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9 Shopify Cart Page Customizations That Boost Conversion Rate

Reduce cart page drop-offs with these proven Shopify store customizations!

9 Shopify Cart Page Customizations That Boost Conversion Rate

The bad news → cart abandonment is a consistent problem that has haunted Shopify stores for decades. 

The good news → you can experiment with strategies and nudge shoppers to check out more.  

Here are the top customizations Shopify stores can apply to reduce cart page drop-offs.       

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

1. Upgrade the “progress bar“

Most eCommerce shoppers expect free shipping

Go one step ahead and make it conditional. 

See how Fly by Jing does it on their Shopify store cart page: 

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

Here are some tips on implementing ‘free shipping’ as a Shopify cart page customization:

✔️Offer free shipping based on purchasing a certain quantity of items, buying from a particular category, or selecting a specific product variant. 

✔️Create tiered free shipping options based on different spending thresholds. For example, offer standard free shipping for orders over $50, express free shipping for orders over $100, and so on. 

✔️Surprise your customers with occasional mystery free shipping events. This can generate excitement and curiosity, leading to increased engagement and sales.

✔️Use geo-targeting to customize promotions based on the shopper's location as a personalized experience.

✔️Introduce time-sensitive free shipping, such as "Free Shipping Happy Hour" during specific hours of the day, to create a sense of urgency and excitement among your customers.

2. Add a ‘gifting’ cue

Gifting tactics can enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat business, and drive sales. 

It also adds a touch of convenience, especially during the holiday season

Here are some Shopify gifting strategies to apply on the cart page:

✔️Offer surprise add-ons or free gifts for purchases over a certain amount.

✔️Provide the option for customers to include a personalized message with the gift. 

✔️Introduce collaborative gifting features that allow multiple people to contribute to a single gift purchase. 

✔️Show optional gift-wrapping services during the checkout process.

This way, shoppers can add a thoughtful touch to the customer's purchase, especially during holidays or special occasions. Here’s how The Outrage does it:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Display information about the packaging of the items, emphasizing if they are shipped in discreet packaging or if the packaging is specifically designed to maintain the surprise for gift recipients.

✔️Ensure that the return policy for gifts is clearly communicated on the cart page. This way, customers can know that they can easily return or exchange gifts if needed.

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3. Write unique messaging 

Copy can create a seamless and enjoyable user experience. 

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of cart page messaging varies based on your target audience, industry, and overall brand strategy. 

Here are some tips on how to craft unique messaging for Shopify cart pages:

✔️Show messaging that promotes special deals, bundle offers, or free shipping thresholds can motivate customers to add more items to their cart, ultimately increasing the average order value. (For example, "Save even more! Bundle items together and enjoy a special discounted price. Your savings are just a click away.")

✔️Write urgency-focused messages, such as limited-time discounts or low-stock notifications to prompt shoppers to make a quicker decision and complete their purchase. (For example, "Hurry! Complete your purchase now to unlock a limited-time discount. Your savings await!")

✔️Add encouraging copy, even on the empty cart page. See how Adored Vintage urges shoppers to explore new arrivals:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

4. Experiment with discount strategies  

Discounts are cart page ‘defaults’. 

If you don’t offer them, shoppers will bounce off.   

Here are some tips on how to implement discount craft unique messaging for Shopify cart pages:

✔️Offer mystery discounts where customers don't know the exact percentage until they reach the checkout. 

✔️Be subtle with your personalization. Instead of interrupting the user experience, you can utilize a discount teaser that expands when clicked on. See how Goodfair does it on their Shopify cart page:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Use artificial scarcity techniques by displaying limited quantities of discounted items on the cart page.

✔️Implement an interactive countdown timer for limited-time discounts directly on the cart page. The visual element creates a sense of urgency and encourages quicker decision-making.

✔️Encourage customers to share their user-generated content, such as photos or reviews, and offer discounts as a thank-you gesture. 

✔️Integrate an interactive chatbot on the cart page that engages with customers and offers personalized discounts based on their preferences, questions, or needs.

5. Take the sustainability route  

Implementing sustainable practices on the cart page can not only contribute to a positive brand image but also resonate with environmentally conscious customers. 

Here are some tips on how to implement sustainable tactics for Shopify cart pages:

✔️Emphasize products sourced locally to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. 

✔️Integrate a carbon footprint calculator on the cart page, allowing customers to see the estimated environmental impact of their purchase.

You can also show relevant messaging, see how Tentree does it with sustainability cues:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Highlight and encourage customers to choose eco-friendly packaging options during checkout.

You can also offer discounts for customers who opt for minimal packaging or recyclable materials.

✔️Encourage customers to make sustainable choices by opting for ‘subscribe & save’ or ‘refilling’ options. 

✔️Create a green loyalty program that rewards customers for making sustainable choices.

You can also implement a recycling program where customers can return packaging materials or old products for recycling. 

6. Use smart cues   

Shoppers on the cart page often hesitate before making a decision. 

In such scenarios, smart cues can enhance the overall shopping experience

Here are some tips on how to implement smart cues on Shopify cart pages to drive more sales:

✔️Inform customers about low stock levels for items in their cart.

For example, display a message like ‘Hurry! Only 2 left in stock’ to create a sense of urgency and encourage a quicker purchase decision. See how Goodee does it:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Implement real-time purchase notifications that show when other customers have recently purchased the same or similar items.

