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10 Inspiring 4th of July email campaigns

Looking for some cool independence day campaign ideas? Here are 10 4th of July email campaign ideas to take inspiration from. Check it out.

10 Inspiring 4th of July email campaigns

There are many reasons people love the independence day celebration - the fireworks, the hotdogs and burgers, the beers, the parties and above all, the history. But another big reason that excites the people in America about this day is … you guessed it - Shopping!

But people don’t buy from anywhere and everywhere. Everybody runs campaigns, discounts and offers but the secret to grabbing people’s attention is to stand out. 

That’s what we’ll cover in this article - 10 brands that ran creative and fresh email campaigns to bank a massive amount of sales during the 4th of July holiday. 

1. Like Twice (An explosive creative)

Like twice independence day email campaign

What’s great about the campaign by LIke twice is that it plays on the love for fireworks in its copy, coupon and creative. 

While the discount offered is great , the copy (Burst into fourth of uly with a bang) doesn’t miss out on adding the personality and energy that people love in a brand - that’s what compels people to click on the CTA

Lastly, the CTA isn’t too jazzy and confusing, it’s simple enough to compliment the excitement in the messaging. 

2. Brit Co (Product recommendation at its finest)

Brit Co independence day email campaign

Popular cooking and home decor brand, Brit+Co, takes a different approach and puts all of its cards together. 

Here, the theme focuses more on the colors of the flag and the campaign pitches products that align with that theme. 

The underlying messaging however is ever more focused - celebrating the holiday at the beach. 

We love the fact that they display multiple product options that stick to the beach vibe but target different interests. 

The product pitch and call to action is unique to each type and perfectly balances the fun and energy of the holiday with the respect to the history. 

To top it all off, they make it convenient for the ones who just want to check out everything, they place a final CTA at the bottom. 

3. Greater Houston Orthodontists (A contest that creates curiosity)

Greater houston orthodontists independence day email campaign

Occasions like this are definitely a great time to run a competitor or a fun game to get people curious about your store. Greater Houston Orthodontists does this really well. 

What we love about this (besides how they rock the tricolor) is that it doesn’t sell any product or service immediately and rather gets people interested about the brand instead. 

Another thing that stands out to us is how well they leverage “less is more” in their copy. They trigger the audience’s curiosity by just providing information about what they win. This drives more clicks and engagement. 

Just an FYI -  your giveaways don’t have to be really expensive. Something like a gift card for amazon or any other popular retailer also works. In fact, a free product or service from your brand also proves to be valuable. 

4. Williams-Sonoma (Repping USA made products)

Williams Sonoma independence day email campaign

Nothing sells like hot cakes more than “Made in the USA” products. A great example of this is WIlliams Sonoma’s 'American made favorites' campaign

As simple as it looks, it rocks their American made products really well. The sense of urgency (‘Limited time only”) along with the big and bold offer makes this campaign very compelling. 

The call to action reminds the visitor of what they save and hence makes it very clickable

5. Zappos (Intelligent product placement)

Zappos independence day email campaign

Zappos, a popular footwear store, leverages the art of product placement to drive more interest towards their brand.

What’s so creative about it? - Instead of just repping the U.S flag, they use converse sneakers to create the flag. These shoes were produced in the USA prior to 2001, making the sentiment even stronger. 

While the copy is just straightforward and short, it's the visuals that win people over to this store.  

6. Homage (Finding a unique but fun niche)

Homage independence day email campaign

Online apparel brand, Homage, picked a fun niche to promote their brand on independence day. 

A small general knowledge lesson if you don’t know - every year on the 4th of July, the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is held in Brooklyn, New York. 

Tapping into the hype around this event, Homage created a cool “Hotdog eating champion t-shirt” to bag some sales a couple of days prior to the contest. 

To keep the messaging fun but still patriotic, they circle their copy around paying homage to popular competitive eaters. 

At the end, the 30% off adds a gentle nudge to drive more sales.

7. H&M (Smart discount campaigns)

H&M independence day email campaign

World renowned clothing brand H&M also picked something different to market their store - the number 4. 

By creating a line of $4 clothing options, they connected with the audience from a sales standpoint while still celebrating the occasion. 

The added incentive in free shipping motivates customers to increase their cart value

Last but not least, the placement is just where it should be - the first fold - attracting the visitors immediately. 

8. Christopher & Banks (Something for everyone)

C&B independence day email campaign

C&B created something for everyone through the “Bold stripes, bright stars” campaign. What stood out to us is how it starts with an incentive to catch the attention of the reader and proceeds to offer more value through their multiple discounts

It’s also pretty smart that they started by pitching their latest products and then later ended it by pushing a clearance sale.

9. Fragrant Jewels (Letting customers choose their gifts)

Fragrant Jewels independence day email campaign

Another great format of a contest to drive customers to your site. Fragrant jewels ran a very engaging scratch to win campaign that allowed participants to choose from a set of prizes. 

Once the participant clicks on the CTA, they are presented with a line of numbers to choose from. The one they pick reveals their gift. This combined with the value of each gift makes this more compelling than other contests

10. Tuxtonhome (A subtle way to get more from customers)

Tuxtonhome independence day email campaign

Tuxtonhome focuses equally on promoting their social media profiles as they do their products.

What stands out in this campaign is how subtle yet smartly they use visual marketing. The offer they pitch is a BOGO and the images showcase two of each product while repping the flag colors. 

They end it with a CTA to follow them on instagram and individual CTAs to view their products - getting the best of both goals.

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