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28 Inspiring eCommerce Homepage Examples (not your usual brands)

Check out these 28 never-seen-before eCommerce homepage examples and get inspired.

28 Inspiring eCommerce Homepage Examples (not your usual brands)

It’s as simple as this — it all boils down to your homepage. 

Why? Because, for a majority of new customers, that’s the first page they look at and hence judge. If they like what they see, they check out other parts of the website. But if they do, they leave.

Your homepage is one of the most important things you would want to think about because it’s your company’s first impression. Think about it — wouldn’t you be more inclined to shop with a company whose homepage (and website) looks good and is functional?

When done right, an organized and aesthetically pleasing design can improve a customer's overall shopping experience with your website and boost conversions in the process.

So, make it count. Here are 28 killer eCommerce homepage examples that’ll help you do that.

Short on time? Here's a quick video with all the brilliant eCommerce homepage examples:

28 Amazing eCommerce Homepage Examples to Get Inspired From

1. BootyBands: Nailing the hierarchy

BootyBands is a health company that provides equipment and conducts programs that help people develop their ideal body shape.

BootyBands homepage example

Notice how when you open this page, your eyes know exactly what to look at? That’s the power of a smart visual hierarchy. 

BootyBands has built their entire website aesthetic to be one that reflects a natural visual hierarchy, one where there’s enough to keep you going but not enough to overwhelm you AND you actually look forward to what’s coming next.

Plus, how chic is the color palette!

2. Jewel Street: Play to your Brand Language

Jewel Street is a jewelry store that deals in handcrafted designs and unique pieces from exciting, upcoming designers.

Jewel Street aesthetic homepage

And so, their brand language is couture, exclusive, and luxe — and their website homepage reflects that.

As soon as you open the page, you see chic lifestyle shots of models wearing their pieces and luxe shots of their product range.

3. UGearsModels: Get snappy with Video

UGearsModels is a growing Ukrainian startup known for producing unique, wooden DIY models, puzzle boxes, etc.

And they’re as snappy as it gets. They use video content on the hero banner and draw visitors in as soon as the land.

Jewel Street aesthetic homepage

The next thing they do is introduce their collection, closing in on the deal within two scrolls.

Pretty cool, eh?

4. Helly Hansen: Supersize Search

Helly Hansen is a clothing and sports equipment manufacturer and retailer. They specialize in technical sailing and performance ski apparel, plus premium workwear.

Helly Hansen supersize search

Helly Hansen has a super-sized search bar that shows relevant suggestions, product categories, and images of top products related to the search term. Plus, it comes with an autocomplete option that presents results even when the search term hasn’t been entered in full.

What’s more: you can find the search bar on all website pages. This is helpful as users can land on any page of your eCommerce site. 

5. Fairway and Greene: Build the Experience

Fairway and Greene is a brand that stands for the lifestyle of golf and deals in apparel for it.

Fairway and greene eCommerce homepage example

And naturally, their website builds on that experience.

How? Through well-clicked lifestyle shots, curated collections, well-crafted copy, and an overall aesthetic that represents their brand language.

6. Flawless CBD: Showoff your Products

Flawless CBD is an innovative, new-age CBD company that offers the full range of CBD products and equipment.

Flawless CBD showing off your products on the homepage

Their products are cool and they know that. That’s why they show them off every chance they get.

One scroll in and you’re already seeing their entire collection. And you know why that works? Because customers LOVE when they can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Give them the chance to do that.

7. Case-Mate: Catalog the Categories

Case-Mate is a retailer that specializes in offering stylish phone cases and mobile accessories.

Case-Mate categories on homepage

When you visit their website, you can see multiple categories on their main menu. These categories indicate the type of product you will find if you hover over one of the links. You can also view high-quality images of the products along with their name on the menu itself, which gives visitors an idea about what kind of products they can expect from that category.

Further, each category also has a drop-down menu that showcases various subcategories. This makes the search simpler, helping users find what they’re looking for with just a glance at the menu.

8. Terra Origin: Put Carousels to use

Terra Origin is a store that offers nutraceutical supplements made with ingredients that are natural and backed by science.

Terra Origin carousels on homepage

They’ve got a wide range of products that serve a variety of benefits — and they’ve found a way to honor them all right on the masthead of the website.

How? Through carousels. By bringing to the front the bestsellers of each variety, they’re showcasing their range of products and telling customers why they should shop there as soon as they enter.

