1. Conversion Rate Optimization
Seven out of 10 people abandon their carts before checkout, leaving e-commerce business owners wondering ‘How can I increase my website checkout rate?’. Baymard Institute’s research throws some light on the possible reasons. Source Looking the graph above, it is pretty evident that the core reasons most ecommerce business founders are not able to increase […]
  1. Conversion Rate Optimization
  2. E-commerce
The eCommerce industry has become extremely competitive. Despite the US eCommerce retailers spending $23.50 billion every year on online advertising, buyers can get distracted while shopping online. On average, 69.89% of shoppers will add something to the shopping cart but end up leaving without buying anything, leading to shopping cart abandonment.  The average conversion rate […]
  1. E-commerce
Businesses that want to increase their conversion rates and their profitability must incorporate eCommerce personalization on their website. It might seem insignificant but a failure to incorporate personalization into their marketing strategies has costed businesses over $756 billion. What is eCommerce Personalization? Ecommerce personalization is a concept that you can use to send individualized product […]