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22 Halloween Marketing Examples in eCommerce (2024)

Halloween is finally here! Explore 20 super creative eCommerce Halloween marketing examples + proven marketing strategies to drive results.

22 Halloween Marketing Examples in eCommerce (2024)

Come October, the people in the US, young and old, look forward to the 31st. 

While Halloween originated over 2000+ years ago, in the present day, it's an opportunity for eCommerce brands to make profits. 

But, the sad truth is that eCommerce businesses have failed to capitalize on Halloween. 

There’s still hope!

This post will help you and other businesses learn through examples and strategies to make Halloween memorable financially and otherwise. Here's a preview of the topics we will be covering:

25 Halloween Subject Lines for High Conversions

1. The trick to surviving Halloween 😈

2. 🎃Happy Halloween! 🎃No Tricks Just Treats!

3. 25% OFF until MIDNIGHT 👻🎃💀 

4. Last chance for fang-tastic savings 🧛

5. 🍬🎃Only a couple more hours left to save on our Halloween $2 treats!

6. Our Halloween Mystery Sale is ON 🎃

7. Halloween markdowns are going quick

8. Up to 80% Off!! Halloween Event Continues 🎃. Day 3

9. Did Somebody Say Treats? 🎃🐩🧡

10. Super Halloween Sale! 🎃 40% Sitewide Off with Gift

11. 🎃Halloween Monster Sale🎃 , Ghoulish Treats Inside👻 

12. LAST CHANCE: Halloween styles for $10.50

13. $20 off - in time for Halloween! 🤯🥃🎃

14. Tips for a spooky holiday this Halloween 👻🎃

15. The Countdown To Halloween Starts Now❗❗

16. What's your costume?🎃👻

17. Scary Good Savings 👻 20% Off Fun Size Fruit Bars

18. NEW: Halloween Inspo + Back In Stock 👻

19. BOO! 👻 We've got free shipping!

20. You’ll freak for this one-day deal!

21. Look inside for the SPOOKIEST SURPRISE!

22. Don’t spook out! Just saying Hallo-ween with 15% OFF

23. BOO! A mystery deal awaits you…

24. The FINAL HAUNT SALE ends in 3 hours!


22 Super Creative Halloween Marketing Examples (eCommerce)

1. Chewy: Build excitement, send early Halloween emails 

There’s no other marketing channel that converts well like email marketing. For every dollar spent, you get an ROI of $42.

Chewy knows this and this Halloween email campaign is a testament. 

chewy limited time offer for Halloween example

Why it works 

  • Copy: The copy is compelling and drives users to take action
  • Simple Returns: An easy returns policy inspires confidence in your customer—67% of customers check the return policy before deciding to buy from an eCommerce brand

Pro Tip—Including a referral link in your Halloween Marketing campaign email can increase your conversion rate by 3.74% 

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2. Kylie Cosmetics: Give your site the spooky Halloween look 

Adding a Halloween theme to your eCommerce website can help you convey the season’s sentiments. 

Kylie Cosmetics dresses up its site in a Halloween theme reinforcing the offers it has rolled out for the same. 

Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Themed website example

They follow the 60:30:10 rule, where 60% is the dominant color, 30% is the secondary color and 10% is the accent(used to differentiate the dominant and the secondary colors). 

Why it works  

  • Two-column layout: Kylie uses a two-column layout to give equal weightage to the text and image helping users process information easily
  • Free shipping: Free shipping for both domestic and international orders is a huge incentive—93% of online customers feel encouraged to buy products if free shipping is available. 

Pro Tip—Offering an email opt-in in exchange for a discount can help increase conversions 

3. Temptations Tasty Human: Videos + emotions = Visual Storytelling 

Emotional marketing will never go out of style. Temptations, the cat food brand created the video below which blending horror with humor. 

Research on 1400 successful ad campaigns by brands to find what content—emotional vs rational—had better impact found that ads with emotional content performed 2x better. 