9. Fungi Ally: Aesthetic, always

Fungi Ally is a mushroom cultivation and education business that provides products that help you enjoy, cultivate and even learn about Fungi.

Fungi Ally aesthetic homepage

They’re a fun, natural brand that believes in the power of mushrooms — and you know that from the minute you log on to their website.

They maintain a beautiful aesthetic across their homepage and use the various sections as statements into their brand. 

10. Tinker Watches: Play with Vision

Tinker Watches is an innovative watch brand that brings together the finest materials from around the world to build high-quality, minimal watches.

Tinker Watches aesthetic homepage

It has a simple homepage that uses a clear and simple website design with elegant typography and professional images. Further, it doesn’t include any unnecessary multimedia elements and uses a lot of whitespaces.

Not only does it prevent visitors from getting distracted from the main purpose of the store, but it also makes the website load faster, reducing the bounce rate.

11. Found: Be Clever with your Copy

Found is a weight loss company that provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss with personalized solutions, dedicated personnel, and an active community.

Found clever homepage copy

The name itself — Found — is great for a weight loss company. It shows that they’re clever and witty yet subtle about it.

The rest of the copy follows suit — from headers like “Weight care, your way” to CTAs like “Love your weight care journey”, Found cleverly uses their homepage to introduce the brand in a positive light.

12. Hatton Jewellers: Clean & conscious

Hatton Jewellers is a retailer that specializes in providing luxury jewelry, engagement rings, and diamonds to the elite.

Hatton Jewellers clean design

And their website reflects that. With conscious placements and a clean design, they portray the sales parts of their brand without digressing from the luxury brand appeal they have built.

They also end the page with some authentic user reviews to reinforce their brand value through social proof.

13. Stance: Use Pop-Ups with a Purpose

Stance finds individual appeal in socks, underwear, and apparel and uses it to help you define parts of your personality.

Stance meaningful popups

And they’ve got huge demand — global demand. That’s why they use the very first Pop-Up to tell their audience about that.

Not only does that put them in a good light, it also lets people know they’re available to shop from — wherever the customer may be.

14. MoreLabs: Lead with Social Proof

MoreLabs is the brand of a dietary supplement specializing in products that help in the body's natural detoxification, improve sleep, boosts immunity, and offer various digestive benefits.

More Labs uses social proof in homepage

MoreLabs displays reviews from customers worldwide on their homepage. They ask customers to post their experiences online on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, notice how they showcase the number of customers as another social proof.

15. BlackMilk: Be YOUnique

BlackMilk is known for its unique approach to fashion with apparel that helps people stand out.

BlackMilk unique homepage

And their homepage is just as unique as their brand. It’s got colors that pop, collections that are fun, and absolutely killer visuals.

Plus, they use the bottom half of their eCommerce homepage to show off their community.

Pretty cool!

16. Eloquii: Bring in a Human touch

Eloquii is a fashion label that caters almost exclusively to plus-size women.

Eloquii brand-focused homepage

And their homepage puts them at the forefront of the brand.

As soon as you open the website, you’re welcomed by great lifestyle shots of women owning the outfits.

Their entire website is set up as an aesthetically pleasing grid that focuses on the main aspect of their business: the customer.

17. Poo~Pourri: Show off your USPs

Poo~Pourri is a fragrance company that creates and sells odor-eliminating sprays for toilets. Since they’re selling a product to people who are embarrassed about how their bathroom smells, they use humorous ways to make the overall situation funny and okay to laugh. 

Poo~Pourri USPs

That’s exactly how they’ve crafted their value proposition “Tell bathroom odor to buzz off!” — short and simple yet funny. It also outlines the benefits their products offer to customers.

18. Aloha: Get creative with Animation

Aloha is a store that offers organic plant-based foods, snacks, and meal replacements. Their clientele is one that likes to be on the move.

Aloha creative animations

And so is their website. They use a very clean animation design to give the page a flow as you move past its various elements.

But the best part is that the page load speed is still up to the mark.

Great visuals & smooth functionality? ✓✓✓

19. Eve Sleep: Incentivize their move

Eve Sleep is an award-winning company that offers gorgeous yet comfortable mattresses.

Eve Sleep, discount on homepage

They use the masthead of their website to “make your dreams sweeter” with a 35% discount that pleasantly surprises all those who come upon it.

20. Aviya: Be Loud (Sometimes)

Aviya is a mattress brand that produces a hybrid mattress using a combination of foam and coal layers. The mattress works with all bed types, such as standard beds, slatted beds, or adjustable base.