Social proof can create a sense of popularity and urgency, encouraging the current customer to complete their purchase.

✔️Offer personalized product recommendations based on the items already in the customer's cart. For example, ‘Customers who bought [Product X] also loved [Product Y].’

✔️If an item in the cart is currently out of stock, provide a smart cue offering customers the option to join a waitlist for notification when the item is back in stock.

✔️Set up offer exclusive discounts or incentives to shoppers who are about to leave the cart page without completing their purchase.

✔️Display smart cues indicating the customer's progress toward earning loyalty program rewards. For example, ‘You're only 70 points away from your next reward. Add more to your cart and earn extra points!’

7. Make your customer support engaging 

As we spoke earlier, shoppers hesitate the most on the cart page. 

That’s why customer support on the cart page is important to address any concerns or questions customers may have before checkout

Here are some tips on how to make your customer support more human on Shopify cart pages:

✔️Show a concise and clear FAQ section on the cart page. You can address common queries related to shipping, returns, payment methods, and other relevant topics. This way, shoppers can find quick answers without contacting support.

✔️Provide real-time assistance to customers who may have questions about products, shipping, or discounts. Also, ensure that the live chat is easily accessible with a humanized and friendly name and copy. See how Pela Case does it:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Offer a click-to-call option where customers can easily connect with customer support via phone.

✔️Include a visible email support option on the cart page for shoppers who prefer email communication.

✔️Enable an interactive guided tour on the cart page, using a virtual assistant or chatbot to walk customers through the checkout process.

✔️Integrate instant language translation support on the cart page. Shoppers who prefer to communicate in a language other than the default can easily switch languages for better understanding and assistance.

✔️Provide social shopping features directly on the cart page, allowing customers to seek opinions from their social network before purchasing.

8. Try multiple payment options 

Research shows that by 2026, the most popular eCommerce payment methods globally are expected to be: 

  • digital wallets (54%), 
  • credit cards (16%) and 
  • debit cards (10%).

Furthermore, the mobile payments market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36.2% between 2023 to 2030.

Here are some tips on how to enable payment strategies on Shopify cart pages:

✔️Offer diverse payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. Include credit/debit cards, digital wallets (e.g., PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay), and alternative payment methods (e.g., Klarna, Afterpay)

✔️Instead of guest checkout, offer shoppers a reward to sign up. See how Allbirds does it:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Introduce split payment options or installment plans for higher-priced items. 

✔️Display prices in the customer's local currency to provide clarity and prevent any surprises during the checkout process.

✔️Implement biometric authentication options for secure and convenient payments. This can include fingerprint recognition or facial recognition, adding an extra layer of security and ease for customers.

9. Be clear about shipping information

When customers are ready to purchase an item, they want to be sure they're getting the best possible deal. 

Showing important information on cart pages can build trust and credibility with your customers, and it can also help increase sales.

Here are some tips on how to be transparent about important information on Shopify cart pages:

✔️Provide transparent shipping details, including estimated delivery times, shipping carriers, and any available shipping options. See how Velasca does it:

How to Customize Your Shopify Cart Page for More Sales

✔️Clearly communicate your return and refund policies on the cart page. This includes information on how returns are processed, any associated fees, and the timeframe within which customers can initiate returns.

✔️If pre-order options are available, be transparent about expected release dates, shipping timelines, and any potential delays. This way, shoppers are fully informed before making a pre-order purchase.

✔️Provide information about the entire lifecycle of the product, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life considerations. 


1. How do I edit my cart page in Shopify? or How to edit cart page in Shopify?

If you’re comfortable working with code, then you can edit the cart.liquid file in your theme. Otherwise, you can use the built-in Shopify editor to make changes to your cart page.

In the Shopify editor, go to Online Store > Themes > Edit HTML/CSS. In the Templates directory, click on cart.liquid.

Here, you can edit the cart page elements as per your preference. 

2. How customizable is a Shopify checkout? 

You can’t change this structure and checkout logic. What you can do revolves around changing the page’s appearance and adding extra fields. 

Currently, only Shopify Plus merchants can edit the checkout logic through checkout.liquid template. However, it can be too risky, and Shopify itself isn’t happy about it.

You can tweak a lot of features using various Shopify apps. 

Shopify also announced a one-page checkout for all Shopify members.

To activate the new checkout follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Shopify store admin > Settings > Checkout

Step 2: At the top of the section, you should see an informational banner about the upcoming auto-update. Step 3: Click on the "Update checkout now" button. Alternatively, you can also check the preview by clicking the link "Preview the new one-page checkout"

Go to your store and test it properly

3. What are some common elements to add to your Shopify cart page?

Shopify offers a pre-defined checkout process for all merchants. 

It works fast and securely with no extra effort from your side. 

However, there are some elements you might want to tweak to make the checkout more fitting to your store’s design.

Here are some elements to consider while editing your Shopify cart page:

  • Add your logo to the cart and checkout page
  • Modify the colors of cart page sections, text, links, and buttons according to your brand language.
  • Add a branded banner or a relevant image as a header. 
  • Add a checkout timer.
  • Let customers sign up for email and SMS updates.
  • Add trust badges.
  • Show contact details or other helpful information.
  • Make the order summary sticky.

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