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The best One-Page Checkout Examples in eCommerce (2023)

One-page checkouts are easy, effective, and a whole lot of fun. Here's how the cool brands are nailing them in 2023.

The best One-Page Checkout Examples in eCommerce (2023)

Did you know? eCommerce brands lose as much as $18 billion in revenue each year due to cart abandonment.

So, if you’ve been feeling low about your conversion rates, you’re not alone. In 2020, there was an average shopping flow abandonment rate of 69.57%.

BUT there’s a simple way to fix that: optimize your checkout page. The top three techniques include enabling guest checkout, having autofill features, and reducing checkout to a single page.

In fact, bringing in a one-page checkout can make a difference of as much as 21.8%. Want to know why?

It’s faster. Customers are still enjoying that shopper’s high and know exactly what’s required for them to bring their cart home.

Not just that. A one-page checkout also lets them review their order & information all at the same time, saving them the trouble of checking again and again.

Plus, a one-page checkout just feels a whole lot easier, no?

So, go ahead, try it for your website — and if you need inspiration, check out the 29 best examples of one-page checkout pages in 2023.

Top 29 One-Page Checkout Pages in 2023

1. Nike

One Page Checkout: Nike

This checkout page from Nike is lovely! And here’s why: it’s simple — there are no distractions, they have enabled guest checkout for faster access, and they let you modify your cart right from the checkout page.

Plus, they use the Favourites section smartly by encouraging new users to log in & create an account while also letting logged-in users view their entire basket in case they’d like to change their order.

2. Columbia

One Page Checkout: Columbia

Here’s some truth: one-page checkouts aren’t just simple, they also work incredibly well.

In this example from Columbia, we can see how they’ve designed the entire checkout page to facilitate a faster transaction while also offering a seamless user experience.

At the end of the day, checkout pages are designed to sell a product and get users to buy it, and Columbia clearly understands that.

3. Under Armour

One Page Checkout: Under Armour

This one-page checkout from Under Armour really does the trick and here’s why. 

The simple interface allows you to see your order history, shipping details, and terms and conditions all at the same time. It even offers gift options right on the checkout page! 

Definitely something to be inspired by, no?

4. Threadless

One Page Checkout: Threadless

Fun fact: keystroke exhaustion is a thing. That means that the more a user has to type, the more likely they are to get fatigued and drop off the page.

A simple, three-point, one-page checkout, such as the one in this example from Threadless, is a great way to avoid that.

5. Amazon

One Page Checkout: Amazon

Progress bars are important, whether they’re on a multi-page or a one-page checkout.

When you look at this page, you know exactly how long it’ll take for you to be done — and that’s such an important thing, especially now.

Amazon clearly agrees. See how they’ve broken the page into four sections and only open the next one once the previous one is complete? That not only helps form fatigue but also lets users get a complete sense of their submission at the end.

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6. The Shoe Company

One Page Checkout: The Shoe Company

This checkout page from The Shoe Company wins on two important levels — fast checkout and frictionless payments.

Their one-page checkout is complete with order review, promo codes, and customer care AND they’ve enabled PayPal checkout.

PayPal checkout lets customers feel safe since they do not have to fill in their card details for each site they visit. They only need to fill in their account details and checkout!

7. Cleancut

One Page Checkout: Cleancut

Take a note from the Cleancut checkout page — notice how clean cut it actually is?

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a checkout page. You need to remember that people want to quickly complete the purchase as well as offering a seamless experience throughout the entire process.

8. The Olympic Store

One Page Checkout: The Olympic Store

It’s as simple as this: a good checkout page has one job — to help users check out.

When you’ve got a page like the one from The Olympic Store, it helps facilitate a seamless and easy way for users to buy a product.

Having elements such as a frictionless payment experience, easy streaming of the product, and plenty of delivery and payment options only makes it easier.

9. Old Navy

One Page Checkout: Old Navy

A good one-page checkout, like this one from Old Navy, is worth the talk. It’s simple, clean, and functions incredibly well.

It also has a step-by-step categorization so that customers know exactly what to do and yet aren’t burdened by it.

10. Ptouch Direct

One Page Checkout: Ptouch Direct

This one-page checkout by Ptouch Direct is a bit of an art — one enforced by all the essentials: concise form fields, secure transactions, and an efficient order preview.

The only thing it lacks: trust seals. They make a page pop and make a customer feel more secure. Can you imagine how good this page would look with those?

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11. Bohemian Traders

One Page Checkout: Bohemian Traders

This one-page checkout from Bohemian Traders is a thing of beauty. The design is smooth and simple, there’s plenty of conversion points, and it’s super clear what the customers are expected to do.

12. Bellroy

One Page Checkout: Bellroy

Here’s a secret: the best checkout pages are easy and memorable — exactly like this one from Bellroy.

This one has easy access to everything — navigable shipping details, delivery options, PayPal checkout, order preview, and quick form fields.

Truly a work of art, isn’t it?