Aviya homepage banner

Aviya was recently running a “Year End Sale” campaign on its eCommerce website, offering a $200 discount plus free shipping on every Aviya mattress purchase. You can see a huge banner on their homepage in which they’ve displayed their sales offer with different background colors and font sizes.

21. Volcom: Personalize the experience

Volcom is a lifestyle brand that designs and sells durable, stylish clothing and accessories for snowboarders, skateboarders, and surfers. 

Volcom ecommerce personalization

Volcom leverages different kinds of product recommendations placed on the homepage to keep the visitors engaged and help them explore more items for themselves. With a “New Collections” and “Most popular Right Now” section, they nudge visitors to explore their new and most popular collection, thereby increasing their chances of conversion. For regular customers, it also offers a “Continue Shopping” section so they can continue buying items related to the last purchase.

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22. Glo: Show off an Award Winning Product

Glo is a beauty brand that knows its products are bang for the buck – and isn't afraid to show so:

Glo homepage example ecommerce

This eCommerce homepage shows how to use a hero image to continue a message.

Glo’ features an award-winning range and puts it under a ‘spotlight’ with the heading, product description, and hero image. 

Apart from that, the whole first fold is filled with subtle nudges like a loyalty program (note the sticky button). 

Also, notice the navigation menu with just the right number of items.

23. Legion: Target window shoppers

Legion is a health and wellness brand that creates organic supplements for all kinds of health goals.

Legion's homepage targets window shoppers

Their homepage too is set to grab attention and get the sale. 

With clever color coding, the word ‘sale’ is highlighted in red, along with a tiered discount with free shipping. 

Legion also highlights its USPs, social proof, crisp product copy, and a direct CTA to the category page. 

What's more: The copy is cleverly set to help new users discover products with their quiz funnel (note the ‘Take the Quiz' CTA).

24. Pacifica: Let the CTA do the Talking

Pacifica is a beauty brand that dabbles in skincare, haircare, and fragrances—while being completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Pacifica uses a solid CTA button to do the bidding

The vibes hit right with a fold filled with a vibrant display of products from a new collection. 

What's amazing here is that you have to just take one look at the screen—and you will know what Pacifica does. 

Pacifica quickly drops the tagline on the nav bar and a short callback below the CTA that reads “iconic scents since 1997.”

The visuals come together with a conversational CTA—which asks you to dive deeper into the new products.

25. Pelotan: Speak to your community

Pelotan doesn't try all too hard to focus on its product—instead, it talks about its community (and their shared interests):

Pelotan crisp homepage example that focuses on community

This eCommerce homepage example shows what a good homepage copy should be: focused on the customer. 

Pelotan focuses on what their product does for their community—instead of writing long, detailed descriptions about what the product is made of.

It lists notable names – tells what the product does – and tells its audience to just go out – and do what they love.

26. Purlisse: Show your cause

Purlisse is a DTC beauty brand that brings the magic of Asian skincare to women everywhere, every day.

Purlisse shows a cause on its homepage

Their homepage too carries the spirit of saving and giving—on highlight is a bundle that aims to give back for women's empowerment.

27. Rains: Make it cinematic 

Rains is a fashion brand that makes every-weather apparel look gooood

However, Rain’s eCommerce homepage is straight out of a movie:

Rain's cinematic homepage example

—No product descriptions – no CTA buttons – no conventional design – yet it does everything an eCommerce homepage should. 

The homepage features a full-sized image of a model wearing the product with a simple text overlay, “The Icons.”

28. Rxbar: Just cut the B.S.

RXBar is a protein bar manufacturer that loves its honesty when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing processes or the way they operate.

RXBar is straightforward with their homepage

Their eCommerce homepage too carries that spirit – it starts with a bold font and a bold claim. 

The usual elements are all there: the coupon code on the notification bar, the sticky welcome offer, and more. 

To back it up is the product display on the banner – with the ingredients laid out bare.

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Your UX Matters Everywhere

An eCommerce website homepage is the most important aspect of your online business. It is the face of your company and the entry point to all other pages, products, and services on your platform. It should be designed to provide a striking first impression that appeals to customers and makes them return for more.

As you’ve seen in the examples below, a good homepage design doesn’t just require good visuals. To truly be effective, it should be a mix of some of the top best practices that are relevant to your business. What are five you can adopt from this blog?

Experiment with them, see what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, bring your own characteristic appeal into it.

Remember — customers aren’t just betting on another business in your industry, they’re betting on you. Bring yourself into the game.

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