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2023 eCommerce Calendar (& Expert Marketing Advice for Businesses)

Make the most of 2023 with this eCommerce calendar. Mark the important dates and plan your marketing campaigns better.

2023 eCommerce Calendar (& Expert Marketing Advice for Businesses)

Holidays call for celebration and for eCommerce brands it's an opportunity to set the cash registers ringing. You don’t have to limit yourself to the big occasions when there are smaller yet highly impactful ones that can bring home the revenue. 

This can help you stay afloat even in your rougher months. 

Sit back. Grab a pen and paper and get down to business. Presenting the highly important dates for 2023 that every eCommerce brand needs to pay attention to. 

eCommerce Marketing Calendar 2023



Sun Jan 01 — New Year’s Day 

Tue Jan 03 — International Mind-Body Wellness Day 

Wed Jan 04 — Trivia Day 

Tue Jan 18 — Thesaurus Day 

Thu Jan 20 — Get To Know Your Customers Day 

Thu Jan 26 —  Australia Day 

Fri Jan 27 — National Chocolate Cake Day 

Sat Jan 28 — Data Privacy Day 

Sun Jan 29 — National Puzzle Day 

  • Stats show that the holiday season shopping extends through Jan making it a brilliant opportunity to cash in 
  • The holiday season brought $240 billion through online sales in the US. That’s a big market and a great way to reach them is with effective paid and organic campaigns spread across several channels. 


Tue Feb 07 — Send a card to a friend day 

Sun Feb 12 — Super Bowl 

Tue Feb 14 — Valentine’s Day 

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Mon Feb 20 —  National Family Day 

Tue Feb 23 — Mardi Gras 

Sun Feb 26 —  Tell a Fairy Tale Day 

  • February is celebrated as National Black History Month celebrating the history and achievements of the African-American diaspora. 2023 marks the 52nd anniversary of this historic event. 
  • Super Bowl parties — always a hit — give another reason to love the season with sales coming in at $14.8 billion in 2019 with an average cost of $81 per person.
  • The total spending on Valentine’s Day 2022 was anticipated to reach $23.9 billion from $21.8 billion in 2021. 


Wed March 01 — World Compliment Day

Wed March 08 — International Women’s Day

Tue March 14 —  Pi Day / White Day (Asia)

Fri March 17 —  St. Patrick's Day

Mon March 20 — International Day of Happiness

Thur March 23 — Puppy Day

  • With International Women’s Day donning this month, sales for niche products within beauty, personal care, and home fitness are seen to increase. What’s interesting is that consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are actively invested in their community than just offering another sales campaign. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day finds as much love in the United States as it does in Ireland with roughly 53% of Americans going green in mid-March. The figures are just as happy with estimated sales of $5.87 billion in 2022.


Sat April 01 — April Fool's Day

Sun April 02 — Autism Awareness Day 

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Fri April 07 — World Health Day

Fri April 7 — Good Friday

Sun April 9 — Easter Sunday

Mon April 10 — Easter Monday

Tue April 11 — National Pet Day 

Thu April 13 —  Scrabble Day

Sat April 22 — Earth Day

Tue April 25 — Anzac Day (Australia) 

  • Over 80% of Americans celebrated Easter and planned to spend $20.8 billion in 2022 which is a dip compared to the previous year’s forecast of $21.6 billion
  • April 22, Earth Day, is an important day for brands that are environmentally conscious with plenty of consumers as well as publications looking to connect with them. 


Mon May 01 — International Workers Day 

Tue May 02 — Asthma Day 

Thur May 04 — Star Wars Day

Fri May 05 — Cinco de Mayo

Sun May 14 — Mother's Day

Sat May 21 — Talk Like Yoda Day

Sat May 21 — World Meditation Day 

Sun May 29 — Memorial Day

Wed May 31 — Macaroon Day 

  • May also marks Military Appreciation Month which is observed to pay tribute to the martyrs who laid their lives for our freedom. 
  • 85 million. That’s the number of moms there are in the United States. Naturally, this makes Mother’s Day a good occasion to celebrate — with sales figures coming in at around $32 billion!


