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21 High-Converting Mobile Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours

How do I make my landing page mobile-friendly? A question many eCommerce stores ask us. So, here are some high-converting mobile landing page examples to inspire yours.

21 High-Converting Mobile Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours

While landing pages convert on desktop, many online stores we work with have a common problem – 

‘How can we make the landing page experience better on mobile?’ 

Some mobile conversion rates facts to keep in mind: 

🚀 Only 45% of consumers completed their booking via mobile compared to 55% on desktop

🚀 Mobile users have a high shopping cart abandonment rate of 85.65%

🚀 Google states that mobile sites that loaded in under 2 seconds had a 15% higher conversion rate than the average mobile site.

That’s why we have collected the most effective examples and best practices to create mobile-friendly landing pages for your eCommerce store.

1. Ellos

Ellos - How do I make my landing page mobile-friendly?

Ellos is a Swedish fashion retailer shipping globally. Their curated collections are filled with designs that reflect a Scandinavian aesthetic. 

Since Ellos has a global customer base, they have a separate landing page for a detailed size and fit guide.

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Pop-ups

When opened on a mobile browser, the information is truncated under vertical dropdowns. 

When you click ‘find your fit’, a pop-up offers options between apparel and shoes. Once selected, it displays another pop-up with a detailed size guide in US and international metrics. 

b. Click to navigate 

On the desktop, the landing page shows other customer service options in a left-hand side panel. 

The panel is situated right under the header as a dropdown selector on mobile. This way, shoppers browsing on mobile can toggle between other information such as shipping, returns, and FAQs without scrolling to the footer.    

2. boAt

boAt - mobile landing page examples

boAt is an audio & wearables brand based in India with a huge catalog of wireless earphones, earbuds, headphones, smartwatches, and home audio products. 

boAt noticed many of their consumer base gifting their products. To tap further into that audience, they created a separate online gift card feature and a landing page to support it. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Sticky CTA

On mobile, the CTA is cleverly placed as a sticky bar in bright red color. Even as a shopper scrolls down for more information, the sticky CTA makes it easier to add to cart without the need to scroll up again.      

b. Lazy loading 

Another great feature of this mobile landing page is lazy loading. This simply means that the content and images load as the shopper scrolls down the page.

This way, there’s some animation on the landing page, and also speeds up the page’s load time.

3. Bugaboo

Bugaboo - mobile landing page

Bugaboo is a US-based online brand that sells pop-up play yards, strollers, and accessories for kids. 

Their main USP is the ‘create your own design’, where shoppers can customize their own products and also register an original product.  

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Showing only what’s necessary

Yes, visuals sell. However, sometimes it can be a deterrent. 

On mobile, the landing page doesn’t show the image that is present on the desktop version. 

Since it’s a promotional visual, the mobile landing page focuses on the registration form which is the main goal.    

It also shows an extra warranty period feature in a banner right under the description

b. Progress indicator 

Most customers hate filling out forms. 

However, statistics say that 86% of customers fill in at least one web form per week.

Usually, product registration is a time-consuming process. However, since this is a high-intent landing page with a singular goal, Bugaboo has made the user experience smoother.

They have enabled a progress indicator that shows the customer the length of the process. Each page has only a select number of form fields and micro-copies and other helpful options.  

4. All-Clad 

All-Clad  best mobile landing pages 2023

Famously known as the brand Chef Gordon Ramsey swears by, All-Clad is a legacy steel cookware brand based in the USA. 

Since they sell high-range products, shoppers need to know how to take care of the products so that they last longer. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Mix of content formats 

Trends show mobile traffic is 35% higher than desktop traffic and mobile video consumption goes up by 100% every year. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to engage mobile shoppers on a landing page is through video

We love how All-Clad features instructional videos to support the detailed content guide as well.

This way shoppers can watch the process in under 2 mins rather than read chunks of information.   

b. Non-intrusive cues 

Since the landing page has a lot of information, they have enabled a go ‘to top’ cue which appears as the shopper scrolls down the page. When clicked, it takes the shopper to the top of the page instead of making them scroll again.  

Furthermore, while a discount pop-up is a great way to get more leads, All-Clad enables it as a preview button on the left-hand side. (Google loves this!) 

When clicked, the discount banner pop-ups. When closed, it again shrinks to a sticky preview button. 

This way, shoppers are not overwhelmed and can shop without too many things popping up.    

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5. Rare Beauty

Rare beauty - responsive landing page

Started by singer and performer, Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is a cosmetics brand that supports inclusivity. 