Why it works 

  • Video length: The video is only 15-second long, getting full attention from the viewer
  • Voiceover: Voiceovers, especially Hollywood voiceovers are great at evoking emotions

Pro Tip—Using a blend of emotional and rational messaging can perform well (26%) 

4. Nike Halloween Dunk: Let customers be your voice

Nike launched the Nike Halloween Dunk as a part of its Halloween promotion ideas in 2021. 

UGC has a high level of authenticity, sends better trust signals and has impact on purchase decisions. 

Here’s an unboxing video by Jeff Ong reviewing the Halloween Dunk edition sneakers. 

90% of buyers find UGC authentic and believe what current customers say as opposed to ads. 

Moreover, 64% of customers search for reviews before checking out.

Why it works 

  • Micro-influencer: As we speak, Jeff Ong has 12.3k subscribers on his YouTube channel. This makes him a micro-influencer with a wide reach
  • Economical: UGC helps brands reduce the load of producing content. Since your customers are behind it, it also sends more organic traffic to your website

Pro Tip—Using user-generated content on your website can increase recurring traffic by 20% 

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5. Delish: Create How-to guides

Creating ‘How to’ content addresses customer problems and converts both new & existing customers. 

Delish creates a recipe for baking the Dead Velvet cake (the name has a nice ring to it, isn’t it?). 

Delish how to guide for Halloween promotion idea

The key advantage of how-to content is the repurpose flexibility it offers. You can write a post and turn it into a video, infographic, or a series of images. 

Why it works 

  • Search intent: Customers looking to bake treats for Halloween will be looking for something eerie yet tasty—so addressing ‘informational’ search intent becomes crucial
  • Shareability: Content like this can easily be shared. This can get you without having to distribute across multiple channels

Pro Tip—‘How-to’ posts can also serve as an opportunity to create user-generated content. Ask users to post pictures and tag you to spread the word around

6. Target: Advocate inclusivity 

Target promotes inclusivity by introducing wheelchair-adaptive Halloween costumes—if you run an apparel, furniture or tech brand, this could become on of your Halloween promotion ideas too.

Target inclusive products for Halloween promotion idea

This is a laudable effort by Target for ensuring that no specially-abled child is deprived of fun.

As per the US Census Bureau, 4.3% of children have a disability in the United States as of 2019. 

They also have these special costumes for toddlers, which makes Target a humane brand. 

Target inclusive products for Halloween promotion idea

Why it works 

  • Cause marketing: With this initiative, Target is consolidating its positive brand perception—in fact, 86% of customers are highly likely to buy from brands that are driven by purpose
  • Convenient Returns: The 365-day return policy offers ample time to make the returns—92% of customers will make a second purchase if making the returns are easy

Pro Tip — Including customer reviews can send greater trust signals and credibility 

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7. Svedka Vodka: Use retargeting to your advantage

Retargeted ads are mostly considered annoying since they pop up everywhere. 

Yet, the ROI on retargeting ads is 200%

As shocking as it is, here is an Halloween marketing campaign that hits the ball out of the park. 

Svedka Vodka created a cookie based retargeting campaign for its Halloween Marketing campaign in 2017. 

The Goosebump styled video makes it memorable and persuasive. 

Why it works 

  • High exposure: Retargeted ads are shown multiple times on different sites that a user spends time on—this will likely make them develop a preference for these ads. 
  • Statutory warning: Svedka Vodka mentions the statutory warning which effectively advises people to party but drink in moderation—this also complies with the Alcohol Beverage Labeling Act (ALBA), 1988. 

Pro Tip — Using 24 FPS in your marketing videos can give better audio and video experience

8. Harry’s: Encourage new product trials

Harry’s encourages its users to try a new product by sending an educational email about its new trimmer. 

Harry's new product trial mail for Halloween marketing promotions

This is a work of creative genius since it focuses on providing value first instead of making a typical sales pitch. 

