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23 Inspiring 4th of July Email Campaigns (& 12 Great Subject Lines)

Looking for some cool independence day campaign ideas? Here are 23 really cool ideas for your 4th of July email campaigns plus 12 email subject lines. Check it out.

23 Inspiring 4th of July Email Campaigns (& 12 Great Subject Lines)

There are many reasons people love the Independence Day celebration – the fireworks, the hotdogs, the burgers, the beers, the parties, and above all – the history. But another big reason that excites the people in America about this day is … you guessed it – Shopping!

In fact, Americans spent an estimated $13.8 billion on the 4th of July in 2022.

But people don’t buy from anywhere and everywhere. Everybody runs campaigns, discounts, and offers, but the secret to grabbing people’s attention is to stand out. 

That’s what we’ll cover in this article:

23 Inspiring Ideas For Your 4th of July Email Campaigns

1. Compass Coffee: Showcase your brand value

4th of July campaign from Compass Coffee

77% of customers buy from brands that share the same value as them. Apart from the discount, Compass Coffee includes its brand value in its 4th of July email to convey two things:

a) they are ‘American-made

b) they are vets who are die-hard fans of coffee  

💡 Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to link to your blog content – this is exactly what makes this 4th of July email campaign take the cake.

By linking to their blog, Compass Coffee can establish more value – handle objections with long-form copy – and educate customers on a bit of history.

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2. Oru Kayak: Move over FOMO, use JOMO

JOMO 4th of july email campaign from Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak decided to move away from the FOMO tactic and celebrate the JOMO instead. JOMO stands for Joy of missing out. 

Instead of trying to promote a lifestyle – they stay true to their roots – and offer subscribers gifts that make sense. Like a free waterproof case with every purchase.

Note how they take a step away from charm pricing – and slash prices with price anchoring instead. Also, if you haven’t noticed, the bundle here is a decoy. 😉 

💡 Pro Tip: Explain the value proposition first – then upsell or cross-sell recommendations as Oru Kayak does. 

3. Camp Chef: Offer military benefits

Camp Chef's 4th of July email newsletter

Not all July 4th emails have to give out discounts. You can simply honor your American roots and veterans as Camp Chef does. 

The topping on this awesome cake? This email works as a solid referral magnet – as there’s no bar in eligibility from active or retired personnel. 

Remember: 95% of active and retired US military personnel view brands that offer discounts to active and former military personnel as patriotic and caring about veterans. 

💡 Pro Tip: Consider adding a section about veteran benefits (if you offer one) in every email.

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4. Vat 19: Create a mini history lesson

Vat 19: Fourth July Quiz with nostalgic gifts

Fun facts. Curated Collectibles. Feedback. This email has everything you can expect from a 4th of July email. 

However, it's the design that takes the cake for us. There's so much information – yet makes for a great scroll (even on mobile). 

💡 Pro Tip: Use discount tiers that customers can unlock by answering by correctly answering. However, ensure customers don’t feel frustrated by having to unlock basic discounts.

5. Williams-Sonoma: Show your ‘USA-made’ rep

Williams Sonoma: fourth of july email

Nothing sells like hotcakes more than “Made in the USA” products. A great example of this is Williams Sonoma’s 'American made favorites' campaign. 

As simple as it looks, it rocks their American-made products really well. The sense of urgency ("Limited time only”) along with the big and bold offer makes this campaign very compelling. 

💡 Pro Tip: Quantify and remind subscribers of what they save in your call-to-action copy (which will make it very clickable). 

6. Zappos: Intelligently place products in your 4th of July emails

Zappos independence day email campaign

Zappos, a popular footwear store, leverages the art of product placement through visual cues in their 4th of July newsletter. 

What’s so creative about it? The visuals evoke nostalgia. Instead of just reppin’ the star-spangled banner, they use Converse sneakers to create the flag. These shoes were produced in the USA prior to 2001, making the sentiment even stronger. 

💡 Pro Tip: The fourth is a sentimental holiday – this is why we recommend not using the flag directly on your products. Note how the visuals alone win people over in this 4th of July email example. 

A quick stat: 92.6% of customers opine that visual dimension is the #1 factor influencing their purchase decision. 

