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Shopify Product Bundling Guide: Best Practices And Examples

Struggling to get conversions? Here’s how to optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue. 

Shopify Product Bundling Guide: Best Practices And Examples

Every Shopify store owner shares a common goal: to earn more revenue. 

Recent studies show that Shopify product bundle strategies increase AOV by about 20%.

Product bundles can be a great way to increase sales, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve customer satisfaction on your Shopify store. 

13 Shopify Product Bundling Tips 

Struggling to get conversions? Here’s how to optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue. 

1. Promote it on your homepage 

Shopify store homepages are the virtual front door.

So what better way to get more conversions from product bundles than promoting it right on the homepage?  

See how Stuff does it:

First, the Shopify store features its bundles on the header.   

Stuff - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

As you scroll, they feature their Shopify product bundle as part of their main categories. 

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

Lastly, they display social media reviews with images to show how much customers love their product bundle. 

Then, the Shopify store bookends it with a product bundle with price anchoring, social responsibility USP, and multiple payment options.     

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

Some more tips to promote Shopify product bundles on the homepage:

✔️Choose products that complement each other and make sense being used together.

✔️Price bundles in a way that customers perceive them as better value compared to purchasing items individually.

✔️Use pricing strategies like charm pricing (e.g., $29.99 instead of $30) to make the deal more appealing.

✔️Display high-quality images and detailed descriptions to showcase the bundle and its benefits.

✔️Collaborate with influencers who align with the theme to expand reach. 

2. Make the product bundle editable 

Not every product in a bundle is useful. 

With this perspective, potential customers will be hesitant to buy your product bundle. 

Editable Shopify product bundles allow customers to build their bundles according to their needs. 

Consequently, editable Shopify product bundles allow online stores to create and offer a wider variety of product bundles without the need to create separate SKUs for each bundle.

Here’s how editable Shopify product bundles can help you sell more:

  • Offering a discount or special price on bundled products, online stores can incentivize customers to add more items to their cart and spend more money.
  • Editable product bundles can help reduce inventory management costs by reducing the number of SKUs that a business needs to track and manage. This can lead to improved inventory control and reduced costs associated with storing and managing excess inventory.
  • Stores can use bundles to highlight specific products or collections and create a sense of urgency or exclusivity around their offerings. This can help attract new customers and boost sales.

See how Aesop lets shoppers edit their product bundle: 

Aesop - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

The Shopify store even adds a touch of visual cue, wherein if you remove a product from the bundle, it edits it out of the images as well:   

Aesop - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

3. Outline product bundling return policies 

A return policy assures shoppers that they can return the bundled products if they're not satisfied. 

This way, shoppers are informed about acceptable and unacceptable, setting clear expectations and reducing potential disputes.

Consequently, this fosters trust and customer satisfaction. 

Keep in mind: If you’re selling internationally, then let your legal team review different laws and regulations relevant to returns and exchange policies. 

See how Esmi does it:

Esmi - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

4. Be aware of Shopify bundling limitations 

Now, before you can create product bundles, Shopify has set certain restrictions to make your store eligible to create product bundles:

To sell product bundles, according to Shopify Help Center, your store must meet the following requirements:

  • Your store must be using the Online Store sales channel or a Custom Storefront. Other sales channels aren't yet supported.
  • You must have a bundle app installed on your Shopify store.
  • Your store must not use any checkout. liquid customizations or features. Reverting to checkout. liquid will make your store incompatible with Bundles.
  • Your store must not use the following apps:
  • Global-e
  • Licensify
  • The legacy Recharge subscriptions app

Note: You can find the complete list of restrictions in the Shopify Help Center.

5. Feature variant-based Shopify product bundles

Variant-based product bundles are a type of product bundle that allows customers to choose the ‘specific variant’ they want to include in their bundle. 

This type of Shopify product bundle is ideal for brands that sell products with multiple variations, such as size, color, or style.

Here are some tips for creating successful variant-based product bundles:

  • Choose products that complement each other. The products in your bundle should be related in some way, such as by function, style, or theme.
  • Offer a variety of variations. The more variations you offer, the more likely customers are to find a bundle that they're interested in.
  • Set a competitive price. The price of your bundle should be significantly lower than the total cost of purchasing the products individually.
Jambys - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

6. Build quiz-based Shopify product bundles 

Gamification can always make a shopping experience more enticing. 

A quiz-based product bundle on your Shopify store can guide shoppers to products that best suit their needs and preferences, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

See how Three Ships does it:

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

Here’s how to optimize your quiz-based Shopify product bundles:

  • Create questions that are easy to understand and relevant to the products. Questions can be about preferences, habits, budget, etc.
  • Link each answer to specific products or product bundles. This is key to ensuring that the quiz results guide customers to the right product bundle.
  • Before going live, test the quiz thoroughly to ensure it works seamlessly and the product recommendations are accurate. After launching, gather customer feedback and use it to refine the quiz.

7. Feature thematic bundles and ‘gift’ sets

Many stores offer seasonal bundles around major holidays. 

These might include gift ideas for Christmas, back-to-school supplies, or Easter baskets.

You can mix different types of bundles and create a perfect promotion for your Shopify and customers. 

Here’s how to optimize seasonal Shopify product bundles:

✔️Choose products that complement each other to encourage customers to find value in the deal.

✔️ Limiting the time frame of the offer can encourage quicker decision-making from customers.

✔️Segment your audience and target the promotion to those most likely to be interested.

✔️Design attractive landing pages for each thematic bundle, highlighting the theme and the value of the bundle.