Educating the reader can guarantee more conversions, replacing doubt with informed purchase decisions. 

Why it works 

  • Benefits over features: Harry’s talks about how they can solve specific pain points—this makes it convincing for shoppers while reducing perceived risk
  • Single CTA: Too many CTAs cause friction which affects the user’s decision-making ability—single CTA in emails can increase clicks by 317% and sales by 1617%. 

Pro Tip—Including names in the email subject lines is the greatest personalization strategy

9. RXBAR: Drive urgency by doing limited editions

Limited edition products drive Urgency, FOMO, and scarcity. 

And RXBAR uses them to great advantage. 

They sent the following “while supplies last” email on the Pumpkin Spice seasonal variety pack.

It features stunning visuals. Human beings like images and 65% of people are visual learners. 

The copy also hooks the user’s attention quite remarkably. 

RXBAR limited edition product for Halloween example

Why it works 

  • Offering alternatives: RXBAR offers a seasonal variety pack that helps confused customers make a choice
  • Diverse content: The email includes a workout video with a pumpkin and a post on how to make an RXBAR costume 

Pro Tip — Including customer support information in your emails can help in answering customer objections resulting in more conversions 

10. Fragrant Jewels: Use scratch-off emails as nudges

Scratch-off emails can mark a 60% increase in your CTR. Fragrant Jewels uses scratch off emails to improve visibility within the inbox.

Halloween markerting email from Fragrant Jewels

Why it works

  • Interactive content: Interactive content has a higher user engagement rate compared to static content—helping in retargeting and remarketing strategies for conversions
  • CTA: Using modifier words like Now creates a sense of implied urgency nudging users to take action right away

Pro Tip—Include a product recommendation quiz in your email to drive conversions 

11. Cakeworthy: Send back-in-stock emails 

Back-in-stock emails have an open rate of 65.32%, the highest among email types. Cakeworthy includes back-in-stock emails in its Halloween email strategy, which can increase sales by 15%.

Why it works

  • Bandwagon Effect: Best sellers evoke the Bandwagon Effect—the tendency to adopt certain behavior, attitude, or style because others are doing it
  • Re-engagement: Back-in-stock emails bring users who showed interest when the product was sold out, into the eCommerce funnel

Pro Tip—Use a limited stock banner to communicate urgency

12. Sur La Table: Increase seasonal sales with flash sales

Running flash sales increases your transaction rates by 35%. Sur La Table runs a 48 hour flash sale with 30% sale, a strategy known to mark a 14% increase in open rates. 

Sur La Table features flash sales as a Halloween promotion idea

Why it works 

  • Free Shipping: 48% of customers buy more when they know they’ll get free shipping
  • Monochrome color: Using a monochrome color such as black and white helps in communicating the message without creating cognitive strain

Pro Tip — Follow the 70/30 rule(Text to image ratio) while creating your flash sale campaign

13. Fadcloset: Drive early sales with pre-orders 

Pre-order sales can help in forecasting demand and inventory allocation for your Halloween promotion ideas to work.

Fadcloset runs a pre-order campaign for its limited stock products. 

Halloween pre-order campaign by Fadcloset

Why it works 

  • Exclusivity: Pre-order campaigns bring forth a sense of exclusivity—a phenomenon where a brand creates a selective way of catering to a segment of shoppers
  • Whitespace: Using whitespace in your content helps in readability and comprehension, guiding the reader from one element to another

Pro Tip—Mention the stock quantity to drive real urgency in pre-order emails

14. Cexxy: Drive AOV with tiered discounts 

A tiered discount is a price reduction tactic where customers are offered discounts when they meet the defined threshold. 

It triggers a subconscious urge to spend more thanks to Hyperbolic Discounting—the inclination to choose instant rewards, no matter how small, over long-term rewards. 