Thu June 01 — Say Something Nice Day

Fri June 02 — Leave the Office Early Day

Mon June 05 — World Environment Day 

Wed June 14 — Flag Day (U.S)

Sun June 18 — International Picnic Day

Sun June 18 — Father's Day

Wed June 21 — International Yoga Day 

  • Father’s Day is a big market: National Retail Federation estimates it at $20 billion in 2022. So, it’s a good idea to run campaigns that are targeted toward dads and plan ahead for campaigns that will be meaningful to them.
  • If you’re a global brand, it would be beneficial to remember that Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries and plan for each accordingly.
  • The yoga market is huge and is projected to reach $66,226.4 million by 2027. So, naturally, International Yoga Day makes for a good occasion with sales growing by as much as 50%. So, if you have any related goods, it’s best to prepare for this holiday.


Mon July 03 — International Plastic Bag Free Day 

Tue July 04 — US Independence Day 

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Sun July 09 — Fashion Day 

Tue July 13 — Embrace Your Geekness Day

Fri July 14 — Bastille Day

Mon July 17 — World Emoji Day

Sun July 23 — Parent's Day 

  • Independence Day cookouts are live and well — especially since the pandemic regulations have been loosened — and Americans are making full use of it with 61% planning for the activity.
  • Namogoo found that eCommerce brands saw an increase in Independence Day conversions by 313.2% for supermarkets, 98.8% for homeware, and 50.9% for footwear products. 


Fri August 04 — International Beer Day

Sun August 06 — National Friendship Day

Tue August 08 — International Cat Day

Thur August 10 — Lazy Day

Wed August 16 —Tell a Joke Day

Sat August 26 — Dog Appreciation Day 

  • August is one of the slower months in the year so it’s best to tally your standing, look into previous books, and prepare for the months ahead.


Mon September 04 — Labor Day (U.S.)

Sat September 09 — Teddy Bear Day

Mon September 11 — Patriot Day (U.S.)

Tue September 19 — International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tue September 26 — Love Note Day 

  • Did You Know: 2018 was a record-breaking year for Labor Day sales with consumers spending $2.08 billion in one day! It’s a good idea to deploy retargeting campaigns as well as good discounts on high-ticket items.


Sun October 01 — International Coffee Day

Wed October 04 — Taco Day

Tue October 10 — World Mental Health Day

Sat October 21 — Sweetest Day

Mon October 16 — World Food Day

Tue October 31 —  Halloween 

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  • Fun fact: Halloween is the fourth largest shopping holiday for online retailers.
  • The National Retail Federation estimated $10.6 billion to be the spending for Halloween 2022 with shoppers planning as much as two months in advance. 


Sun November 12 — Tongue Twister Day

Sat November 11 — Veterans' Day

Sat November 11 — Origami Day

Mon November 13 — World Kindness Day

Thu November 16 —  Beaujolais Nouveau

Thu November 23 — Thanksgiving 

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Fri November 24 — Black Friday 

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Mon November 27 — Cyber Monday 

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  • Fun fact: In 2019, shoppers spent $4.2 billion on online shopping in one single day. Can you guess which day that was? 
  • Black Friday 2022 saw $9.12 billion in sales with a 2.3% increase in sales compared to 2021.
  • The 5-day Thanksgiving week shattered records with 196.7 million customers shopping in-store and online beginning from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday 


Tue December 05 — Day of the Ninja

Thur December 07 — Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Thur December 14 — Free Shipping Day

Fri December 15 — Ugly Sweater Day

Sun December 24 — Christmas Eve

Mon December 25 — Christmas Day 

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Tue December 26 — Boxing Day (Australia)

Tue December 26 — Boxing Day (UK)

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Sun December 31 — New Year's Eve 

  • Here's a not so well-known fun fact: the week between Christmas and New Year's is full of high spirits and yet brands continue to underutilize it. Don't make that mistake!
  • We've got the obvious holiday here: Christmas BUT what's even better is that the next day is just as good (aka Boxing Day!). Be sure to prep for it.
  • While an increasing number of people are starting holiday shopping earlier, 61% continue to shop during the week right before Christmas.
  • Pricing for ads in December can increase by as much as 140%. So, it’s best to consider this when planning paid campaigns.

2023 is a year full of occasions. From International Mind-Body Wellness Day in Jan to the 4th of July, there’re campaign-worthy occasions for all brands. 

If you’re passionate about inclusivity, social issues, and mental health, 2023 is the year to make a difference. 

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, you must start planning campaigns early so they reach your target audience at the right time. This will help you understand the changing preferences and shopping behavior of customers and what needs to be done accordingly.