7. Homage: Find a unique but fun niche challenge

Homage independence day: july 4th emails

Online apparel brand, Homage, pays homage to winners of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held in Brooklyn, New York, every 4th of July. How?

By creating a cool “Hotdog-eating champion t-shirt” – and throwing in a challenge. This, again, ties directly to the theme of 4th July BBQs – and helps bag sales from people intending to hold barbeque parties. 

💡 Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add a gentle nudge about your discounts – note how the copy highlights a 30% off at the end to drive more sales from emails.

8. H&M: Go 4 for 4 with smart discount campaigns

H&M smart discounts:: email marketing campaign examples

World-renowned clothing brand H&M also picked something different to market their store – the number 4. 

By creating a line of $4 clothing options, they connected with the audience from a sales standpoint while still celebrating the occasion. 

The added incentive of free shipping motivates customers to increase their cart value. 

💡 Pro Tip: Make sure the message is delivered outright in the first fold – note how H&M does this. 

9. Christopher & Banks: Give the freedom of choice with clearance sales

Clearance sales from Christopher and Banks: 4th of july email promotion ideas

C&B created something for everyone through the “Bold stripes, bright stars” campaign. What stood out to us is how it starts with an incentive to catch the attention of the reader and proceeds to offer more value through multiple discounts. 

It’s also pretty smart that they started by pitching their latest products and then ended it by pushing a clearance sale.

💡 Pro Tip: Avoid adding more than three types of offers to any email – this helps avoid choice paralysis.

10. Fragrant Jewels: Let customers choose their gifts

Fragrant Jewels: 4th of july email marketing ideas

Another great format of a contest to drive customers to your site. Fragrant Jewels ran a very engaging scratch-to-win campaign that allowed participants to choose from a set of prizes. 

Once the participant clicks on the CTA, they are presented with a line of numbers to choose from. The one they pick reveals their gift. This combined with the value of each gift makes this more compelling than other contests. 

💡 Pro Tip: Consider adding in a sneak peek of the reward – like a spin-the-wheel type promotion – this gives your Fourth of July email, a ‘carnival’ feel.

11. Flower Beauty: Turn up the FOMO with a ‘last-chance’ nudge

Flower Beauty 4th of July email marketing campaign

Among a gazillion 4th of July sale email examples, Flower Beauty’s email stands out because it happens after the 4th of July. 

A last-chance nudge helps you convert buyers under the apprehension that they missed out on the 4th of July sale. 

💡 Pro Tip: Consider making the product recommendations dynamic, i.e. personalized to the subscriber's browsing/purchase habits. Also, make sure you send a few other types of emails in between to really seal in the FOMO.

12.  The Foggy Dog: Use the endowment effect in your 4th of July emails

the foggy dog 4th of july email marketing

The endowment effect makes people want to level up – provide the best possible option for what they own (or are responsible for).

This 4th of July email campaign from The Foggy Dog gives pet owners an option to collect a patriotic dog collar/bow – that they can show off. 

💡 Pro Tip: Turn your 4th July email into a replenishment email by including some curated rebuy items. Consider using clever copy to paint a picture – and disarm pre-purchase anxiety with a dopamine shot. 

Tl;dr: Cute dogs? Check. Red, White, and Cute? Check. 

13.  Shine Armor: Drive urgency with a countdown

Shine Armor 4th of july email example

A countdown timer isn’t the only highlight of Shine Armor’s July 4th sale email. It comes with a sense of exclusivity and ensures that no one viewing the email will miss out. 

Note how they use two CTA buttons and a discount code while maintaining urgency within their copy. After all, who’s gonna resist getting a 40% discount?

💡 Pro Tip: Consider using this 4th of July email as a template for your re-engagement campaigns.

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14. Athletic Brewing Co.: Make it scarce with limited editions

Athletic Brewing Co. 4th of July email

While scarcity is an age-old tactic, Athletic Brewing Co. takes a minimalist approach to this. 

"4th of July Mixed Packs" is a novel headline that doesn’t start with cliche words and phrases such as ‘Hurry!’ or ‘Offer limited till stocks lasts’. 

