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Top 20 Product Page examples from Australia (eCommerce)

When it comes to product pages, there are a lot of different elements that can make or break the page. So, what makes a great product page? Let’s find out with these 20 Australian brands that do ‘em right.

Top 20 Product Page examples from Australia (eCommerce)

With product pages, there are a lot of different approaches that businesses can take.

Some businesses opt for a simple, straightforward approach, while others go for something a little more flashy and attention-grabbing.

Whichever route you decide to take, it's important to make sure that your product page is effective and informative, and that it helps to convert visitors into customers.

When it comes to product pages, there are a lot of different elements that can make or break the page. So, what makes a great product page? Let’s find out with these 20 Australian brands that do ‘em right.

1. Hommey

Hommey offers a wide range of cushions in a variety of forms, sizes, textures, and colors.

The product listing pages are clean and elegant. They provide users with all the information they need at the first glance without being overwhelming.

The Hommey product detail page focuses entirely on the product itself. This can be effective if you have a product that is fairly straightforward and doesn't require a lot of explanation. In the case of cushions, it does serve a better purpose to use that valuable real estate to provide options for the customer to select color and size and personalize their choice.

2. Subtle Bodies

Subtle Bodies imbibes nature's raw materials to provide an exceptional, natural product free of incense, perfumes, oils, and additives.

The product listing page has a simple and elegant design providing only key insights about the product leaving the rest to the product detail page.

The Subtle Bodies product detail page goes into the depth of the product. This can be helpful if your product is more complex, or if you want to provide more context for potential customers. In the brand’s scenario, they’re channeling copy as a means to build luxury around the products, demonstrate the premium features, and build a larger-than-life appeal for the products.

3. Dirt

Dirt delivers pure and potent Australian-made products. Their biodegradable cleaning products are comprised entirely of natural and plant-based cleaning components.

This type of product page is perfect for products that are straightforward and easy to understand. There are clear Add-To-Cart buttons for customers who want to checkout easily, Top Seller tags to attract new customers, Filters to find them find exactly what they need, and Price Drops to show the available discounts. What’s especially interesting is the grid view Dirt has chosen: certainly stands out from the rest on this list.

The Dirt product detail page communicates the product benefits and addresses any common questions or concerns that potential buyers might have. The Ingredients are clearly explained, FAQs are addressed, and claims are backed with hyperlinks. There is also a CTA button encouraging the customer to add the product to the cart and even subscribe and save.

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4. My Deal is your one-stop shop for everything related to your house. MyDeal takes pride in its low prices and helps customers bag better deals.

Their product listing page is easy to navigate and includes clear, concise information about the products at a glance. It also includes high-quality photos or videos that show off the product in its best light. The tags ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Customer Just Bought’ help incorporate a sense of satisfaction for the customer.

The product detail page starts off with a clear headline that tells customers that they’ll save an extra $10 when they increase their order value. This increases excitement and builds urgency for the customer.

The page also does a good job of using imagery to quickly communicate what the product is and what it does. The image of the carpet itself is prominently displayed, and there are also shots of the carpet against decor, giving you a good sense of how it can look at your home.

5. Teds

Teds is a specialist stocking all major brands and recent photography technology, including digital compact and SLR cameras, HD video cameras, and accessories.

Teds’ product listing page is simple, elegant, and focuses on the product itself. There are no distractions, just clear images of the product and some key information about it. Ted knows that their products speak for themselves, and their product listing page reflects that.

This product page from Teds does a great job of highlighting the product's key features and benefits. The page is simple and clean, and the use of images and comparing tools makes it easy to understand what the product is and how it works.

6. Strange Love

Strange Love offers low-sugar sodas made with high quality fruit juices and extracts.

Their product listing page clean, straightforward, and informative. The striking use of image is particularly effective, as it builds a lifestyle appeal around the products and works in favour of the brand.

One of the key things this product detail page by Strange Love does is communicate. It clearly communicates what the product is and what benefits it brings. This creates a sense of credibility for the product and reinstills trust in the customer.

7. July

July brings aerospace-grade constructed baggage suitable for both Australian and international flight standards with cool tech features and free trial.

July’s product listing page for their luggage is easy to filter through, accounts for product options, and gives higher priority to images. The tag ‘Find your perfect July’ builds a sense of relatability with customers and encourages them to find the right piece.

July's product detail page is clean and simple, with clear product photos and descriptions as well as sortable options for colors, sizes, and personalization. They also include customer reviews and ratings, so visitors can get a sense of what others think of the product before making a purchase.

8. Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson is an Australian international retailer that produces high-quality glasses while keeping style, cost, and comfort in mind.

To begin with, we love how Bailey Nelson names its products - literally with people’s names! How cool is that? Plus, the use of clear, concise text and helpful visuals makes it easy to represent the products and help customers gain all the information they need to pick one.

Bailey Nelson takes a slightly different approach to its product detail page. Rather than focusing solely on the product content, they also include a Virtual Try On. This helps to build engagement and credibility with potential customers, and it also allows them to see how the product actually looks on them.

9. Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen is a global company that produces high-quality writing instruments such as fountain pens, rolling balls, ball pens, and pencils.

Pilot Pen is a master of design. Their product listing pages are always well-designed with a clear visual hierarchy and the right information needed by customers.

Pilot Pen keeps things interesting with its product detail pages by using a mix of images and videos. This helps to break up the page and keep visitors engaged. They also use clear, concise copy to highlight the key features of their products. There’s an editable sorting section that lets customers personalize their choices.