Cexxy features tiered discounts for Halloween promotions

Why it works 

  • Framing principle: As per the rule of 100, a dollar-off discount works well for products priced over $100—because customers want to see tangible value before buying
  • Promo code: Promo codes encourage first-time buyers to buy, by increasing oxytocin levels by 38% 

Pro Tip—Gift cards are just as great an incentive as discounts 

15. Tula: Use spin-to-win to compel users 

Spinwheel emails lead to higher engagement, increased conversion rates, and brand awareness. Tula uses spin-to-win in its Halloween sale email. 

halloween spin-to-win email by Tula

Why it works 

  • Visual cues: Using the same color for crucial elements draws the attention of the users towards them consistently

Pro Tip—Offer a disclaimer specifying the products not included in the sale 

16. Prospective Flow: Leverage the power of giveaways 

Giveaways are an easy way to drive traffic for your Halloween marketing campaign. With a 34% conversion rate, Prospective Flow shows the right way to do a giveaway. 

Halloween giveaway campaign by Prospective Flow

Why it works 

  • Image: Product images with white background keep the focus on the product without distracting viewers
  • Transparency: Mention the number of users who will receive the giveaways—it can successfully create scarcity while relaying information

Pro Tip—Include a disclaimer that no fee or purchase is required to participate in giveaways

17. Lush: Get creative with your copy  

Lush adds a spooky element to this Halloween email. The copy gets the Halloween theme right with words like summoned, bewitching, brewing, and cauldron.

Lush Halloween copywriting example

Why it works

  • Font: Using a web font such as Roboto ensures consistency across all devices making for a great user experience 
  • CTA: Using uppercase letters for your CTA attracts the user’s attention nudging them to take action 

Pro Tip—Ensure background copy on blogs and affiliate pages shine as much as what you write on your website and in emails

18. Cookware Brands:  Add an easy-to-spot countdown timer

Using a countdown timer in your Halloween sales email can boost sales by 400%. Cookware Brands places it at the top to drive urgency in real time. 

Cookware Brands countdown timer for Halloween maketing promotions

Why it works 

  • Price anchoring: Price anchoring offers customers a reference point to evaluate the offer, making it more tangible
  • Product badge: Product badges are virtual stickers that bring attention to special information such as discounts, best sellers, limited-time offers, etc.

Pro Tip—Combine countdown timer with easy returns for better conversions

19. Ghostbed: Roll out limited-time offers

Limited-time offers increase the perceived value of the product increasing sales. Ghostbed offers a limited-time offer as one of its Halloween promotion ideas.

halloween limited time sale by Ghostbed

Why it works

  • High consideration products: High-consideration products involve time and money—limited-time offers can reduce the financial burden of buying them
  • Directional cues: Directional cues like arrows and pointers direct the attention of the users to areas of importance like CTAs and images

Pro Tip—Use Epizeuxis(repetition of words in quick succession) for memorability—an example would be saying “only today, only today, only today” in a Halloween flash sale email

20. Miracle: Make free gifts count

Offering free gifts as part of your Halloween promotions elicits Zero risk Bias. It is the tendency to prefer options that eliminate the risk in parts even when others remove the risk completely. 

Miracle offers free towels for every purchase for its Halloween campaign. 

Miracle announces free gifts for halloween marketing

Why it works  

  • Whitespace: Using whitespace helps in visual hierarchy helping readers scan the information and identify the focal points. 
  • Authority: Offering DIY ideas for inspiration in your emails demonstrates authority 
halloween content marketing: DIY ideas

Pro Tip—Include video customer testimonials in your free promotions to drive credibility 

21. Walmart: Get the gift cards going

Over the last few years, the section of people actively wanting to celebrate Halloween has gone up to almost 70% in the US. 

What this means is that more people also find the occasion suitable for gifting—especially Millennials and GenZ as per research

This makes it strategic for eCommerce brands to introduce digital gift cards—like Walmart does:

Walmart gift card for Halloween marketing promotions

Why it works  

  • Visually distinct: It makes sense to give your Halloween gift cards a different look and feel to drive targeted purchases
  • Multiple amount options: While many brands stop at about three gifting amount options, Walmart opens it up to a wider audience with seven options

Pro Tip—Highlight the Halloween gift card in your primary navigation to drive traffic to the dedicated page

22. Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Promote Halloween-themed products

Halloween is a great time to bring those products to the front that you can seamlessly tie to the festival. 