13. Bonobos

One Page Checkout: Bonobos

Here’s one of the reasons Bonobos does so well: the checkout experience is hassle-free. And anyone who’s ever shopped on an eCommerce site gets that.

You’ve done all the work, gotten the customer to the checkout page — let’s get them to actually checkout, no?

Focus on making the experience simple, structured, and efficient. It’s bound to do the trick.

14. Schuh

One Page Checkout: Schuh

This checkout page from Schuh is great — but here’s what we absolutely love: the trust seals.

They’re placed in a prominent position and help the customer feel secure across the entire transactional journey — and we all know how important that is. 

So, go ahead, show off your trust seals.

15. Best Buy

One Page Checkout: Best Buy

What really draws us to this checkout page from BestBuy is the free store pickup.

The simple truth is that a certain amount of people don’t feel very comfortable with eCommerce (especially seniors). So, having this option on the checkout page gives them a chance to actually see the product for themselves and be comfortable with it.

While this is not possible for all eCommerce stores, there are things you can do to give customers that same feeling of security: including pre-pickup pictures or virtual experiences, maybe?

16. Nordstrom

One Page Checkout: Nordstrom

This one-page checkout by Nordstrom is absolutely stunning — and here’s why.

They’ve got all the good elements: a secure checkout seal, payment options, detailed order preview, and plenty of delivery options. That’s the best part, and the one you’d like to takeaway from.

How can you incorporate something similar into your checkout page? Brainstorm and get creative.

17. AliExpress

One Page Checkout: AliExpress

AliExpress is a leader in the eCommerce space — they’re been around for a while — and one of the reasons why is their stellar customer experience.

Browsing through the website, picking your items, and even the final checkout page are all deliberately designed to help customers move through effortlessly.

By having a checkout page as good as this one, they effectively nail the coffin and close the deal even before a second thought crosses the customers’ mind.

18. Walmart

One Page Checkout: Walmart

In 2022, there’s one thing that really matters: guest checkout.

With eCommerce booming the way it is — visitors really want to be able to checkout without having to sign in everywhere they go — and guest checkout helps them do just that.

So, use it well. Take a note from Walmart and how they use guest checkout to drive faster experiences.

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19. Zappos

One Page Checkout: Zappos

Traditionally, checkout pages are notorious for being dull and long — but this one-page checkout from Zappos breaks away from that.

They break away from the noise and the clutter and give their customers a simple experience that actually keeps them excited till the very end. 

And that’s a hard feat to master.

20. ASOS

One Page Checkout: ASOS

Here’s what we love about ASOS: their one-page checkout is committed to making the customer experience easier.

For that, they’ve enabled drop-down menus, easy access to promo codes, limited contact info to the email address, given options to make shipping & delivery address the same, included terms & conditions at the end, and even added an Edit button for the cart.

Pretty impressive overall!

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21. Urban Outfitters

One Page Checkout: Urban Outfitters

The checkout page is the final part of your conversion funnel — so it’s important to make it count, like Urban Outfitters does here.

They recognise that the goal is to get your visitors to fill in their details and purchase the product, and that’s all the page is geared towards.

Nothing flashy, nothing complicated. Just simply checking out.

22. Apple

One Page Checkout: Apple

When you are designing an e-commerce checkout page, you have to consider not just what your customers want, but also what they expect.

Apple is currently one of the top online retailers in the world when it comes to money spent, and they have a checkout process that is both effective and painless to use.

Get inspired from it. It’s worth noting.

23. Mensuas

One Page Checkout: Mensuas

The checkout page is what wraps everything up for online shoppers — and it’s important to use it well, like Mensuas does.

Mensuas includes all of the important elements that actually drive conversions and complete transactions: trust seals, customer service details, shipping and payment options, social profiles, and most importantly, a prominent Place Order button.

24. Fab

One Page Checkout: Fab

Fab recognises that the checkout page is the final step of the entire journey — and they’ve designed it to respect that. The page is responsive, well-designed, and secure and actually drives customers towards finishing their transaction.

25. Toys R Us

One Page Checkout: Toys R Us

Here’s everything we love about the Toys R Us checkout page: the visual hierarchy, functional design, PayPal checkout, editable cart, and of course the personalized recommendations.

But most importantly, we love how their one-page checkout not only looks good but is also user-friendly.

After all, it’s only if the page is efficient can the customer checkout, right?

26. Simply Hike

One Page Checkout: Simply Hike

A great example of a one-page checkout is this page from Simply Hike. Why?

Three main reasons:

  • The countdown timer creates a sense of urgency
  • There are three different delivery options, based on your budget & preferences
  • The payment options cover all major essentials and are prominently displayed

All three of them help push customers towards the final step: ‘Continue to Checkout’ and the button, rightly so, steals their attention.

27. Crocs

One Page Checkout: Crocs

What’s interesting here is how minimal yet thorough the Crocs checkout truly is.

The order review has all the important information, there’s a free shipping tag, and the Checkout buttons are prominently displayed.

YET you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information because of how cleverly they’ve displayed everything.

Pretty cool!

