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Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

Shopify thank you pages can leave a lasting impression. Continue the buyer journey with easy-to-implement thank you page customizations.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

Using a generic thank you page you got from your current Shopify theme is doing nothing for your business.

With a little customization, you can get more customers, increase your sales and double your revenue

Your Thank You page is the final page your users see after completing an action on your website.

It is mostly displayed after completing the steps on the checkout page.

This post will show you why it’s important to customize your Shopify thank you page.

It will also show some customization options you should consider implementing with examples.

Why Should You Customize Your Shopify Thank You Page?

On average, Thank You pages get a 100% open rate which means every user you ever acquire will view this page. That’s a lot of people you can further convert.

Making both minor and major customisations on your Shopify Thank You page is important because of the impression it leaves on your users. 

  • Using a template will not leave that lasting impression. In fact, it will make them feel like just another statistic.
  • A well-customized Thank You page can significantly improve your customer lifetime value: Depending on what you add to this page, your users will carry out more conversion actions, make repeat purchases and even increase their average order value the next time they shop.
  • Your Thank You page is also a great way to clear any ambiguity after checkout. Your users will know that they’ve concluded a transaction and what to do next.

Customizations To Make On Your Shopify Thank You Page

Not sure where to start? Here are 18 customization techniques you can implement in your Shopify Thank You page;

1. Focus on eliminating buyer’s remorse 

75% of people feel upset after shopping due to buyer’s remorse. Use your thank you page to eliminate this remorse they might feel. Do this by really saying thank you. 

Add a very personalized note that’ll remind them of the reason why they chose your brand in the first place.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

From this example above, you can consider;

  • Writing them a signed and very personal thank you note
  • Add an incentive to nudge them into returning to your store.

 2. Prompt guest checkout customers to create account

If you enabled guest checkouts, your thank you page is a great place to remind your users to create an account. 

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

They’d be more likely to sign up here since there’s no hurry to get a deal or lose an item that’s about to run out of stock.

Some specific things to implement with this action are to;

  • Make the signup process even shorter by prompting them to create a password like Etsy above. 
  • You can also integrate SSO’s like Google or Apple.

3. Focus on visual hierarchy

The information you share on your 'Thank You' page is more important than one another, and it is important readers understand and see this as well.

This is where visual hierarchy comes into play.

Visual hierarchy is the way you place every element of your page in such a manner that readers will not lose focus on the most important parts of the page.

This way, you can quickly grab their attention for the next action before they move on.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

Using this clean example from Essentials, you want to;

  • Keep the most important things in bold, distinct colors. 
  • Use an eye catchy image to hold their attention
  • Leave the primary CTA in bold so it stands out from the rest of the page.

4. Increase your social engagements by driving traffic there

Nudge your users to visit your social media pages on your thank you page by adding icons that’ll redirect them there. 

Depending on your needs at the time, you can ask them to follow you, engage with your posts or show off their latest purchase.

Warby Parker, for example, asks its users to share their shopping experience on their socials.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV
  • Take it a step further by making it a contest or adding an incentive. It could be redeemable points, a discount voucher or even a freebie. 
  • Add redirect icons to social media channels your audience uses so it is easier for them to share your content.

5. Improve your referral rates

Don’t just stop at asking your customers to show off their latest acquisition. Ask them to bring in their friends too. 

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV
  • Your Thank You page can be a great referral technique especially when paired with another incentive like a discount in our example above.
  • You also want to make it easy. So be sure they can copy their referral code or link directly from this page like our example.

6.  Ask for feedback with post-purchase surveys

A great time to find out how you can improve your user experience is right after they complete their shopping or download. 

So, we recommend customizing your Thank You page by adding a few questions for your users.

It could be an NPS survey, one short question with a rating scale or an open-ended one.

7. Offer further customer support

94% of customers will most likely make a return purchase after a great experience.

Contrary to what most business owners think, the experience doesn’t end at checkout. It continues until they receive and use your product. 

  • You want to restate that you’ll be there for them even after the purchase. 
  • Use your page to show off services like your return policy, tracking information, FAQ pages and any other ways they can contact you to get information about their purchase.

8. Incentivise repeat purchases through a discount

A great way to guarantee that your customers will make a repeat purchase is by making them an offer they cannot refuse. 