For example, if you sell energy bars based on different pumpkin pie recipes, now is the time to highlight them. 

A good way to do so? Visually, on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. Preferably with the help of influencers or existing customers. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics, for example, highlights products that can complete the Halloween look on their Instagram feed—examples being the Jawbreaker Palette and the Cremated Artistry Palette. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Instagram feed layout for Halloween marketing

Why it works

  • Effective cover shot: This reveals the final outcome of watching the full reel—making more viewers interested in continuing to watch it
  • Varied visuals within a single scroll: Variety can get your social shoppers pick and choose faster

Pro Tip—On Instagram, leverage the “link in bio” to put tutorial extensions and promote related products

3 Surefire Halloween Marketing Strategies

1. Revamp your SERP

Well, you certainly know SEO but the change starts with changing your SERP. The higher your SERP ranks, the higher will be your visibility. This will reduce your Google ads costs and help you rank organically. 

Moreover, SERP is the first customer touch point in the awareness stage of the customer journey map. In case you’re unaware, 67.60% of clicks go to the first five results on the first page of a Google search. 

Here’s an example we created so you can understand it better. 

Halloween Google SERP example

Here are a few tips to help you rank your SERP better: 

a) Optimize your site for actual user queries

By optimizing your site for the words your customers use aka long tail keywords you can become highly relevant.

One way is to dig your Google Search Console data and find the keywords. 

This is important because customers can quickly find what they want which makes your site more memorable. 

b) Keep your images real 

Ditch the stock images and use real images of your products. Why is this important?

Original images indicate authenticity and send high trust signals to Google. As a matter of fact, 75% of customers insist on looking at pictures first before buying. It improves conversion. 

Remember, using large images on your website has proven to increase conversation rates. It’s a fact that a 28% increase in image size can mark a 63% uptick in conversions. 

c) Create content for customers, not for search engines 

With all the focus on creating content, your customers should find your content valuable. 

When you create content that addresses the pain points, you don’t have to spend on PPC campaigns and increase conversions organically. 88% of marketers have successfully created brand awareness, trust, and credibility through content marketing. 

More importantly, content marketing can boost engagement and generate leads with 72% of marketers confirming the same. 

In a nutshell, content that’s original and not talked about before is liked by customers. Providing a different perspective and demonstrating your authority can get your foot in the door.

Know if you're committing these mistakes: 14 eCommerce content marketing mistakes (+ their fixes)

2. Start the 21 days to Halloween campaign 

Brands often ask: "When should I start marketing for Halloween?"

According to Statista, 39.5% of customers start shopping during the first two weeks of October while 36% of customers begin their shopping in early September. 

Halloween shopping timeline in US

So, we recommend you start the 21 days to Halloween campaign. You guessed it right since it takes 21 days to form a habit, your customers will become conditioned to buy from you. 

Here’s a 3-step guide to help you get started — 

a) Introduce Halloween edition products 

Introducing special edition products has always evoked curiosity from shoppers. 

Gen Z and Millennials have a high preference for special edition products. In a study, it was found that 46% of Gen Z and 45% of Millennials bought special/limited editions. 

Build-A-Booty launched its Halloween edition resistance band bundle. 

Build-A-Booty Halloween Edition Resistance Bands Bundle

This bundle has 3 types of resistance bands serving different purposes. This is the value proposition it is offering and not just its aesthetics. 

b) Offer value-based content 

When Halloween is a few days away, you shouldn’t be pushy and start selling outright. 

Instead, use your product to create an angle and offer valuable content. 

Terra Origin created a Halloween Pumpkin Spice Shake recipe which is a gentle nudge without being pushy. 