Here are different themes you can consider to build a product bundle:

  • Seasonal Themes: Consider holidays, seasons, or events (e.g., Christmas, Summer, Back to School).
  • Lifestyle or Interest Themes: Bundle products based on lifestyles or interests (e.g., Fitness Enthusiasts, Home Decor Lovers).
  • Trending Themes: Pay attention to trending topics or social media trends that can inspire bundles.

8. Display “Frequently bought together” product bundles

Winky Lux - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

With a section that displays relevant products that are frequently bought together, you can recommend products to your visitors.

You can also offer discounts for those who add new products to that selection and get the most out of a frequently bought-together bundle.

9. BOGO Shopify product bundles

Buy-one-get-one bundles are an excellent way to get products to move much more quickly. 

This Shopify product bundle tactic can also be a good way to clear out your inventory of items that have not moved in a while. 

For example, coffee beans that are not moving can be given away with more popular roasts. 

Here’s how to use Shopify’s BOGO discount feature:

✔️Navigate to your Shopify admin panel.

✔️Go to “Discounts” and create a new discount.

✔️Select the BOGO option and set the parameters (e.g., buy one item and get the second item at a discount or for free).

✔️Choose the products or collections applicable for the BOGO deal.

✔️Set the duration of the promotion.

10. Create subscription-based bundles 

Subscription-based bundles are a great way to offer customers various products or services at a discounted price. 

They can also be used to increase customer loyalty and retention.

There are a few things you need to consider when creating subscription-based Shopify product bundles, including:

  • products you want to include in the bundle
  • price of the bundle
  • length of the subscription term
  • benefits of the bundle

See how the Duo tooth tablet brand lets shoppers choose between different subscription options:

Duo - optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

11. Promote new product launches 

Launching new products through bundles is a strategic way to introduce customers to your new offerings while providing added value. 

This way, you can increase the visibility of new products and encourage purchases.   

Here are some tips on how to promote new products through bundling: 

✔️Allow customers to pre-order new product bundles. This can create anticipation and gauge interest before the official launch.

✔️Offer special perks for pre-orders, such as an additional discount or a free sample of another product.

✔️Ensure your product bundle pages are optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and high-quality content.

✔️Bundle the new product with best-selling items that complement it or are used together.

✔️Introduce the bundles at a special price for a limited time to create urgency.

✔️Offer exclusive bundles or early access to new products to loyal customers. Encourage these early buyers to review the new product and share their experiences.

See how Hanni does it with a product bundle with new product ‘samples’:

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

12. Drive FOMO with ‘exclusive’ bundles 

Limited edition product bundles present an exciting opportunity for Shopify stores to elevate sales and create a sense of urgency among customers.

Here are some tips on how to drive conversions with limited-edition product bundles:

✔️Use countdown timers and limited tags to encourage customers to purchase before the bundles sell out. 

✔️Partner with influencers or micro-influencers to promote your bundles to their followers.

✔️Display the stock levels to convey scarcity and encourage shoppers to add to their carts.

✔️Integrate the purchase of limited edition bundles into loyalty programs, offering points or special benefits.

✔️Provide exclusive offers or discounts on future purchases for those who buy limited edition bundles.

✔️Consider collaborating with a charity and donating a portion of the proceeds from the limited edition bundles.

See how Bondi Sands does it with ‘online exclusive’ bundles:

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

13. Use social proof to establish trust 

Maximize the effectiveness of your Shopify product bundles with diverse social proof. 

Here are some tips on how to drive conversions with social proof:

✔️Incentivize shoppers who upload video reviews with discounts. See how Duradry does it with video reviews:

- optimize Shopify product bundles and 2X your revenue

✔️Encourage customers to share photos and stories of their experiences with the bundle on social media, using a specific hashtag.

✔️Use an “As Seen In” banner on your website to display logos of media outlets that have featured your bundles.

✔️Implement pop-up notifications on your website that show when someone purchases a bundle, adding a sense of urgency and popularity.

Shopify Product Bundles - FAQs

1. What are the benefits of Shopify product bundles?

There are multiple benefits of Shopify product bundles, including:

  • increase your average order value
  • provide value in the form of curation to your customers
  • pass along discounts to your customers
  • clear out old inventory
  • drive more visibility for your products

2. How do you create product bundles in Shopify?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create product bundles in Shopify:

Step 1: Create a New Product Type:

  • Go to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to "Products."
  • Click on "Product types" and then click "Create a product type."
  • Enter a name for your product type (e.g., "Bundled Products") and click "Create."

Step 2: Configure Product Bundle Settings:

  • Under "Product Type," click on the "Bundled Products" type you created.
  • In the "Product Bundling" section, select "Create bundle products" from the dropdown menu.
  • Set the "Default Minimum Quantity" and "Default Maximum Quantity" for your product bundles.

Step 3: Add Products to Your Bundle:

  • Click on the "Products" tab and then click "Add products."
  • Select the products you want to include in your bundle. You can use the search bar or filter by product type, vendor, etc., to find the desired products.
  • Click "Add selected" to add the products to your bundle.

Step 4: Set Pricing and Inventory for Your Bundle:

  • Enter the price for your product bundle in the "Price" field.
  • Set the bundle's inventory quantity in the "Inventory" field.
  • If you want to track the inventory of individual products within the bundle, enable the "Track inventory" option.

Step 5: Save and Publish Your Bundle:

  • Click on "Save" to save your product bundle.
  • Once you're ready to make your bundle available for purchase, click on "Publish."

3. What type of bundling options are available on Shopify?

There are two types of bundling options available on Shopify:

  • Fixed bundles: Shopify’s default implementation to support basic bundle use cases across Shopify’s ecosystem. These include Standard bundles and Multipack bundles that fit within Shopify’s variant limits.
  • Customized bundles: Used for more complex use cases, particularly when offering more choices to customers, or modeling a more complex composition of products, such as mix-and-match bundles

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