28. Adidas

One Page Checkout: Adidas

This page from Adidas genuinely sums up everything we’ve discussed: limited form fields, gift options, easy sign-up, plenty of delivery and payment options, clever order preview, trust tags, customer service, and policies & terms.

And it’s packaged beautifully so customers are actually excited to checkout.

29. Disney

One Page Checkout: Disney

This checkout page from Disney reminds us that while you do want to cover all the pages and make your checkout experience genuinely interactive, it’s important to keep away from the clutter.

The first thing that turns away a customer is the feeling of overwhelm. By using a simple one-page checkout that prioritizes the bare essentials, you can get one step in the door AND then ask your customers for more information at a later stage.

That way, you’re getting them to check out at the same time as you are engaging with them through newsletters, surveys, etc.

The Ultimate Guide: eCommerce Checkout Process Optimization

BONUS: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one-page checkout?

One-page checkout is a streamlined checkout process that allows customers to complete their purchases on a single page. 

This can be done by consolidating all the steps of the checkout process onto one page, or by providing a streamlined, simplified checkout experience that only requires customers to fill out a single form.

This type of checkout is faster and simpler than traditional multi-page checkouts, and can help improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

Why is one-page checkout better?

There are many benefits to using a one-page checkout for eCommerce:

  • It can help to reduce shopping cart abandonment as it is a simpler and quicker process.
  • It can improve conversion rates as customers are less likely to abandon their purchase if they can complete it on one page.
  • It can help to increase customer satisfaction as it offers a more streamlined and efficient checkout experience.

Does Shopify have a Single-page checkout?

Yes, they do. You may not immediately be aware of this feature but it is fairly easy to implement and will save your customers some time. Using the services of Shop Pay and Shopify Plus, Shopify provides one-page checkout as well as one-click checkout.

Here’s how you can add it to your store:

  • Go to Settings > Checkout > Pages > Single
  • Use extensions like Dominate & Magebird
  • Read all about Shopify Plus and Shop Pay

This helps customers save time as well as effort, helping you drive more conversions in the long run.

How do I make a one-page checkout?

To create a one-page checkout, start by designing the page layout and adding the necessary fields. Then, add your payment gateway and any security badges that go along with it. Ensure the page is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Finally, add any trust badges and store policies you think the customer would require at this stage.

Remember to test your one-page checkout to make sure that it's working properly. Test it with a few different browsers and on different devices to make sure that there are no issues. Once you've done all this, you’re good to go.

The best way to create a one-page checkout is to use a plugin or extension for your eCommerce platform. There are many great options available, so be sure to do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you have the plugin installed, simply follow the instructions to set up your one-page checkout.

How does one-page checkout work vs multi-step checkout?

One-page checkout is a type of online checkout process that allows customers to complete their purchases on a single page. This is in contrast to the traditional multi-page checkout process, which can require customers to fill out multiple forms and click multiple buttons before completing their purchase.

One-page checkouts are becoming increasingly popular for eCommerce businesses, as they can streamline the checkout process and make it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

How do I optimize eCommerce one-page checkout?

There are a few things you can do to optimize your one-page checkout for eCommerce:

  • Make sure that the page is well-designed and easy to use.
  • Make sure all the necessary fields are visible and easy to fill out.
  • Ensure the navigation is straightforward. Use breadcrumbs, if necessary. 
  • Provide clear and concise instructions so customers know exactly what to do.
  • Use a responsive design so the checkout process is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Make sure that the page loads quickly and smoothly so that customers are not left waiting.
  • Offer a guest checkout option for customers who do not want to create an account.
  • Include security features like SSL encryption to protect customer data.
  • Test your checkout process regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Follow these tips and you can optimize your one-page checkout for eCommerce. Making it easy and streamlined for customers will help increase sales and conversions on your site.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice something? They all had the same things in common — three key elements that comprise the best checkout pages in 2023:

  • Trust seals
  • Order preview
  • Customer information

Let’s take a look at why these matter.

A: Trust Seals

It’s as simple as this: the customer needs to trust you to finish their purchase. This is especially true for new customers and seniors who are generally wary of eCommerce.

Having trust seals and badges on your page shows authenticity and signals to your customers that your checkout process is secure and can be trusted fully. 

It reinforces customers’ understanding that their information will only be used for the intended purpose: to complete the purchase of the product.

B: Order Preview

The best way to encourage your customers to finish checking out is by integrating a cart summary or order preview into the page.

The order preview should appear on the checkout page with all details pertaining to the order such as the total order amount, product information — with pictures preferably, and promo codes available.

Bonus points if you give them the option to modify their cart right from the checkout page.

C: Customer Information

Now, this one is kind of a given — you need customer information to be able to checkout. 

BUT it is important to have all the information there: payment details, shipping, billing, and contact information. 

Why? The natural next step is payment and it would suck if they finished paying for their order only to realize there’s a mistake in their information. 

So, give them the chance to review all of the information right on the checkout page. It’ll save them the trouble and may even get them to checkout quicker.

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