💡 Pro Tip: Humor is a great element to retain users – note how the email’s copy concludes on a line that a user will find amusing: “Burgers and not watermelons not included……

15. More: Leverage the Cause and Effect principle

More Labs 4th of July email marketing campaign example

If there’s one thing that you can learn from More Labs's 4th of July email marketing campaign is the use of the law of cause and effect. 

When there’s alcohol, there's got to be a hangover. More Labs gets the point across by using the lines 'YOU’RE IN LUCK!' The 4th of July hangover can now be optional.

💡 Pro Tip: Framing is key – note how this email frames urgency and calls on users to take precautions. Instead of calling it a hangover cure, More Labs calls it ‘the ultimate recovery kit.’ 

16. LOLI: Start a flash sale with a cause

LOLI Fourth of July email campaign

LOLI takes the flash sales route offering 25% off for 24 hours. However, that isn't the only incentive – a 10% donation is too. 

This emphasizes the sense of urgency evoking customers to act. Including flash sales in your 4th of July, email templates can boost your transactional rates by 35%

The CTA ‘TREAT ME’ uses action words and makes customers take notice. 

💡 Pro Tip: Use your microcopy to affirm T&C – while ensuring your email copy shows the correct gist. Note how the microcopy promises “discount will be automatically applied at checkout

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17. Colorescience: Use loss-aversion bias

Colorescience 4th of July email campaign example

Human beings perceive the fear of losing psychologically, twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. 

Here’s a 4th of July email example from Colorescience using the loss aversion bias— avoid getting a sunburn when you go celebrating outdoors on the 4th of July. 

💡 Pro Tip: Use visual cues wisely to drive subtle nudges – note how Colorescience leaves the last checkbox unticked.

18. Paige: Highlight extended benefits 

Paige Independence Day campaign

4th of July needn’t be the only day for customers to use your product. PAIGE in its Independence Day email emphasizes the extended benefit—outfits that you can wear year-round. 

This increases the product's perceived value in the customers' eyes. All while handling objections like payment – note the BNPL payment option on offer. 

💡 Pro Tip: Send this email to your top purchaser segment in terms of average order value. Offer recommendations from your best-selling product categories – or base them out of the buyer’s interactions with your brand. 

19. Bonobos: Drive conversions with copy  

Bonobos 4th of July email wishing Happy 4th of July

A copy driving people to purchase separates the good from the bad. Bonobos highlights personal freedom in its copy. This is an emotional trigger for the users to act, making it a must-have element in your 4th of July email templates. 

💡 Pro Tip: The promo code is a nudge to pursue customers. Online buyers who use promo codes spend 24% more as compared to customers who don't. 

20. Lake Pajamas: Close your 4th of July sale by celebrating your nationality and customers

Lake Pajamas: celebrating USA and customers in their email roundup

Social proof with a side of red white and blue? That's all this post-4th of July email's about. 

By showcasing UGC from customers wearing Lake Pajamas's limited edition Independence Day drop – Lake focuses equally on promoting their social media profiles as they do their products.

Moreover, this Fourth of July email is how a 4th of July email campaign should end. Why: it shows the American dream – inclusion, freedom, and family. 

💡 Pro Tip: Use a “P.S.” for leveraging the bye-now effect (people read more after the word ‘bye’). Inform customers that they will have to stay tuned to get access to the next drop.

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21. Like Twice: Grab attention with GIFs in your creative

4th of july email templates: Like twice independence day email campaign

This 4th of July sale announcement email by Like Twice plays on the love for fireworks in its copy, coupon, and creative. 

While the discount is great, the copy “Burst into fourth of July with a bang” doesn’t miss out on the ‘dynamic’ personality of the brand. It’s what people love – and compels people to click on the CTA

💡 Pro Tip: Avoid over-animating elements in your 4th of July email design – note how the CTA isn’t too jazzy and confusing. It’s simple enough to complement the excitement in the messaging.

22. Brit Co: Recommend red, white, and blue themed products

Brit Co independence day email campaign: 4th of july email

Popular cooking and home decor brand Brit+Co’s fourth of July email's design focuses more on the flag colors. 

