may also want to look into including trust seals right on the cart page. They’re a great way to build a connection with the target audience while also reinforcing your brand values.

5. MeUndies - Play The Game Well

Known for making “the world’s most comfortable underwear”, MeUndies is known for its fun, fresh, and conversational brand language.

MeUndies - Play The Game Well

This is an effective use of the cart page that helps to persuade customers to make a purchase and even increase the AOV.

There are a few key things that stand out: prominent ‘Free Shipping & Returns’ nudge at the top of the page, ‘Complete the Look’ upsell nudge, editable cart, etc.

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Make It Yours:

  • If you are offering free shipping and seamless returns, show that off. That’ll certainly encourage customers to make a purchase.
  • An incredible upsell nudge is one that is tailored to fit each customer. By incorporating personalized recommendations right on the cart page, you may be able to convince customers to opt for a better deal.

6. Bonobos - Enable Guest Checkout

Bonobos is an apparel brand that offers clothing and accessories for men. They’re seen as a frontrunner in the mens’ fashion world and are highly sought after for their fit and material.

Bonobos - Enable Guest Checkout

This shopping cart page by Bonobos is designed keeping one thing in mind: customer convenience. Every element is designed to offer ease of use, especially the guest checkout.

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Make It Yours:

  • Guest checkout & one-page checkouts go a long way with customers. You may want to look into how you can bring these to your own website.
  • With more brands adopting alternative financing options, you may want to consider offering EMI options that can benefit a wide range of customers.

7. Nine West - Be Upfront & Transparent

As an apparel brand, Nine West is known for its business casual attire and footwear for women.

Nine West - Be Upfront & Transparent

Nine West is a premium brand and their clientele are those that have higher spending power. Such customers like being reassured that their order will be a success, their details won’t be misused, and their data is safe.

Nine West accommodates all those concerns with some handy elements spread across the page: terms and policies, guest checkout, etc.

Make It Yours:

  • With payment apps becoming an integral part of our lives, letting customers checkout with AmazonPay, GPay, etc. goes a long way in improving the customer experience.
  • It’s also a great idea to include terms and conditions as well as privacy policy, returns & exchange, etc right on the cart page. Keeps the user reassured.

8. Target - Tailor The Elements

One of the biggest retailers in the US, Target is also widely regarded as one of the big players in the eCommerce market.

Target - Tailor The Elements

The Target cart page is simple: they have a subtotal, a detailed product description, delivery / pick-up options, and a price breakdown. Considering their target audience, this works perfectly for the brand.

Make It Yours:

  • Above all, your customers need to be able to understand your cart page. By tailoring the various elements to fit their needs, you may be able to improve the overall experience.
  • If you do have an offline outlet, you may want to consider pick-up options. For customers living nearby, they turn out to be a more time-efficient solution.

9. eBay - Simplicity is Key

Standing among the frontrunners on the eCommerce market, eBay has helped connect several sellers and buyers.

eBay - Simplicity is Key

Similar to Target, the eBay shopping cart page is a no-BS approach to a page that offers all the details. It’s also a cool idea to include the seller details right on the top so customers can read through reviews and make their decision wisely.

Make It Yours:

  • Sometimes, simplicity is key. You don’t need to go all out & be creative. If a simple design offering all the information does a better job, that’s all you need.
  • We also love the ‘Sign In’ nudge. It’s a great way to get customers to sign up without pressuring them into it. By allowing guest checkout and offering cool features for signing in, you’re meeting the sweet spot.

10. GODIVA - Optimize the Branded Appeal

A Belgian chocolatier, Godiva is known for its range of premium, delectable chocolates and confectionary such as pralines, truffles, etc.

GODIVA - Optimize the Branded Appeal

Their shopping cart page reflects their design aesthetic and almost reminds you of their desserts. When you look at this page, you can immediately relate it to the brand, building a strong brand appeal. 

Make It Yours:

  • The ‘You May Also Like’ section right below the Checkout is a great way to add an upsell nudge without deviating from the point of the page: completing checkout.
  • We also love how the cart page has important sections on customer service, contact information, etc. When you have a slightly more high-end brand, having such sections can really make a difference.
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11. Brilliant Earth - Build Trust

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry brand committed to the pursuit of conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced fine jewelry. 

Brilliant Earth - Build Trust

They use clever tactics to build trust as well as bag good deals on their cart page. How? The subtle placement of ‘Only One Available’, ‘In Another User’s Bag’, ‘Free Shipping & 30 Day Return’, and even the detailed description of their products.