The brand has a large range of makeup products for shoppers with varied skin tones. To offer a smooth user experience, the brand has a shade finder feature.   

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Clickable and toggle options 

Instead of buttons, the landing page has a toggle option that shoppers can use to adjust their preferences. 

Once the shopper progresses to step 2, shoppers can choose different options by clicking. A short microcopy helps them make a quick decision as well. 

We also love the chat preview option which is simply shown as a round CTA button stated as ‘help’. On mobile, it’s just the right size to click on and close as well.  

b. Striking visuals 

Since the brand is known for its inclusivity, visuals play a big part on the mobile landing page. 

As the shopper toggles the shade finder option, the visuals change as well. This way, shoppers can visually understand if they are making the right decision and adjust accordingly. 

The visuals also help shoppers to feel secure that the brand is making efforts to include their preferences.    

6. Frank Body

Frank Body - How do I make my landing page mobile-friendly?

Frank Body is an online brand that sells vegan, cruelty-free body care products worldwide. 

The brand has made an impact through a friendly and human-first approach, and it shows through its content. 

Since their typical customer is aware and wants to know what ingredients are being used to manufacture products, the brand has created a landing page just for that. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Unique brand tone 

The brand uses a unique tone where the brand and product are talking and introducing themselves.  

The descriptions are in first-person such as ‘what’s inside of me?’ and ‘starring in my’. 

This unique take is refreshing for shoppers and makes it easy to recall.  

b. Bite-sized information 

No one likes reading long chunks of information about technical terms. 

The brand sums up the main ingredients through clickable pop-ups right at the start. 

The rest of the ingredients are shown through bite-sized placards which users can read on mobile. Shoppers can click on the A-Z filter and the ingredient information comes up.

Furthermore, there are product links under every ingredient so that the shoppers can easily discover products without making any additional effort.  

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - mobile landing page design

Established in 1970, Urban Outfitters has evolved into a lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of product, creativity, and cultural understanding. 

The brand focuses heavily on promoting culture and community-based products. They also collaborate with varied brands to highlight different communities such as honoring Black History Month and Latinx Month. 

Their blog and articles landing page reflects their brand values and also helps shoppers to see their actions. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Clickable categories

Since the landing page has many articles across different categories, they have enabled button-sized categories

On mobile, this helps shoppers to click on the exact category’s anchor link with ease. Once clicked, the page instantly scrolls down to the blog category. A top arrow cue lets the reader go to the top of the page without scrolling up again. 

b. Horizontal slideshow 

On the desktop, at least 3-4 blogs are shown under each category. On mobile, the landing page adapts to display only one blog in a horizontal slideshow format. 

Browsers can swipe through the blogs by clicking on the arrows on either side.     

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8. Dune London 

Dune London -  mobile landing page best practices

Dune London is a fashion retail brand that believes in expert craftwork and meticulous detailing that says more about a shoe than a logo ever could. 

As a brand that offers affordable luxury, the brand’s website reflects an elegant lifestyle. 

Shoppers expect iconic and exclusive products from luxury brands. Therefore, brands such as Dune London release product lines that generally follow a campaign theme.   

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Campaign/product CTA text 

Dune London even uses CTAs to convey exclusivity

While most brands might just say ‘Shop the look’, here the brand makes it specific with CTA text such as ‘Shop the color pop’, ‘Shop Lime Green’, ‘Shop Snonoma’, etc. 

This reinforces the idea of campaign-specific products and lets shoppers discover relevant products.

b. Soft selling tactics

The landing page focuses on describing products with a unique flourish to establish craftsmanship and product quality. 

After that, the landing page has a horizontal product recommendations banner which can be easily swiped. 

Labels such as ‘New arrival’ and ‘Limited edition’ drive the exclusivity and urgency for the products.  

9. Anine Bing 

Anine Bing - mobile landing page inspiration

Launched in 2012, Anine Bing offers luxurious and timeless staples, wardrobe basics, and statement pieces inspired by the fusion of Scandinavian heritage and the American spirit. 

To offer a personalized experience, Anine Bing has a virtual styling service and a dedicated landing page to promote it. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Less than 3 scrolls

Mobile users are habitual scrollers. However, sometimes infinite scrolling can be a deterrent. 

Since the goal of this landing page is to generate appointments, Anine Bing keeps it short and sweet with more actionable elements. 

b. Two actionable CTAs 

The ‘connect with a stylist’ CTA generates an auto email where shoppers just have to fill in the information and send it. 