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV
  • Give them a discount that’ll nudge them to return to your store
  • It should be time-bound (dependent on how frequently the average shopper makes a purchase)

9. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

Over 50% of online shoppers use their phones to complete a purchase worldwide.

This means that the probability of people viewing your Thank You page on a mobile device is super high.

So, you need to ensure that it’s optimized for their viewing;

  • Start by choosing a mobile responsive template on Shopify or WooCommerce. 
  • You also don’t want to display any pop-ups on this page so they don’t get distracted from your customization. 
  • Use proper fonts with a much wider spacing so your buttons are clickable on mobile.

10. Clearly show product tracking data

After their purchase, your customers might want to track their orders or confirm that they made the right choice.

This is why you should customize your Thank You page to be a form of receipt.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

Show their order number, what they ordered, a tracking number, order date and other details they might be interested in. 

11. Add the right CTAs

Your CTAs have to be compelling and clear enough so your users know what they are doing when they click on that link or button.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

So don’t just use generic words like ‘Back’ or ‘Send’. Be descriptive

12. Make the announcements for your future campaigns

If you’re not very keen on making your customers take action on your Thank You page, you can use it as an awareness channel instead. 

  • Create exclusivity by announcing your upcoming campaigns with them first. 
  • Give them a peek into your new product ranges, holiday promos and items that you’ll be launching soon. 
  • You can also give them an exclusive voucher so they can be the first to get these products.

13. Ask for newsletter signups

Your Thank You page is also a great place to get new subscribers for your newsletters.

With a simple nudge and a compelling incentive, direct the traffic you get from this page to your newsletters. 

Just be sure that you separate these users into different segments and provide them with relevant content.

14. Add subtle post-purchase upsells and cross-sells

While this is very effective on the product and checkout page, it’s also a great way to increase their average order value.

Just be sure that they have nothing to lose when they do this. 

Amazon for example, always upsells products after checkout, particularly to their Prime members.

This is because, when a user doesn’t need to pay for another shipping cost, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase again.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV

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15. Gather zero party data

Your Thank You page is also a great way to get more information on how you could improve their next purchase or what relevant ads to show. 

A great example is how Harry asks questions that tie into the user’s recent purchase below.

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV
  • Think about what specific details you’ll need. For example, you can ask for their birthday details to send more personalized discount emails. 
  • Make it easy to fill out. Preferably a single-form field or question.

16. Reinforce your brand’s philosophy

After checkout is also a great time to show your customers what you stand for. That’s because they can choose to come back because of it. 

Shopify Thank You Page: 18 Customizations That Boost AOV
  • Like Divina, remind them that their purchase has just helped a small business grow. 
  • Show them that you source your materials ethically or that your products are very environmentally friendly. 
  • Think about what makes you different and strategically place it on this Thank You page. 

17. Provide additional content

Don’t just take from your customers, give back. Do this by sharing additional resources you think they’ll like or find useful. 

  • It could be in any format - blog posts, links to a podcast, or even an ebook 
  • The key is to always tie it into what they’d be interested in. If they bought cloths, send them resources around that purchase.

18. A/B test your thank you page

The most important customization you can make is testing all the changes you make.

Not every option will work for your brand and so, this is how you can know what works from what doesn’t.  

Create variations of your Thank You page and show them to different customer segment groups for at least two weeks.

Compare the conversion rates before setting the most effective one live.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thank You Pages

Q1: What is a Shopify Thank You page? 

Shopify Thank You page is the web page displayed immediately after a customer completes the checkout. It often contains the order confirmation along with other marketing campaigns. 

Q2: How do I edit my Shopify Thank You page?

You can edit your Shopify Thank You page by adding custom code to your theme or editing the CSS and Javascript directly. 

For direct modifications, do this by visiting Settings> Checkout> Order processing> Additional scripts.

To add a custom code to your theme visit; Themes > Actions > Add custom code

Q3: How do I add a Thank You page on Shopify? 

Your Shopify Thank You page automatically comes with your Shopify store. So you only need to customize the default Thank You page.

Q4: Where is the Thank You page URL on Shopify?

To find your Shopify Thank You page URL on Shopify, visit your Dashboard> Settings> Checkout> Order processing> Thank You Page.

Q5: Does the Thank You Page impact SEO?

If your Shopify Thank You page is indexed, it means anyone can see this page. You want to make sure it can only be viewed after a purchase. So we recommend adding a “No index, follow” tag to prevent it from being indexed.

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