Make It Yours:

  • If it’s relevant to your brand, make product descriptions as detailed as they can be. Remember: the cart page is what customers use to review information, so having all the info counts.
  • Be clever with your nudges. You don’t have to go all out, sometimes a subtle nudge with a great placement works better.
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12. Marc Jacobs - Prioritize Convenience

A luxury fashion house, the brand Marc Jacobs is seen as a frontrunner on fashion trends lending its designs as inspiration to many others.

Marc Jacobs - Prioritize Convenience

The Marc Jacobs shopping cart page is a classic. They’ve done all the selling, so they’re using this page only to seal the deal — and they’re doing it the best way they can.

Make It Yours:

  • Take a note from their product description - the image is larger in size, the details are clearly mentioned, and you can remove something if you’re no longer interested.
  • We also love their PayPal checkout, which is something we think all brands can benefit from.

13. MVMT - Have Clever Placements

MVMT stands for three things: luxury watches, stylish designs, and economical pricing. Their watches are highly sought after, especially for those looking to dress a contemporary wardrobe.

MVMT - Have Clever Placements

At first glance, you’ll realize that the MVMT page is designed to improve the customer experience, get users to check out, and increase AOV.

Make It Yours:

  • Look into a fun yet clever placement for your upsell nudge, which almost makes it an experience for the customers and something they’d have fun engaging with.
  • You may also want to look into an editable cart. Similar to what MVMT has here by being able to edit the quantity, you can look into editable options for size, quantity, color, etc.

14. HMM Project - Less is More

Known for its work in sustainability, HMM Project is widely recognized for its recycled merchandise, sturdy products, and sophisticated designs.

HMM Project - Less is More

Their cart page has just three things: product details, a nudge to increase order value for free shipping, and checkout options. And we love it.

Make It Yours:

  • Being able to create a cart page with the bare minimum details and yet drive customers to checkout is a skill. If it works for you, it’s certainly something worth looking into.
  • It is also important to ensure that the design of your cart page is clean & minimal. The one thing you don’t need here is clutter.
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15. YOOX - Have Fun With It

An eCommerce fashion hub for designer apparel, YOOX is “where fashion happens”.

YOOX - Have Fun With It

Their cart page certainly reflects that. With a page that’s full of color, YOOX successfully manages to build their apparel buying process into an experience that’s meant to be savored.

Make It Yours:

  • You may also want to look into including your Checkout nudge right at the top, to build on the excitement and the speed with which eCommerce orders generally take place.
  • A lot of eCommerce orders also take place as gifts, so you may want to consider offering gifting options with your own personalized wrapping thereby building a strong brand recall. 

16. Toobydoo -  Sometimes, Classic Wins

Known for its contemporary designs, Toobydoo is a brand that offers economical and comfortable apparel for babies as well as little children.

Toobydoo -  Sometimes, Classic Wins

Their shopping cart page holds all the classic elements while bringing their own brand appeal into it. Everything from the product description to the Checkout nudge is their take on the classic cart page design.

Make It Yours:

  • There’s a reason some elements are a classic. It’s good to incorporate a mix of these as well as some more high-intent or characteristic elements that will bring value to your customers.
  • It also helps to have your contact information displayed prominently. This will ease all the last-minute concerns that customers may have.
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17. Warby Parker - Know Your Audience

A popular retailer, Warby Parker offers high-quality eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eye exams at economical prices and great deals.

Warby Parker - Know Your Audience

The Warby Parker shopping cart page design is as premium as the brand itself. It presents an experience waiting to be explored, complete with detailed product information, upsell & cross-sell nudges, and all website information links customers could require.

Make It Yours:

  • You may not realize this, but design goes a long way in building customer loyalty. When a person appreciates the design of a page or even a website, they’re more likely to purchase something. So, optimize your design to fit your customers — meet their standards with your visual quality.
  • Spread it out. Cluttered spaces really make an impact, well-organized ones do. When you optimize your layout to represent each element, your cart page will likely have a better impression on your visitors.

When we look at these shopping cart page designs, we see similar elements across them, but the most important is responsiveness.

Responsive design is important — especially in eCommerce with a large chunk of customers coming in through devices like mobiles and laptops.

It helps to prepare for them. In fact, 73.1% of web designers attribute a non-responsive website as a major reason for customers dropping off.

So, keep it simple. Optimize for mobile & throw in high-intent elements that help build a smooth experience.

Remember a good cart page is two things: intuitive and seamless.

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