Terra Origin Pumpkin Spice Shake for Halloween

It works for two reasons — Fitness buffs looking to try out new healthy drinks can have fun instead of drinking alcohol. 

People trying to get in shape may end up buying Terra Origin Organic Plant Protein in vanilla. 

And the vegan fitness freaks will have a greater reason to rejoice. 

c) Get started with your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the most deliverable channels with an ROI of 4100%. For every $1 spent, you get a return of $42

You can send early offer emails, pre-order emails, or flash sale emails to drive awareness and traffic to your site. 

Here is an email from Ferguson Showrooms using a pun to drive conversions.

Ferguson humor email Halloween campaign example

The humor combined with FOMO makes it a creative yet persuasive email. 

3. Give a haunting surprise with push notifications

Push notifications are often an underutilized channel when it comes to driving conversions. With an ROI of 3500%, push notifications can be a powerful addition to your Halloween marketing campaign. 

Here’s an example of a Halloween push notification by Soulcycle. 

Halloween Push Notification example

The rhyming lines make it short and memorable. The use of emojis can significantly increase open rates by 20%. 

Push notifications can give this superpower

You can reach your target audience without invading their privacy

Apps request permission from users before sending the notification. If the customers enable them, then it’s with their consent. 

You can send the push notifications at a time convenient to them. This makes it convenient to build a personalized relationship with the customers. 

70% of customers find push notifications useful and 53% are willing to provide location details with no reservations. 

Take note, the highest push notification click through rate by day of the week is 8.4% on Tuesdays followed by 8.1% on Sundays. The success of your push notifications depends on the days and most importantly the time. 

Push Notification CTR by day graph

Remember, push notifications are to be used sparingly. Too many notifications can lead to app disablement or worse. 

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Halloween Spending by the Numbers: An Overview

Halloween by and far is still the most celebrated holiday in the United States. One look at the participation levels from 2015-22 indicates that US customers are enthusiastic as ever, albeit with a small dip in percentage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Halloween participation numbers 2015-2021 chart

With 2021 saw things return to normalcy, 65% of the US customers planned to celebrate Halloween, in contrast to 58% in 2020. 

With the Covid situation improving in the US, the number is expected to reach 70%. 

Next up, is the anticipated average consumer expenditure on Halloween-related items in 2021. 

US customers were expected to spend an average of $34 on costumes, and $32 on decorations. While the average expenditure on candy was $30, greetings cards came last at $6.64. 

Halloween items expected average consumer expenditure 2021

With the US economy recovering after Covid, one can expect to see an increase by a small yet significant margin. That’s a positive sign. 

When it comes to spending by age group, the 35-44 age group planned to spend the highest at $149.34 with 25-34 coming in second at $130.34 while the 65 and older group were the lowest at 57.07. 

The promising thing is that between 2021 and 2022 there was a $.5 billion in Halloween spending.

Halloween Total Spending By Age Group 2021

In conclusion, millennials and Gen X are the highest spenders, which mean selling your products to them can help you strike gold.

Halloween Marketing 101

1. What is the best form of marketing for Halloween?

The best form of marketing for Halloween is the one that gets you the most sales, festive season or not. 

 Your analytics data can be the best judge. Here is an important question you should find answers to 

  • Which channel has the highest traffic? Is it direct, paid search, or display? 
  • Which channel generates the most ROI? Is it email, SEO, or paid ads?

Right after this, here are some proven Halloween marketing tips — 

a) Offer BOGO deals 

BOGO deals are major promotional deals that 66% of customers consider to be their favorite.  BOGO deals are a customer’s favorite since they believe they are getting two products for the price of one.

From a retailer’s standpoint, BOGO can help move slow-moving inventory while still being profitable. 

Chewy offers a BOGO offer with 50% off on Glow in the Dark squeaky balls which comes in a pack of 4.