On the other hand, ‘book an appointment’ opens as a full-page pop-up and lets shoppers choose between different services and fill in the required details.

This way, shoppers know how much time to set aside for the appointment and book a convenient time slot.     

10. Tribe

Tribe - describe the true purpose of the mobile landing page

Tribe offers subscription-based vegan and gluten-free snacks for athletes that are delivered to a customer’s door.  

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Color pop to separate different USPs

Tribe creates an attractive offer campaign for both first-time visitors and existing customers. 

The landing page establishes irresistible value propositions through free shipping, reviews, and accreditation. 

They have cleverly used different colors to show their ‘fun’ side and also separate the information into chunks and highlight CTAs. 

b. Social Impact

They exhibit a wide range of products that help both in brand and product recall. 

They have also created a product desire with social proof copy such as ‘£800,000 raised to fight modern slavery’.

11. Verishop

Verishop - mobile landing page ui

Verishop is a premium lifestyle brand that offers everyday luxury in fashion, beauty, home, and more.

The eCommerce brand boosted its sales due to its live-stream shopping experience with popular influencers. 

Their creator membership landing page is part of their efforts in expanding their community. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Adaptive elements

The landing page has similar elements on desktop and mobile. 

On mobile, the page’s layout is adjusted for a vertical reading experience. The content and graphic elements are formatted with clear CTAs. The landing page also has a chat option to solve any issues.    

b. Informative content 

Since the landing page is catered toward creators, the content focuses on being reassuring and helpful. 

The content skips the jargon and points out all the benefits of the creator program with lines such as ‘15% commission from live stream sales’ and ‘start creating and earning today’.   

12. Love your melon 

Love your melon - mobile landing page design

Love Your Melon was started to be a brand that creates a positive social impact. They are on a mission to improve the lives of children battling cancer with the simple idea of putting a hat on every child battling cancer in America.

Since the brand values community, they created a dedicated landing page to explain how.  

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Thematic content 

The landing page makes an immediate impact through content that adds a patriotic theme to invoke a feeling of pride, nostalgia, or both.  

This way, shoppers are assured about the product quality and manufacturing. Since the shoppers are buying for children battling cancer, the content and headlines emphasize that the knitted products are made using 100% cotton that is soft and comfortable for the intended customer. 

b. Product recommendations 

The landing page segues smoothly into bestseller product recommendations with CTAs that make it easy to add to cart right there.   

13. By Megan Crosby

By megan crosby - mobile landing page inspiration

By Megan Crosby is an eCommerce brand that is a made-to-order fashion label for women who want to shop with a positive impact. 

Since it’s made-to-order, the brand releases product lines every few months. Furthermore, the brand is renewing its website.   

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Creates anticipation 

The current landing page shows the exact date and time so shoppers know when the products drop. To keep shoppers in suspense, the page has a ‘coming soon’ headline and a countdown timer. 

There’s also a chat feature to help shoppers resolve any questions they might have. 

b. Exclusive access

The landing page has a clear distinction to show the difference between past customers and potential customers. 

Existing customers can sign in through a password to enter the store and explore options. Potential customers can sign up to be notified when the products are released. 

14. BlackMilk Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing - mobile landing page ui

BlackMilk Clothing is a Brisbane-based label that creates gear for people who don't mind standing out from a crowd.

Since their target audience mainly consists of students, they have a dedicated landing page that promotes student discounts. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Disclaimers 

The landing page clearly states that the discount is applicable for the new collection and how the discount code can be redeemed on checkout after registration. 

b. Trust symbols 

The brand has enabled Student Beans which is a student verification software that ensures only genuine students can use and apply the discount.

15. Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic - mobile landing page inspiration

Look Fantastic is a premium beauty boutique for the best skincare, hair, and makeup brands.

Since the online store ships worldwide, they have an extra subscription for premier shipping and delivery that offers annual free unlimited delivery.     

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Relevant FAQs

FAQs enable the brand to deal with specific queries that customers have about the subscription plan. 

A great FAQ section also helps to increase traffic to the website through search engines and optimize the user experience and increase conversions from your site.

16. Branch Furniture 

branch furniture - mobile landing page design

Branch Furniture manufactures standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, office accessories, and more.

Since the brand has different categories, they have created a work-from-home specific    

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Category dropdown

Shoppers can toggle between different categories for a quick look at products through a dropdown menu right on the landing page. The products can be filtered through price ranges as well.

b. Product description quick view 

When clicked on details, it shows a brief look at the product with variants. The product placards also show discount labels and as well as price anchoring to encourage sales.   

