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15 Brilliant (Non-Intrusive) Mobile Pop-up Examples In eCommerce

Create mobile pop-ups that don't turn off visitors. Check out 15 non-intrusive mobile pop-ups you will love.

15 Brilliant (Non-Intrusive) Mobile Pop-up Examples In eCommerce

Mobile pop-ups have a 40% higher engagement rate than desktops.Ā 

But at the same time, many of them hinder the shopping experience. They are intrusive. The text overlaps. Sizing is inconsistent. Blurred backgrounds. You get the gist.Ā 

And then there are some really good ones: here are 15 examples of non-intrusive mobile pop-ups.Ā Ā 

15 (Least Annoying) Mobile Pop-Up Examples

1. Welcome using your value proposition

Elysium maintains consistency in its value proposition across the site.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup example: Value proposition

Trigger: On two scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

The pop-up conveys the benefit and backs it up with authority.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Trigger your mobile pop-ups between 5-8 seconds after scrolling.Ā 

2. Convert first-time visitors without annoyingĀ 

Glowrecipe nails this non-intrusive pop-up by sticking to a single form field.

Non-intrusive mobile popup example: Single field

Trigger: After 2 scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

Single form-field and Yes/No flip CTAsā€”gets more first-time shoppers to engage.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Using a prompt in your pop-up field can elicit more conversions.Ā 

3. Encourage app adoptionĀ 

Lush encourages app downloads on checkout.

Non-intrusive mobile popups: app download at checkout

Trigger: On checkoutĀ 

Why we love it

The pop-up appears during checkoutā€”offering a faster checkout experience.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Offer a compelling incentive such as a better in-store experience, exclusive offers, and loyalty rewards to encourage app adoption.

4. Simplify personalization

Savor Beauty brings forth membership benefits via personalization.

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Simplify personalization

Trigger: After 8-9 scrollsĀ 

Why we love it

Allows customers to select their preferencesā€”makes personalization easier.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Stick to a single form field in your mobile pop-ups for first-time visitors.Ā 

5. Use your incentives as hooksĀ 

Reitmans uses incentivesā€”an anchor to draw visitors.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Carousel

Trigger: On clickĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

The carousel helps UXā€”an alternative to endless scrolling.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

When using an on-click pop-up, use a shiny hologram to direct the userā€™s attention.Ā 

6. Create aspirational appeal

Garmentory creates aspirational appeal asking users to claim $10 off to shop with confidence.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Aspirational appeal

Trigger: On 2-3 scrollsĀ 

Why we love it

The copy provides instant impetus for action.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Always keep your CTA between 2 to 5 words. Even better, find the average word length that has brought you conversions.Ā 

7.Ā  Maintain brand appealĀ 

Marshalls reinforces its brand appeal in this non-intrusive email example.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Brand appeal

Trigger: On 2 scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

Free shipping plus a dominant CTA leads to higher conversions.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

For high-converting buttons, go for 48x48 px for your mobile pop-ups.

8. Use monochrome theme

Net-A-Porter uses a monochrome themeā€”black and white for better readability.

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Monochrome theme

Trigger: On 3 scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

A tiered discount plus a limited-time CTA conveys urgency like no other.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Use uppercase in your CTA text to grab usersā€™ attention instantly.Ā 

9. Leverage widget pop-ups

Birkenstock uses a widget pop-up on its mobile site effectively reducing bounce rates.

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Widget popups

Trigger: On clickĀ 

Why we love it

First dibs and free shipping as exclusive benefits is a sweet deal.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Include a countdown timer to generate a 113% higher conversion rate.

10. Keep it simpleĀ 

Stio takes the minimalist approach with basic copy.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Simple design

Trigger: After 6 scrollsĀ 

Why we love it

The dollar-off discount is highly persuasive for a high-consideration product.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Include a disclaimer saying which styles the discount will be applicable.

11. Offer twin incentivesĀ 

Happy Earth offers twin incentives in exchange for contact information.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: twin incentives

Trigger: After 5 scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

The personal touch plus double incentives mean more conversions.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Add emojis to your CTAs to increase your conversion rate.Ā Ā 

12. Emphasize craftsmanshipĀ 

Manitobah highlights craftsmanship in this mobile pop-up example.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Craftsmanship

Trigger: After 4 scrollsĀ 

Why we love it

The red CTA is a visual cue that communicates the offer brilliantly.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Avoid using images in your mobile pop-upsā€”hurts your conversions.

13. Bring in the power of exclamationĀ 

Duo Brand puts a strong emphasis in this mobile pop-up example.

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Emphasize emotions

Trigger: After 6-7 scrollsĀ 

Why we love it

The tricolor palette makes readability easier.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Use a multi-step pop-up when for more than one field to reduce drop-offs.

14. Stick to above the foldĀ 

Tarte Cosmetics displays its pop-up in its above the fold for better visibility.Ā 

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Above the fold

Trigger: On signing cookie consentĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

With 540 x 203 pixels, this is the smallest mobile pop-up on this list.Ā 

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Using a round-edged CTA button directs the usersā€™ attention towards the message.Ā 

15. Drive conversions via a dominant CTAĀ 

511 Tactical pumps more energy into their CTA text.

Non-intrusive mobile popup: Dominant CTA

Trigger: After 8 scrollsĀ 

Why we love itĀ 

The privacy policy and other terms communicate transparency.

Pro Tip šŸ’”

Use a preview button for spin-A-wheel pop-ups to reduce friction.

People Also Ask

1. Do pop-ups affect SEO?

While pop-ups donā€™t affect your search ranking as such, intrusive pop-ups that make it difficult to read content impacts your user experience.Ā 

According to Google Search Central, the following pop-ups are bad and can be penalized:Ā 

  • Any pop-up appearing right after the user lands on the website or scrolling that covers the most of the pageĀ 
  • Pop-up that has to be dismissed without which viewing the page content is impossibleĀ 
  • A pop-up is placed above the fold but the content is below the foldĀ 
  • Any pop-up that directs the user to a different pageĀ 

All of these practices increase your bounce rate and load time while hampering accessibility.Ā 

2. What is an interstitial pop-up?

An interstitial is a pop-up that covers a significant portion of the web page making it difficult to view the page content without closing it.Ā 

Hereā€™s an example of an interstitial mobile pop-up.Ā 

Intrusive mobile popup: Interstitial

3. Are pop-ups bad for accessibility?

Unfortunately, a major chunk of pop-ups hurt accessibility as they either refrain from accessing the main content or appear multiple times. In other cases, they blur the background(modal) or create an overlay where thereā€™s just negligible space to view the content.Ā 

It gets worse as people with visual impairments find it difficult to access information.Ā 

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