Chewy Halloween BOGO offer

The BOGO offer includes four balls of different colors and designs. It offers a free shipping nudge where offers over $49 qualify for free shipping. 

This is a smart BOGO bundle with all persuasion tactics such as social proof and comparing similar items. 

Smart bundles aren't always about price. It’s price plus value that drives customers to buy. 

b) Start a donation campaign 

Halloween isn’t just about warding off evil spirits or ghosts but also about celebrating together and bringing happiness. 

Start a donation campaign where a part of the proceeds goes to charity. For example, for every purchase worth $85, $40 shall be donated to Feeding America. 

Empathetic and humane brands have positive perceptions by customers. Purpose-driven companies attract more customers with 86% highly likely to buy from companies driven by values. It’s even better when the organizations share mutual beliefs. 

Ultimately, it’s a proven strategy to increase sales by 74% in certain retail categories, with consumers likely to spend 2x more after looking at social responsibility ads than normal ads. 

c) Offer free returns 

Offering free returns can compel more shoppers to buy since it reduces the degree of perceived risk. 79% of customers want free shipping and will be motivated to buy more products. 

In a study, two retailers were asked to offer free shipping for 4 years, the average purchase by customer shot up to $620 and the other by $2,500. 

Free returns convince customers to give the products a try, and even in case of apprehension, the customers can return the products without paying for free shipping. 

2. What should I post on Social Media for Halloween? 

Anything from contests, quizzes, and DIY that enable user-generated content will do well on social media. 

Here’s a Halloween Pumpkin Smash Challenge by Gymshark for its Halloween Marketing campaign in 2019. 

Gymshark Halloween Pumpkin Smash challenge

The contest required people to smash pumpkins and tag their friends. It teamed up with Steve Kris, an Instagram influencer with a million followers. 

This is influencer marketing done right. The post has around 715k views, as we speak.

The objective of social media marketing is to generate buzz, social media mentions, brand awareness, and traffic to your eCommerce brand. 

So, unless you’re confident about pulling it off, keeping it simple works best. 

3. How can I increase sales on Halloween?

Halloween is a major holiday in the US with people rushing to buy things and discounts aren’t the only strategy that can help you increase your sales on Halloween. 

Here’re three strategies to help you increase your Halloween sales — 

a) Offer Halloween mystery bundles 

Smart pricing bundles are a proven way to increase sales while offering discounts and without having to forgo your margins. 

It creates a sense of increased perceived value at a much lesser price. 

MyProtein offers a Halloween Mystery bundle consisting of two protein packs of 500g. 

MyProtein Halloween Mystery bundle

This is creative marketing since MyProtein’s customer base includes a sizable chunk of millennials and the Gen Z population. As a matter of fact, 40% of young customers have bought limited edition products from a brand. 

b) Include stock alert 

Including stock alerts such as ‘Only 2 left’ triggers a sense of urgency to take action. Especially, when the customer has no objections about the product, this is guaranteed in improving conversions. 

In fact, a study revealed that 78% of buyers were influenced by low-stock alerts to buy. 

Adding an option to notify customers in case of out-of-stock situations can also improve sales. 

c) Provide Buy Now Pay Later options 

Buy Now Pay Later options provide customers an alternative to pay the price in equated installments. This can help increase your customer base since BNPL is becoming widely adopted in the US with 50.6% of users in 2021 alone. The number is expected to increase to 79% in 2022. 

MyProtein offers 4 different interest-free payment options on its product page. 

Halloween BNPL interest free payments

While Clearpay and Zip offer 4 installments, Laybuy and Humm offer 6 and 5 respectively. 

With multiple options, customers can simply not leave citing the non-availability of a particular BNPL service. It also reduces choice paralysis since the number of installments and the amount is different for each of the services. 

Get your UX in place for Halloween

98% of visitors who visit an eCommerce site—drop off without buying anything.

And during the holiday season this can grow because shoppers are spoilt for choice.

Why: user experience issues that cause friction for visitors.

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