When it comes to improving your bottom line and your conversion rate, nothing matters more than your product discovery. If people are unable to find the products they need when they visit your e-commerce website, they will abandon your website and search for the product elsewhere.

If you want your website visitors to convert, it is up to you to show them their desired products quickly. When you offer short product discovery times, potential customers will spend more time looking at your products and less time trying to find them, which will help them have a better overall shopping experience with your business.

You can help your business stay competitive and improve your customer satisfaction by providing product listings that help them save time and find the items they need.

The benefits of effective product discovery

There are many benefits that can come from optimizing your product discovery. Not only will your product discovery time help you make online shopping easier for your customers, but it will also help raise your profitability and your conversion rate.

When you weigh the importance of product discovery and whether or not you should invest in improving your product discovery, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Increased conversion rates

Recommending products and otherwise helping your website visitors find the products they need will increase your conversion rates. Customers who are able to click on recommended products have a conversion rate as much as 5.5 times higher than those who do not. When customers see products they are interested in purchasing, they are more likely to view these products and make a purchase.

Decreased exit rates

One reason why consumers abandon websites without making a purchase is that they cannot find the products they need. With improved product discovery, you can prevent this from happening by making sure shoppers see relevant products immediately when they visit your website

Improving your product discovery

You can capitalize on the benefits that come from short product discovery times by optimizing the product discovery on your website.

Here are three tips that will help you deliver accurate, relevant product results to your customers in a timely fashion:

Personalize your product suggestions

Offering personalized product suggestions is a great way to help your consumers save time and simplify their shopping experience. Personalization involves tailoring product listings based on a consumer’s previous shopping habits like recently viewed items and purchase history or based on a consumer’s demographic.

When you use a consumer’s profile or his previous view or purchase history to inform your product suggestions, you will significantly increase the likelihood that your product results will be relevant and useful. Even if you do not have any history or information for a shopper, you can still help improve their product listings by providing suggestions for popular products or items that were recently purchased by other consumers.

These steps will allow shoppers to find desirable products with ease, which will increase your conversion rate and your profitability. With 45% of shoppers claiming that they are more likely to shop and make purchases from e-commerce sites with personalized recommendations, this tip is important for improving your product discovery.

Create specific product discovery landing pages

If you are using a variety of campaigns, like email marketing campaigns and social media marketing campaigns, to drive traffic to your website, you should have specific product discovery landing pages tailored to your audience.

People who visit your page by clicking a link in one of your tweets are likely going to be interested in different products than those who visit your page via an email link.

If you customize your landing pages to appeal to shoppers from your different campaigns and marketing strategies, you will notice an increase in conversions.

Use clear navigation tools

If you want customers to be able to find your products as quickly as possible, then you need to make sure your navigation tools and categories are conducive to a quick and direct search.

Use clear category headings and search filters to allow your customers to “funnel through” your products and narrow their search. This way they are not sifting through dozens of unrelated products before they find the item they want, saving them time and creating a hassle-free browsing experience.

You can help your customers and your bottom line by making sure your website’s navigation is effortless.

Next steps

If you are ready to step up your product discovery and take your customer satisfaction to the next level, you can start with an audit of your product discovery strategy and ability first.

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