But, the genius here is it displays multiple product options that align with the American way of life – celebrating the 4th over a BBQ at the beach. 

The best part? They manage to showcase and target different interests – while continuing the theme on a custom landing page dedicated to the holiday – note the “Shop all 4th of July” CTA.

💡 Pro Tip: Make sure the email doesn’t come across as salesy. Note how the product pitch and call to action are unique for each recommendation – and manage to capture the essence of the fun and energy of this historical holiday.

23. Greater Houston Orthodontists: Create a contest that creates curiosity

Greater houston orthodontists: happy 4th of july email template

Occasions like this are definitely a great time to run a giveaway – and engage your community. Greater Houston Orthodontists does this really well. 

What we love about this email (besides how they rock the tricolor) is that it uses “less is more” in their copy. They trigger the audience’s curiosity by just providing information about what they win. This drives more clicks and engagement. 

💡 Pro Tip: Your giveaways don’t have to be really expensive. Something like a gift card from Amazon or any other popular retailer also works. In fact, a free product or service from your brand also proves to be valuable. 

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4th of July Email Subject Lines that Drive Conversions

You read some kickass 4th of July email campaign examples. But, without riveting subject lines, what good are your emails? 

Here’re twelve 4th of July Subject lines that can get your foot in the door. 

1) “Miss Independent, Your Time Starts Now”

Boohoo 4th of July email subject line

You can learn to present old wine in a bottle from Boohoo

The email subject line addresses the in the first person recipient with an adjective; i.e. ‘Miss Independent’. 

Why does this work?

It’s something new and not repetitive. You could use this sample for your 4th of July emails. 

2) “3 weeks 'til Independence Day!”

Carters 4th of July email subject lines

Here’s a 4th of July email from Carters, if you’re starting your campaign a month before. 

This email subject line works if you intend to remind your users and use it to drive urgency and excitement about sales. 

3) “your 4th of July outfits, assembled.”‍

Tipsy Elves 4th of July email subject line

Using verbs in your email subject lines improves open rates. Tipsy Elves does a great job by using the word ‘assembled’ which grabs your attention. 

4) “Whatcha drinking on the 4th?”

winc 4th of july email subject line

Winc uses a slang contraction in its 4th July email subject lines. When you’re addressing a B2C audience, slang and contractions work well in driving conversions. 

5) “Celebrate Independence Day-your way!”

james avery jewelry 4th of july email subject line

Here’s a subject line that uses a rhyme which is a popular way to grab your user’s attention. James Avery Jewelry keeps it simple here. 

6) “Celebrate Independence Day And Save The Elephants”

Ivory ella 4th of July email subject line

Including a social cause is a street-smart way to grab eyeballs. Ivory Ella uses this 4th of July email subject line in line with its brand value. 

7) “Red, White, or Blue?”

Kiel James Patrick email subject line (4th of July)

Questions elicit responses and Kiel James Patrick keeps it basic. But make sure to add variations to this subject line for your 4th of July emails. 

8) “Take a fourth off all shorts!”

4th of July email subject line of Bonobos, using a quote from Star Wars

Surprise elements in emails pique the reader’s attention and Bonobos does it splendidly. 

9) “July the 4th be with you”

Mizzen+Main 4th of July email subject line

Mizzen+Main must be great fans of Star Wars.

Spin-offs from pop culture phrases can also make good subject lines for the 4th of July campaigns. 

10) “$80 OFF | Planning for the 4th?”

HelloFresh USA 4th of july email subject line

Using discounts and following it up with a question mark is a unique way to increase your open rates. HelloFresh USA leads the way brilliantly with its 4th of July email subject lines. 

11) “🎇 4th of July sale officially starts!”

4th of july sale subject lines: Give a heads-up

Giving a heads up to your customers works because of the Anchoring Bias—the tendency to make decisions based on the first piece of information viewed. Using an exclamation mark stresses the importance of the message. Kudos to Aden+ Anais for putting this into practice.

12) “Stay cool this 4th of July – Last Chance”

4th of july email subject lines: Use verbs to paint sensory imagery

Using verbs like "cool" in your subject lines can help you convey sensory imagery of your product known to increase CTR. Icebreaker does it well.

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