17. Squatty Potty

squatty potty - mobile landing page design

SquattyPotty’s mission is to improve bathroom health around the world and manufacture products with recyclable or renewable materials. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Candid Copy

The landing page has a candid copy that addresses a very intimate concern, something most customers won’t chat about without intense embarrassment. So kudos to SquattyPotty for making the most of it with a clever copy (‘The #1 way to #2’) to engage customers. 

b. Engaging visuals 

The promo video begins right away and this catches a customer’s eye as it creates some ‘action’ on the page. The images on the landing page reflect the brand’s persona of keeping it light and breezy. Furthermore, the brand offers AR that lets customers view how the product looks in their environment.      

18. Refinery29

Refinery29 - mobile landing page design

Refinery29 is an American multinational digital media and entertainment website. They offer unique content to their target audience with first-hand reviews and personalized recommendations. 

Recently, they have started their landing page to let customers purchase without leaving the website.   

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a) Personalized categories 

Since most of Refinery29’s readers will most probably end up on this landing page through an article. Therefore, the products are categorized thematically with a few name-checks like ‘Back to School’, ‘Presented by Target’, and ‘Amazon’s Most Wanted’.   

b. Bold visuals 

Since Refinery 29 is primarily a content website, they have already established its brand language. This translates to their products landing page as well.  

19. Harrods

harrods - mobile landing page design

Harrods needs no introduction. It’s a leading luxury department store with a motto to be "all things for all people, everywhere". They create unique experiences for their clientele and go one step ahead after the sale.   

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. People-first approach 

The landing page entwines the start of the new year with a ‘renewal’ message. After a comforting letter-style copy in the first fold, the page shows different resolutions written by Harrod’s customers instantly giving a human touch.

b. Show exclusivity through craftsmanship 

Luxury items need better care to sustain their lifetime value. Continuing the ‘renewal’ messaging, every section of this landing page caters to a specific benefit such as Clothes Care, Watch Aftercare, Furniture Reupholstery, etc.

20. IKEA

ikea - mobile landing page design

IKEA is a global home furnishing brand that brings affordability, design, and comfort to people all over the world. 

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Directional cues 

To help shoppers identify certain functionalities of the homepage, IKEA uses a subtle nudge marketing strategy through a directional arrow that nudges customers into clicking a specific area of the screen.

b. Location-based sorting 

Shoppers can adjust locations and zip codes to see which products are available in their area. This way they can filter products and create an effective gift registry. 

21. Rosewood

rosewood - mobile landing page design

Rosewood collaborates with like-minded, passionate producers and artisan brands from around the world to offer a selection of thoughtful gift options that will be cherished by those who receive them.

Why we love this mobile landing page:

a. Early holiday campaigns

To keep the interest alive, the landing page captures email IDs so they can be part of email journeys that provide information on discounts and holiday promotions as early as possible.

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1. What is the main purpose of a landing page?

An eCommerce landing page can be the most useful to make your marketing and promotional 

campaigns successful. 

Here are some reasons to create a landing page:

  • Speed up campaigns - With landing pages, launch products and new campaigns faster— especially when you’re working with an eCommerce landing page builder.
  • Deliver clearer messaging -  When a shopper clicks on an ad or email, they will expect certain messaging. But if they land on a generic product page that doesn’t reflect similar messaging, then they’re less likely to make a purchase. 
  • Target specific audiences - Custom landing pages can expand on specific products and their benefits. This way, shoppers can understand the whole value of the products and campaigns before making a purchase. 
  • Offer a better experience - Because landing pages are usually paired with matching ads or emails and their messaging is consistent with one specific offer, visitors get a more seamless experience from first click to checkout.

2. What makes a landing page effective?

Before looking at the examples, it’s worth highlighting some of the qualities that most great landing pages share. (Ain’t got time for that? Jump ahead for the top landing page examples.)

Here are a few fundamental practices for high-converting landing pages:

  • Use a clear and concise value statement (above the fold) so visitors understand the purpose of your page immediately.
  • Match your primary headline to the ad your visitor clicked to land on the page in the first place (or the button of the email CTA, for example).
  • Include social proof and testimonials to back up your claims.
  • Focus the whole page on a single offer, with just one primary call to action (CTA).
  • Use a conversion-centered layout to make your CTA stand out (think about whitespace, color, contrast, and directional cues).
  • Test new ideas using A/B testing. Sometimes what works will surprise you.

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