10. Need Essentials

Need Essentials is an Australian apparel company known for its cost-effective range of wetsuits, sports gear, and accessories. 

Needs Essentials is known for its simple, stylish clothing. Their product listing page reflects this with clean designs, easy filtering, and simple navigation.

Need Essentials does a great job of highlighting the key features of its products front and center on the page. They also include beautiful photos and videos that give visitors a realistic view of what the product looks and feels like.

11. Koala

Koala brings to the digital channels a range of Australia's most awarded mattresses as well as other products in the homecare category.

Koala's product listing pages are simple but effective. They use high-quality images and clear product descriptions to sell their glasses along with an easy-to-use Shop Now button and color options.

Their product detail pages are clean and simple, with large, high-quality product photos. The copy is short and to the point, and the page also includes customer reviews and other means of social proof.

12. Homecamp

Homecamp picks the best in handcrafted, functional goods to inspire an outdoor lifestyle for their customers.

Their product pages are top-notch with clear imagery, concise product tags, easy sorting and filter facets, and even live chat. They truly have every area accounted for.

As a lifestyle brand trying to influence its customers, Homecamp uses a mix of product photos and lifestyle shots to show off its items. This helps give shoppers a better idea of how the products will contribute to their lifestyle.

13. Auto Barn

Autobarn is Australia's biggest auto parts store and automobile spare parts reseller, providing in-car tech systems, car batteries, car care items, and other automotive accessories.

Their product listing pages are super clean and organized. You can easily find all the information you need, and the photos are really helpful, especially in line with the product descriptions.

Their product detail pages are designed to show off the products in the best light possible. They use high-quality images, informative copy, and a well-designed layout to persuade customers to buy them.

14. SÜK

SÜK is inspired by the beauty of simplicity. They bring hardwearing workwear for the modern millennial, designed for real bodies, and made with the purpose of being functional.

Their product listing page stands to the ethos of the brand. It is functional, easily accessible, and visually appealing. It does a great job of showcasing the product in action and accounts for customers’ concerns with ratings and testimonials.

Their product detail page covers all the key elements: the page is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It has strong product copy that is both informative and persuasive and includes customer reviews and social proof to help build trust and credibility.

15. Betta

Betta Home Living is an independent retailer in Australia that sells home appliances and furniture.

Betta is among the biggest online retailer in Australia so it's no surprise that their product listing page is top-notch. They use high-quality images, direct navigation, and a well-designed layout to persuade customers to buy their products.

On the product detail page, they feature several essential elements like alternative financing, back up plan, wishlist and compare tools, and reviews, all geared to helping the customer make the right decision.

16. Heaps Normal

Heaps Normal is an artisanal, alcohol-free beer brand known for its taste as well as quality of ingredients.

The product listing page is fun and informative. They use visuals to great effect and make it easy for users to find the information they need with reviews, pricing, and store policy in easy access.

This type of product page is perfect for products that are a little more complex. It accounts for subscribe and save options, easily editable carts, reviews from trusted customers, and product views, and keeps  customers engaged with your website.

17. Lack of Color

Lack Of Color is an Australian label that makes high-quality and reasonably priced women's and men's hats in a variety of seasonal colours and styles.

The first thing that stands out about their product listing page is how visually appealing it is. The products are prominently displayed and the page is free of clutter. It is also easy to navigate with clear links and a logical layout.

As a next step, their product detail page is also visually appealing, easy to navigate, and has a compelling copy. The copy is clear and concise and highlights the key features and benefits of the product. The CTA is direct and backed by trust seals.

18. Frank Body

Frank Body offers coffee-infused skin care with clean ingredients and without animal testing.

Their product listing page is beautiful and user-friendly. They provide all the information users need to make a purchase, and they make it easy to find additional product information.

The Frank Body product detail page covers all the essentials. It is easy to navigate, contains all the product information, includes store policy, accounts for reviews and testimonials, nudges to the loyalty program, and has a strong call-to-action button that encourages customers to buy the product.

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19. Wellies

Wellies is the leading retailer of gumboots, wellies, wellington boots, and rubber rain boots in Australia bringing fashionable, comfy, and long-lasting options for everyone.

Wellies’ product detail pages are super easy to use. You can filter products, access alternative financing and read through reviews, so you can easily understand their products and find what you’re looking for. And, of course, there are plenty of photos and product information to help you make your decision.

The product detail page is clean and easy to navigate, and the product is front and center. It incorporates clean design and clear call-to-actions to make it easy for customers to understand the products and buy them.

20. Quay

Quay offers a wide range of affordable and fashionable sunglasses in a variety of styles such as aviator, cat eye, prescription, and blue light blocking.

The Quay product listing page is well-designed, with all the details a customer needs to make a purchase decision. There’s a AI chat option, relevant filters, and bright colours to represent the persuasion triggers.

Their product detail page is designed to ease concerns. Testimonials are well accounted for, user-generated content is prominently displayed, and there are options to virtually try on the products or pay with alternative financing.

Final words

When it comes to product pages, there are a few key elements that all successful examples have in common.

A great product page needs to have strong visuals.

This means clear, high-quality images and/or videos that show off the product in all its glory.

It will also have well-written, persuasive copy.

This copy should clearly articulate what the product is, what it does, and why potential customers should care. It should be convincing without being overly salesy, and it should be easy to read and understand.

There will be a strong call-to-action (CTA).

This is the button or link that encourages visitors to take the next step, whether that’s adding the product to their cart, signing up for a free trial, or something else. The CTA should be prominently placed and impossible to miss.

Keep these elements in mind as you create or update your own product pages, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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